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Chapter 31 Xia Chengye’s Invitation

In the evening at the recording studio.

Cai Cai, the agent, handed Pei Shishi the throaty Sydney tea, and Su Zibao was whispering with a few tuner over there.

“Director Su, do I…I can’t sing well?” Pei Shishi took a sip of tea and walked up to Su Zibao.

Because she is now in the company, she calls her position, public and private.

Su Zibao shook his head with a smile, “Very good, better than I thought. But I just listened a few times, and I need to adjust a few more sounds to achieve the most perfect effect. Poems, prepare and record again. “

Good!” Pei Shishi nodded with bright eyes.

This was the first week after Pei Shishi signed the contract. They spent the whole week recording songs in the studio, and today is the last one.

In order to achieve the best effect, Su Zibao is now almost stuck with Pei Shishi every day, because the song is written by her, she can best grasp the tone and the feelings inside. Pei Shishi is also very hardworking, and her basic skills are solid. Su Zibao has brought so many singers, but with a little pointer, her strength has advanced by leaps and bounds.

At the beginning, Xia Chengye spared Su Zi’s imprisonment in the name of love, because of her unique musical talent.

In the silver-white sports car at the door of the company, Song Yingjie was sitting in the driver’s seat, and Pei Yi in the back seat looked down through the documents in his hand. There was only the sound of music DJs in the car.

“Pei Shao, Shi Shi has already entered the company as you expected, but your wife now has Shi Shi, and you are no longer your husband. I heard that I went back later this week than you.” Song Yingjie stretched out A lazy waist, he glanced at the building next to Diager Media, with a smile in his eyes.

How did Su Zibao meet Pei Shishi so well, all arranged by Pei Yi.

Although he wouldn’t let her use Luo Bingwan, he quietly gave her a better artist.

If Su Zibao heard Pei Shishi singing on KTV that day and could discover her, then she would live up to Pei Yi’s arrangements. If gold didn’t see the light in front of him, then it wasn’t Pei Yi who didn’t help her.

“In the final analysis, this time Pei Shao sent his cousin out to help Su Zibao. It happened that Shi Shi always wanted to enter your company, which was the best of both worlds. We Pei Shao really spoil his wife, do we sleep in the same bed every day? , relative day and night, sleeping out feelings? “Song Yingjie lying on the steering wheel, playing with the finger on the key ring road,” in the past I do not believe the word soon fell in love, it seems, quite a bit of truth. “

day , Long, passionate. A pun.

Pei Yi raised his head, his long narrow eyes radiated a cold light, “Shut up, noisy.”

“Yes… I shut up. Hey, Pei Shao, your wife and your cousin are out!” Song Yingjie’s eyes were sharp, and he looked The two quickly honked Didi.

Su Zibao and Pei Shishi just saw a silver-white modified sports car parked at the door. The color of the car is smooth and the lines are smooth. At first glance, it is specially customized. It is one of Pei Yi’s cars and it is quite in line with his identity as the first playboy in Haicheng.

When they walked in front of the sports car, they saw Song Yingjie smiling and said, “Knowing that you have finished recording today, Pei Shao invited guests to give the two young ladies the wind.”

Su Zibao and Pei Shishi got in the car, and Su Zibao sat next to Pei Yi. Instead of attending important meetings, he was dressed casually. Hand-made dark purple dark pattern shirt, loose dark trousers, long legs, white fingers, just sitting casually like a cover model in a magazine.

“How is it going? Is it smooth?” A low magnetic voice raised a light smile on his lips.

The co-pilot Pei Shishi said embarrassedly, “I’m too stupid, I have recorded it many times, so that Sansao is busy with me until now.”

“It’s too harsh for me, and I must achieve the best results. Tossing is choking. The company is ready here, and tomorrow I will send these songs to Yin Yuetai to play the charts.” Su Zibao leaned on the sofa cushion, a sharp flash in his warm eyes.

The fight against Xia Chengye began at this moment.

“This, are you interested?” Pei Yi randomly handed an invitation from a pile of materials to Su Zibao.

Su Zibao opened it easily, his eyes suddenly froze.

Yun Ting Entertainment’s song celebrating Tianhou Yao Lianyi won the International Gold Tone Award, and a celebration banquet was held at the Four Seas Hotel Yangcheng. Welcome to participate.

Xia Chengye! Yao Lianyi!

Su Zibao did not expect to see them again so soon.

The time is ten o’clock tomorrow morning, go? She is no longer Su Zi now, and she can appear in front of them with fairness.

“The International Golden Tone Award is the most authoritative international music award. If you can get such an award, no one can shake Yao Lianyi’s first domestic queen. It seems that tomorrow’s headline of the national entertainment newspaper will be Yao Lianyi. What happened. Yun Ting Entertainment came out with the ghost of leaf, and became popular with Yao Lianyi. Other record companies can only drink soup in the back.” Song Yingjie sighed while driving the car.

Yao Lianyi’s award-winning songs were all written by Su Zi for her. She continued to glorify and shine through her, and her last life had become coke.

go? Of course going! After rebirth, Su Zibao met with them for the first time. How could they sit back and watch them so beautiful and open a celebration party with her award.

Although there is no way to get them right now, it can still be done by adding some plugs.

“Go, of course.” Su Zibao Yingying smiled, but his eyes were cold.

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