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Chapter 29 Zhao Yuanyuan

He did not know how long it took to provoke . When Pei Yi released his hand, Su Zibao felt a little red and swollen lips, showing the fierceness of the “kiss war”.

The people around pretended not to care, but many people were secretly glancing at them.

“To dig a corner, my wife even unspoken rules, tut.” Pei Yi lip line slightly on the sip, smile as if to overflow the eyes of the general, “good taste.”

Pun. I don’t know whether he is talking about the taste of grapes or her taste.

Su Zibao touched her slightly swollen red lips and squinted her beautiful eyes, “Say, how can you let Pei Shishi join the Emperor Media.”

“First, convince her. Second, convince me. Third, convince me two. Uncle. But you only need to complete one or two, and the third one is just for me.” Pei Yi narrow eyes narrowed slightly, “Poetry poetry does want to enter the emperor media, but it does not mean that she is willing to sing your song. This girl She likes music, but she is also stubborn. She doesn’t want to sing some songs.

Is that what she said is abandoning the songs she wrote?

convince? Su Zibao felt that it was useless to say more, but to come up with real things.

It was at this moment that Zhao Yuanyuan walked over with a microphone, and the disgust in his eyes was very obvious, “Su Zibao, I chatted with them just now, and they didn’t even know you. Also, you have been abroad for three years. However, even in the past three years The prestige of straw bag vases must be remembered by many people.”

Su Zibao Dai frowned lightly. What moth would she want to make? She just wanted to dig out Pei Shishi now, but she didn’t have time to play with them here to fight for jealousy.

But I don’t know that Zhao Yuanyuan was purely kissed by them just now.

“I don’t believe it, how could Su be the wife of Pei Shao, how could it be a straw bag.” Zhao Lin, who came with Zhao Yuanyuan, expresses a suspicious expression for Su Zibao, “This rumor must be wrong.”

Zhao Yuanyuan sat down opposite Su Zibao and looked down with contempt. “Others will not embarrass you. On KTV, you can’t even sing a song. Isn’t it a straw bag vase?”

“Miss Su, why don’t you sing a song ? Do not believe you are a straw bag vase.” Zhao Lin said quickly.

These two people, singing a white face and a black face, is a good show. Didn’t I just hear that she told Song Yingjie that she couldn’t sing, and she didn’t pick up the microphone?

Su Zibao thought about it for a while, and it wasn’t just that the original owner in the memory, indeed, could not sing as well as sing and dance.

It seems they know her quite well. But sorry, she is not that Su Zibao now.

“This, or I will come.” Pei Shishi looked at this scene and said quickly.

This also gave Su Zibao a good impression. The girl thought she couldn’t really sing, so she came to the rescue. Compared to Pei Yi’s twin sister, this cousin is really too cute.

Zhao Yuanyuan chuckled, “Pei Shishi, you also know that she is a straw bag vase, so don’t embarrass her, can you sing right?”

“No, no, I don’t mean that…” Pei Shishi was helpless and waved to explain.

Zhao Yuanyuan said coolly, “Then wait for her to sing one, proving that she is not a straw bag. But I guess everyone can’t wait, because she is really a straw bag.”

“No, Miss Su, just sing one casually .” , I will choose a simple one with you.” Zhao Lin said a kind expression.

However, Su Zibao made a smile on his lips, and the two reeds sang. Although she didn’t mind how others viewed her, she didn’t want to be insulted.

“Pei Shao, didn’t you just say, let me persuade you?” Su Zibao approached Pei Yi’s ear, smiling gently, “Then you listen well.” So

, Su Zibao stood up and took Zhao Yuanyuan’s hand The microphone glanced at the lively people around him, his eyes fell on Pei Shishi and smiled, and finally on Pei Yi, with a slightly upward arc on his lips.

“I really don’t know how to sing. It happened to be the whim of the first two days. I just wrote the first one.”

Zhao Yuanyuan laughed and interrupted the words . ” If you sing a children’s song, you can sing, and you dare to say yourself Write a song, if you can write a song, then I will write a book.”

“If I can sing the song I wrote, it is not difficult for you to write a book for Miss Zhao.” Su Zibao held the microphone in one hand and the other. Pick up two large bottles of liquor and rest on the table: “You can

just drink the two large bottles.” The normal person vomited after one bottle, and Su Zibao directly carried the two large bottles.

Zhao Yuanyuan didn’t even believe that Su Zibao could write songs, and the air of Yin and Yang was strange, “Yeah. As long as you can write songs, I will recognize even children’s songs like two tigers. I’m afraid that some people will brag.”

Zhao Yuanyuan’s words just fell. Everyone only heard a clear voice ringing in the box.

A cappella without accompaniment, playful and cute style, lively tunes, he wrote about a girl who vomited himself, why is he so far away, if he is away, the greenness and sweetness of the unsatisfied lovers above AUO, in the end you love me I still don’t love me, I can’t guess, I dare to care a little more.

Usually this type of song is mostly bitter and bitter, but this song is unique, and some words, even Zhao Yuanyuan feels that it is in his heart.

No, Pei Yi is such a person.

It looks so gentle, so indulgent to all women, beautiful love words, slightly raised lips, like a lover of the masses, obviously you lie in his arms, but you will feel why the distance is so close, and so distant.

He was standing in front of you, but he couldn’t catch it. He pets you, but never loves.

But even if he is such a person, he still likes him very much. It doesn’t matter whether you love me or not, as long as you care a little more.

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