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Chapter 28 picked up a treasure

The surnamed Pei? Su Zibao searched the memory again. When she was Mrs. Pei, she naturally remembered all the information of Pei’s family clearly. Pei Yi’s father, her father-in-law, has a younger brother who lives in Yangcheng and is a university professor. It stands to reason that the blood relationship is so close, but I don’t know why, the two have no contact and are very cold.

Even when Pei Yi married, the second uncle of the Pei family did not come alone. This is also common in large families. Sometimes, two people fighting for family property are fighting for life and death, and they are both tumbling with each other. Now it is just not going to interact. I just didn’t expect to see people from Pei’s Erbo here.

Su Zibao picked up the red wine in front of her and gently touched her, smiling politely, “I’m glad to meet you, poetry poem.”

Pei Shishi smiled at Su Zibao after drinking the wine, and sat on the other side of Pei Yi. Sentence, the relationship between the brother and sister looks pretty good.

“Su Zibao, come and sing one.” Song Yingjie handed over the microphone.

Su Zibao waved her hand with a smile, “You play, I have five insufficiency, just listen to you sing.”

Since her throat broke in the previous life, she has never sang a song again. Su Zibao was somewhat psychologically sequel to this thing and was not willing to touch it.

“Well, you should be humble.” Song Yingjie said, plugging the microphone to Pei Shishi, “Poem, you come, the high school students of the Conservatory of Music can’t be stage fright.”

Pei Shishi is a little shy, but the prelude to the music They all rang, and she couldn’t quit, so she sang. A little bump at the beginning, Su Zibao listened to countless songs and knew that it was nervous. However, after singing for a while, she gradually entered a state and was particularly involved, even more touching than the live version of the original concert of the song Su Zibao had heard.

She sings with soul! Many people have singing skills, but soul skills are indispensable for becoming a queen.

Skill depends on talent, and some people will not learn it. The soul is entirely dependent on talent.

Su Zibao didn’t expect to break through the iron shoes without finding a place, but came to sing and found such a treasure for her. Pei Shishi still has a lot to improve, but in Su Zibao’s view, she has the potential to become a queen.

And her voice is clear, very suitable for singing “He is not a lover” she wrote.

Great! She is more suitable than Luo Bingwan in addition to being green and not famous!

Just her!

Su Zibao’s eyes glowed with radiance, but when she thought of her identity, Pei Yi, who was close to her, said, “Can’t Pei Yi, the people of Pei’s family enter the entertainment circle?” Not

even their Su family, Not to mention the Pei family.

“Well, that’s natural.” Pei Yi seemed to know what she was thinking, and her slender index finger gently lifted her chin. “Why? Fancy poems?”

Su Zibao pondered the words. “Isn’t she a conservatory?” In fact, it is very suitable for the development of the entertainment circle. Can this be easy-going, think of a way.”

“Pei people can’t enter the entertainment circle. It’s just that my family and I have been expelled from the Pei family, so Pei Shishi, It’s not like Pei’s family.” Pei Yi said lightly.

Su Zibao realized that he was expelled from Pei’s house? No wonder the two are not in contact. But this identity is even more awkward. It seems that the relationship between the Pei family and the Erbo family is not very good.

But finally found such a treasure, Su Zibao really did not want to give up.

“The Pei Shi Po School of Music is to be able to enter Pei Shao’s company, but we, Pei Shao, are not allowed to enter her.” Song Yingjie next to them heard the two of them talking, and joined them together. “Poems like singing, but Pei Erbo also I don’t want poems to enter the entertainment circle. You are now half a circle, knowing that the water is muddy.”

Su Zibao looked at Pei Yi with his eyes, thinking that he had been so angry for so long, he didn’t expect to see his meaning in the end. .

“Pei Yi, Pei Shao, you see I’m ready for everything now, so I’m almost alone.” Her eyes were soaked, like the deer in the forest.

Pei Yi raised a lazy smile on his lips, and pointed a finger at the crystal grapes on the table, just like the uncle waiting for him.

Su Zibao, for his grand plan, slender and delicately peeled a grape and was about to deliver it to Pei Yi’s mouth, but looking at the handsome expression on the handsome face of this playboy, or the attitude of being careless, handsome The eyebrow peak, long narrow eyes, deep, a little playful.

With a bite of his teeth, he lowered his heart and hugged the grape to seal Pei Yi’s lips, gently pushed the grape into his mouth, and then quickly withdrew like a frightened rabbit and wanted to leave.

Pei Yi was stunned for a long time, a smile flashed in his eyes. He pressed Su Zibao’s back of the palm of his hand to prevent her from exiting. As she swallowed the grapes, she tasted her taste carefully.

His kissing skills are superb, gentle and overbearing, lingering and haunting. Su Zibao, who had taken the initiative to come to the door, was hypoxic by the brain he kissed, breathing, but his face was red and glamorous.

She actually just wanted to give a grape!

Between lips and teeth, only the sweet and sour fragrance of grapes remains.

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