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Chapter 27 This is my wife

Zhao Yuanyuan’s eyes widened and looked at Su Zibao fiercely. “Who are you? Why haven’t I seen you?”

Although Pei Yi was married, Su Zibao was just right. Appeared, also on TV. But not everyone is qualified to be able to attend Pei Su’s wedding. Even if you participate, you may just sit in a corner and don’t see what Su Zibao looks like.

The wedding was extremely hasty, many celebrities and sons were not here, even Pei Yi’s brother did not come, plus Su Zibao went abroad for three years, got married within a few days after returning, the appearance rate was too low, and many factors were so many people Only her name was heard, but no one was seen.

In front of me, Ms. Zhao Yuanyuan obviously belongs to this type.

Su Zibao had planned to go around, but had no idea that he and Pei Yi collided in front of him, and he was still in his arms. Su Zibao said that regardless of Pei Yi’s private life, if he didn’t encounter it, he would treat it as invisible.

But at this point, Su Zibao could not pretend to be just passing by. Since he had become Pei Yi’s wife, he had to take Mrs. Pei’s posture in front of outsiders.

Su Zibao reached out and hugged Pei Yi’s waist, leaned intimately in his arms, and smiled at Zhao Yuanyuan, “I haven’t seen you, I don’t know anything strange.” In

this scene, Zhao Yuanyuan watched envious .

“Don’t think that you can match Pei Sanshao with a certain degree of appearance, and don’t look at your identity, and you don’t know shame.” Zhao Yuanyuan saw that she did not know Su Zibao, only as she was those peripheral girls, scorned.


Zibao smiled gracefully and gracefully, “Well, this is a good saying.” “You!” Zhao Yuanyuan stretched out his hand to pull Su Zibao away, but was blocked by Pei Yi.

Zhao Yuanyuan grieved and said, “Pei Yi, you listen, she mocks me!”

This IQ is so embarrassing that he even heard mocking.

“This is my wife, Su Zibao.” Pei Yi introduced Su Zibao like a husband and wife, and said to her, “This is

Zhao Yuanyuan.” Zhao’s family.

The four giants of Haicheng, Pei Lei Subai, are all big families that have been inherited for centuries. However, with the passage of time, many giants have gradually declined, such as the Su family, and some families have risen, the trend is even more flamboyant than the old four giants.

Just like the Zhao family. Since her surname is Zhao, she must be from the Zhao family.

Zhao Yuanyuan’s face stiffened, but he didn’t expect to scold others for not knowing shame. But after thinking clearly, he sneered disapprovingly: “It’s her, the grass-encrusted vase in the celebrity circle,

she has been looking up for a long time.” Su Zibao glanced at her lightly, her eyebrows light, like looking at a tree on the roadside, a dog .

He raised his head and said to Pei Yi, “I just came and didn’t expect to meet you on the road. Let’s go in.”

“Well.” Pei Yi smiled and hugged Su Zibao into the box.

Zhao Yuanyuan looked at their backs with jealous teeth tickling. She is no better than those women who don’t have any status just to climb Pei Sanshao for money. She is the gold of the Zhao family. Although the Zhao family is not the four giants, the development trend has long surpassed the Su family.

Isn’t their ancestors starting early What’s wrong with the Su family. It’s all gone now.

Zhao Yuanyuan and Pei Yi had been together for a lifetime. They knew each other when they were studying. At that time, Pei Yi looked handsome, had a good fight, and had a good family background. Zhao Yuanyuan liked it.

Along the way to college graduation, there have been some dews of love. The woman next to Pei Yi seemed to change clothes, and she was just a piece of clothes he changed.

But thinking that he was a good man of the Zhao family anyway, he was also worthy of Pei Yi by his identity, so he always had illusions. Until last week, when she heard that Pei Yi was about to get married, she made her cry. The Zhao family was afraid that she would make trouble, and Pei Yi specially kept her in the house on the wedding day, so she did not know Su Zibao.

Just opened the door of the box, the light inside was dim, full of pungent cigarette smell, a group of men and women sitting on the sofa, the spotlights dazzled. Upon seeing Pei Yi come in with an unfamiliar woman in arms, a man who looked like Fan Er’s brother whistled immediately.

“Hey, Pei is three less powerful, able to go out with a girl back.”

Song Yingjie a slap shot in his head, “What nonsense, this is the sister-in-law, his wife Pei less.”

The word went out, regardless of the presence of men and women All looked towards Su Zibao, and a pair of eyes looked at her up and down.

Pei Yi directly hugged her and sat down in the middle of the sofa, said lazily, “I see everything, I know my wife is beautiful, all eyes are collected. You should drink and sing.”

“Sister-in-law is so beautiful. “The man who whistled before said with a smile.

The atmosphere returned to lively, but many women looked at Su Zibao secretly. And Su Zibao glanced around and found that there are still many familiar faces, all met on the wedding day, but can not recognize who is who. More people don’t know it, they should all be from Haicheng Guishao circle, or it’s the tender model who brought them to play.

After a while, Zhao Yuanyuan came in, and several women sat around her, and seemed to be with her.

“Sansao, I’m Pei Shishi, I respect you a glass.” A sweet and well-behaved girl walked over with a glass of juice.

She is wearing a long white dress, Qi Liuhei, and an oval face. She is a beauty and looks like a student.

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