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Chapter 33 Let Pei Shao dig a hole

“Pei Shao, Su Zibao, here!” Song Yingjie waved at them.

His female companion is Pei Shishi in a princess dress, sweet and pleasant.

“So envious, Yao Lianyi was able to win the Golden Melody Award.” Pei Shishi sincerely sighed.

Su Zibao patted her on the shoulder, “Your potential is better than her, it is lack of experience, and if you work hard in the future, you can definitely surpass her.”

“Well! I will cheer on!” Pei Shishi nodded seriously.

Su Zibao glanced at the reception and came to many well-known domestic media. It is just now that Pei Shishi’s new song began to play today. Borrowing their place to make Pei Shishi famous, is it enough to block Yao Lianyi?

“Poetry poetry, you are a newcomer, Yao Lianyi is a predecessor, the predecessor won the award, sang a song to celebrate the tribute, it is reasonable.” Su Zibao looked at Yao Lianyi in the distance, and there was a smile on his lips, “You can be in front of so many people, Sing a good song?”

If Pei Yi opened his mouth, Xia Chengye didn’t want to offend Pei’s family and would definitely not refuse.

In their view, it’s just a song, nothing.

And Su Zibao wanted to take this opportunity to let Pei Shishi show his face in front of these big media. The media here are all for Yao Lianyi to win the Golden Melody Award.

A little nervousness appeared on Pei Shishi’s small face, “This… this is not good, I haven’t sang the live version yet.”

She has just been used to singing in the recording studio, and now it is a little difficult for her to sing on the spot.

“Hahaha, this is a great opportunity, Su Zibao, you are so treacherous, Xia Chengye must have regretted if she agreed.” Song Yingjie couldn’t help but laughed, and encouraged the side, “Poetry, this is a once in a lifetime.” Good opportunity. Look at those big media

It’s not that such international awards won’t come out easily, let alone praise, just give you a sentence in the news and give you a shot, it is all exposed in front of the national audience. “

Su Zibao looked at her with bright eyes. “Don’t be afraid, I will accompany you. There is a piano over there. I will accompany you.”

“Okay, my sister-in-law is with me, and I feel much better.” The tension in Pei Shishi’s face subsided a little, closing his eyes to give him a breath. “When I can sing, I will be here as a recording studio, everyone Does not exist. Sister-in-law, rest assured, I must take this opportunity!”

She also knows that it is rare. If you give up now, you will not know when you will have such a good opportunity in the future.

For a song to be popular, strength is necessary, and propaganda is a must. And now is the best opportunity, which is what Su Zibao thought about yesterday to add a block to Xia Chengye.

Su Zibao’s eyes fell on Pei Yi. He was lying lazily on the sofa, and his eyebrow peak was slightly picked up, “Well? Director Su doesn’t pay me anything, and everything else instructs me to do it? Am I too bad? point.”

You are the president of Diager Media! You pay me a salary, OK?

“The conditions are casually mentioned, as long as you get Xia Chengye, you can let Pei Shishi sing a song now.” Su Zibao raised his chin slightly, and he looked as though he was “slain”.

Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao, his smile was meaningful, “This is what you said.”

“You…what do you want to do to me?” Su Zibao saw his smile when he saw his face, his face froze, his hands protecting his chest, full of vigilance and precautions.

This guy, do you want to take the opportunity to come and slap yourself?

Pooh! Su Zibao, what are you thinking, no, Pei Yi, why?

Is this kind of person?

But is a playboy like Pei Yi really not such a person?

Pei Yi propped up on the sofa with one hand, leaning forward on his body, and instantly shortened the distance from Su Zibao. His handsome face was almost on her face.

The two eyes are facing each other, the tip of the nose touches the tip of the nose.

“My wife… seems to be looking forward to what I do to you?” Pei Yi specially emphasized the word “Qian”, and suddenly made this sentence normal, becoming ambiguous.

Su Zibao’s face turned red and her eyes were swaying, “Who wants you to do… what did you do…”

“What are you doing…I think, it’s better…” Pei Yi tilted his head slightly, his thin lips close to Su Zibao’s ears, and the breath made her half of her face numb.

The deliberately prolonged tail made Su Zibao’s nerves tense at once, and the heart in the chest throbbed, as if it was about to jump out.

“When you accompanied me to visit Grandpa at the end of the month, you behaved better. Don’t lose Mrs. Pei’s face and make Grandpa happy.”

Su Zibao finally breathed a sigh of relief, “Say early, this kind of thing, even if you don’t say it, I will perform well.”

After seeing Pei Yi’s teasing smile after taking a look, Su Zibao reacted instantly, “Pei Yi! You were just playing me! Are you deliberate!”

He was deliberately trying to make fun of her flushed and nervous little deer, and then calmly told her that he would not do anything.

He did it on purpose! Jerk! So bad! I knew what she was nervous just now!

“Why? My little wife thinks I didn’t do anything and was too disappointed? Then, if I think about it carefully, what should I do?” The smile on his handsome face remained the same, and he played hooligans.

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