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Chapter 35 Suppress her thunder

Su Zibao nodded gently at Pei Shishi, ten fingers fell on the piano like flowing water, and played a prelude to the music.

Many people around are in the eyes of playfulness and contempt. The latter Miss Su played well, and the accompaniment was originally simple. Anyone who can play the piano a little can play it. It’s nothing. It’s not wrong to say nothing.

The Miss Pei Shishi who stood in front was very far away. Her face was full of tension, and she could even be seen shaking slightly.

This is not to say that you can not be nervous if you are not nervous.

Suddenly, Pei Shishi closed his eyes and began to sing.

The tension on her face gradually subsided, and her voice was ethereal. Then when she opened her eyes again, she could no longer see the tension. Instead, she faced with a smile, matching the sweet and lively song, just right.

“What song is this? Why haven’t you heard it?” Someone started asking.

“I have seen this song title somewhere. Oh yeah, when I went out this morning, I glanced at the rookie list of Yin Yuetai and saw this song.” Another person replied.

While listening to the song, many people took out their phones and opened Yinyuetai to start reading, only to find that this new song is like a dark horse. Since landing on Yinyuetai this morning, the ranking has soared rapidly.

Although the singer is not famous, he is firmly in the top three of the rookie list, and the top ten of the daily on-demand list, because he has only landed, and there is no last month list and best-selling list.

A new song just landed in the morning. This situation is already very rare. And they listened to the live version, even more doubt why this song can have such a good score, deserved.

Interested people also found that in addition to this one, Pei Shishi’s song, “Deep Sea” is also in the top ten of the rookie, and the remaining seven or eight songs are on the rookie list.

Those big media are all middlemen, very

Many people are optimistic about this song and this new artist, and many people think about the trend of tomorrow’s headlines.

“Tianhou Yao Lianyi brings the younger generations, Pei Shi’s poem skills shock four”, “Newcomers sing shock, Yun Ting entertains successors” and so on. At this time, they did not know that Pei Shishi was actually an artist of the Emperor Media.

By the time she was about to sing, Yao Lianyi’s face had become particularly ugly. “Xia Xiaowan, look at this situation, we have helped her become famous.”

“Pei Yi!” Xia Chengye’s eyes flashed coldly, and then he found himself fooled.

He just wanted to push the boat along the water and let Pei Shishi become Yao Lianyi’s foil, but he didn’t want to make her famous.

I thought that with Yao Lianyi and Zhuyu in front, no one would praise this newcomer. But although this song is not a classic, it is really not bad.


Now it is necessary to suppress the limelight of Pei Shishi.

“Ripple, wait for her to sing, you go to sing this award-winning song, suppress her limelight.” Xia Chengye deserved old tricks, calmly said.

Yao Lianyi nodded, “Okay. This newcomer sings okay, but it’s far worse than the Golden Melody Award “the way”. Earl Media has a good abacus and wants us to help them support artists, then I will put Pei Shishi Step on the soles of the feet and see how they hold it. Even if someone else wants to broadcast the news, she compares her singing with my “the way”, she has no chance of winning.”

“It’s strange, Pei Yi, this playboy, why did you set me up like this? Is it someone who teaches me behind your back, is it for me?” Xia Chengye was suspicious by nature.

Even the people who were with the Pei family were a little more wary.

After the song was over, everyone applauded.

“Good, Yun Ting Entertainment, this newcomer, is really good.”

“This song is not bad.”

Su Zibao also raised a light smile on his lips, picked up his gloves and got up, was about to go down with Pei Shishi, and saw Yao Lianyi walked over with a smile.

“This is the new song you are going to launch with Diager Media. With so many big media, it is hard to think about it.” Yao Lianyi smiled, but attributed the song to the fire this time. There are many media. Sake.

Pei Shishi is not good at speaking, Su Zibao calmly counterattacks, “The new song of poetry poetry has already been on the rookie list of Yinyuetai this morning. It can be optimistic about the big media, thank Yunting Entertainment, and Miss Yao Lianyi for providing this opportunity to poetry poetry, also Thank you Shi Shi for singing well.”

“Sansao, it’s still your song.” Pei Shishi quickly blushed.

Seeing that they were “praising” each other, Yao Lianyi’s eyes flashed unpleasantly, but she smiled on her face, “I also became interested when I saw Miss Pei singing. Let’s sing a song for everyone.”

“Miss Yao is going to sing “The Way” which won the Golden Melody Award this time?” a big media asked.

Yao Lianyi nodded, “Yeah. Today is the Golden Melody Awards feast. Naturally, I should sing this deserving song to celebrate the feast.”

Su Zibao immediately understood what Yao Lianyi wanted to do. Seeing that Pei Shishi sang well, he planned to use “the way” to suppress the limelight.

“The way” is a song that Su Zi once wrote, and it can be regarded as her pinnacle. She knows very well that if Yao Lianyi sings this song now, it will be all in vain to create momentum for Pei Shishi.

Pei Shishi will only become her stepping stone.

No, you must find a way.

“Is it the song written by that leaf? Speaking of this song, I’m surprised. Why is it that today’s celebration banquet, but no leaf is present?” Su Zibao stared at Yao Lianyi and smiled.

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