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Chapter 30 He is not

the mood of the lyrics of the lover, which is in the heart. In addition, some scenes were depicted. For example, the girls only quarreled with the boys in the morning, and when they went back, they saw a table full of dishes.

For example, he yawned and waited for the man, where did he play and lie in his arms, and he was not his lover. Oops, he finally came back with a taste of wine, and almost spit out his face.

He didn’t want to care about him, but he couldn’t help taking care of him.

In that song, the psychology of the little girl is most vivid. Even many pictures seemed to be in front of me.

After finishing singing, Su Zibao looked at Pei Yi and smiled, “This song is called “He is not a lover”.”

Everyone who had listened dumbly applauded and Song Yingjie exaggeratedly shouted, “Oh, Su Zibao, too Great! I saw this song you wrote earlier, but I didn’t expect it to sing so well.”

“Zhao Yuanyuan, it’s your turn!” Su Zibao pointed to the two bottles of liquor in front of her.

Zhao Yuanyuan recovered, and his face suddenly changed, “I don’t believe it, this is not what you wrote!”

“I can testify that this is really written by Su Zibao, as the upcoming new song of the emperor.” Song Yingjie raised his hand and smiled. Tao said, “Su Zibao hasn’t just written this one. You will know after waiting for a while to sing a song.”

Song Yingjie can’t do perjury.

Su Zibao made a sneer. “If you can’t afford to lose, just say it, say what you don’t believe. This excuse for escaping alcohol is inferior.”

The people around laughed.

Zhao Yuanyuan couldn’t lose her face, so she picked up the wine and poured it into her mouth. Her choke was flushed. When the bottle of white wine finally filled half a bottle, he finally couldn’t bear it and spit it out.

However, Su Zibao’s face did not change at all, and she waited lightly for her to continue drinking, even if she vomited the filth from all over the place.

“This won’t work?”

Zhao Yuanyuan looked at Su Zibao fiercely, wiped the residue on her mouth, and continued to drink wine, but only took the first bite and couldn’t help but spit it out.

“Sui Zibao, Sister Yuanyuan really can’t do it.” Zhao Linyu persuaded, “Sister Yuanyuan can’t drink anymore, let alone the rest.”

Su Zibao glanced at her lightly, “I don’t mind you drinking for her.”

Zhao Linyu I dare not speak immediately, she is so stupid as Zhao Yuanyuan, even dared to gamble two big bottles of liquor. This life is gone.

When Zhao Yuanyuan spit it out again, he finally broke down, tears came out, and looked at the wine with tears, “I can’t drink it anymore. Su Zibao, I really can’t drink it. I can’t drink anymore.

” , I won’t pour wine on you.” Su Zibao glanced at her lightly, and since she knew it, she didn’t need to be aggressive.

Pei Yi looked at this farce and swept the mess before him, and slowly said, “Send Zhao Yuanyuan to the hospital.”

“Hey!” Someone immediately responded and helped Zhao Yuanyuan away with Zhao Linyu. She drank so much, for fear of alcoholism.

At this time everyone’s eyes on Su Zibao changed. At first, everyone thought that she was a straw bag vase. When she sang, she felt that this girl was not as bad as the rumor. At this time, everyone knew that she was not easy to mess with.

The alcoholism that forced Zhao Yuanyuan to drink was not relieved until the other party looked down.

“Pei Shishi, would you like to sing this song to everyone?” Su Zibao walked directly to Pei Shishi, ignoring the eyes of those people.

Pei Shishi froze, “What… what does that mean?”

“This is our upcoming new song from Diager Media. Would you like to sign with Diager Media as an artist and sing this song?” Su Zibao said seriously.

There was a surprise in Pei Shishi’s eyes, “Such a good song, give it to me? This…this…this is incredible.”

She couldn’t be more pleased. She really likes this song, and when you listen to it, she feels very much, and she is willing to sing, just like falling from heaven.

But Pei Shishi didn’t dare to agree, just looked at Pei Yi with his eyes.

Seeing this scene, Su Zibao took her hand and walked to Pei Yi with a gentle smile. “The poem has been persuaded by me. Is this song enough to convince you?”

Pei Yi is the emperor’s boss. Protecting Pei Shishi, only he can protect her. And what he needs to convince is whether Su Zibao thinks her song can be worthy of the strength of Pei Shishi. And now it seems enough.

Such songs can make Pei Shishi show her singing talents, and more such songs can make her go further and better on this road.

“Wonderful!” Pei Yi praised Su Zibao, turned his head and looked at Pei Shishi, “The second uncle gave it to me. Poetry, you choose.”

Pei Shishi flashed a touch in his eyes, nodded quickly, “I am willing, I am too willing Thank you, brother, and sister-in-law!”

Su Zibao fell to her stomach with one heart. The problem that had troubled her for a long time was finally solved.

Xia Chengye, my counterattack has begun, you are waiting!

“Congratulations, Shi Shi finally got what he wanted. Hey, we will be a company in the future.” Song Yingjie smiled and came up, “A lot of attention!”

Pei Shi Shi lowered his head and smiled shyly, “Please take care of Jie Ge.”

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