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Chapter 32 The Enemies Meet with Special Eyes

The next day, Yangcheng Century Building, Sihai Hotel.

To celebrate the dignity of Yao Tianyi who won the International Gold Tone Award, Yun Ting Entertainment President Xia Chengye personally attended and hosted this reception, inviting people, all of whom are celebrities in the circle. With the small company of Diager Media alone, it does not even have the qualification to take invitations, but the young master Pei family has this qualification.

Yangcheng is more than an hour away from Haicheng. Haicheng is the most prosperous economic center in southern China. The Xia family is the largest wealthy family in Yangcheng, but it is far from enough compared to the Pei and Lei families in Haicheng.

Xia Chengye’s fiancee Bai Fangfei and Pei Qisheng’s wife Bai Lingxue are sisters, so Pei Yi is the uncle of Xia Chengye’s aunt, and she can still get some relationship when turning around.

Early in the morning, Su Zibao and Pei Yi entered the Four Seas Hotel.

Yangcheng is a city where she lived in the last life, and she is very familiar with it. Sihai Hotel is also an industry owned by Xia Family.

Pei Yi struck a carefully tailored suit, pure white shirt, and dark purple tie, which looked formal and a little unruly. There was a faint smile on the handsome face, and the narrow eyes under the thick eyelashes were as deep as swirls. With this face sitting on the bar, many girls can voluntarily post.

Su Zibao held his arm, she wore a pure white handmade dress long skirt, the silver light on the skirt was microwaved as she walked, and the silver yarn rose on the chest was the only embellishment. Low-key and luxurious, atmospheric and refined.

The two talents entered the lobby and attracted everyone’s attention.

“Who is that? Why haven’t you seen it? Is it a new star?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, this man is Pei Sanshao of the Pei family in Haicheng. Haicheng’s first flower is big and small. He is notoriously suave and handsome. The woman beside him doesn’t know him.” stand up

A woman in a circle of celebrities said, “However, the woman who can be brought out by Pei Shao for this reception is definitely a Haicheng celebrity.”

Xia Chengye heard that Pei Yi was coming and came out to meet him personally. He was dressed in a dark suit, and his handsome face was just like the smile of Mu Chunfeng. “The three young men are here. Welcome, welcome. This must be the newly married wife of the three young men, Miss Su? Welcome, welcome. The two are busy. , To be able to participate in a gala feast of our company, it really made me flourish here.”

Su Zibao stared at him, trying to suppress the hatred boiling in his eyes. But her fingers could not help shaking.

If it was not on this occasion, she would desperately pick up the knife and fork next to him and stab him!

But she can’t. He is the heir to the Xia family and the president of Yunting Entertainment. With this status, she can’t help him.

He must be robbed of his reliance in order to trample him under his feet. This day will not be too long!

“Mr. Xia is polite.” Pei Yi grabbed Su Zibao’s hand. She was not right and he could feel it naturally. And, as she once said to him, she had bitter hatred.

Yes, this is Pei Yi’s temptation.

Su Zibao did not lie to him.

“I heard that your queen Yao Lianyi won the Golden Melody Award. Congratulations. Mr. Xia doesn’t have to care about us, we are free.” Pei Yi smiled and bowed to Su Zibao next to him, the voice was magnetic and a little chuckle, “Wife, Mr. Xia is a little more handsome, but you can’t stare at him all the time, even if Mr. Xia doesn’t mind, Ben Shao does.”

It was this sentence that brought Su Zibao back to God. After rebirth, he saw Xia Chengye for the first time. This murderer, who killed her family of three, could control herself without killing her. It was already very restrained.

“Sorry, I just thought about something awake.” Su Zibao covered his eyes coldly and raised a sweet smile at Pei Yi. “In my heart, men all over the world are not as handsome as our Pei San. Why? Will stare at others.”

“Hey, let’s wipe honey now.” Pei Yiqu raised his index finger and flicked Su Zibao’s eyebrows with a smile.

Su Zibao leaned his head against his intimate rub, rubbing intimately.

Xia Chengye just thought that Su Zibao saw her eyes very wrong, a bit like looking at the enemy. But now there is no show of love between the couple, and Xia Chengye’s suspicion has been swept away.

He and Pei’s and Su’s families are innocent, and Su Zibao cannot target him.

Seeing that they were so affectionate, they were inconvenient. After saying hello, they turned to entertain others.

After Xia Chengye had left, Pei Yi’s narrow and long eyes flowed with a playful color, “You just looked at his eyes like he was eating people? Ben Shao thought, if I were pulling you, would you have to rush Go up and beat him.”

“No. Because there is no evidence, and because, now we are fighting, we can’t win.” Su Zibao looked at Xia Chengye’s back. She will not expose herself, in order to deal with the enemy, she will hide herself better.

Only then can revenge.

It was at this moment that a woman in a long skirt dragging out came out surrounded by a group of people. Her face is exquisite, the black gauze dress is sexy and charming, and there is a natural coldness.

This is today’s protagonist, the pillar of Yun Ting Entertainment, Yao Lianyi.

Su Zi was sought after by one hand, but the medicine was used to ruin Su Zi’s throat, carrying Su Zi and Xia Chengye to bed, Yao Lianyi.

There were a lot of media at the banquet. At this time, she was pointed at her with short guns and the spotlight flashed. She was the most dazzling person tonight.

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