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Chapter 36 Stunning counterattack of the straw bag

A trace of unnaturalness flashed in Yao Lianyi’s eyes, and mentioning the name reminded her of what she had done to Su Zi in the past.

If it weren’t Su Zi, she couldn’t go today. Su Zi blushed her.

But the Su Zi vocal cord that she hurt was destroyed and she went to bed with Xia Chengye, but there was no way. She didn’t want to be like this. She wanted to be a big star, and only this is the safest way.

The so-called sisterhood alone is not enough.

Compared to these, her own dream is more important.

But in a flash, Yao Lianyi returned to nature and smiled lightly, “Miss Su probably didn’t know that the leaf is our most mysterious song producer in Yunting Entertainment. She never participated in any party celebrations, and this time nature will not Come.”

“Yeah, when it comes to leaves, it’s a pity that I haven’t tasted them before.

“You said this leaf is male or female? Why did you write so many songs for Yun Ting Entertainment, is it related to the Xia family?”

Everyone’s attention was diverted.

Yao Lianyi glanced at Su Zibao angrily. The leaves Su Zi are all dead. Why do people now think of “the way” when they first think of her and then themselves?

Su Zi is dead, and Yao Lianyi is the most popular person in Xia Chengye’s, and she no longer needs to live in her shadow.

But now, Su Zibao makes the shadow appear again.

Su Zibao looked at Yao Lianyi’s face indifferently. Why was he so stupid in the past? If he was more careful, he should have discovered that Yao Lianyi had hidden too much jealousy towards her.

It was because she really regarded her as a good sister, so she never thought of doubting her, but now, Su Zibao sees clearly.

She is really jealous of her.

“I didn’t expect Miss Su to know the song “the way” very well. Looking at Miss Su’s superb piano skills just now, I don’t know if I have this honor

Fortunately, can Miss Su accompany me? “Yao Lianyi hides hatred and smiles.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was in an uproar.

Su Zibao just mentioned a leaf, and was said by Yao Lianyi to know “the way” well, but the people here, even if they really know the song, could not accompany Yao Lianyi’s piano.

“The way” is pure piano accompaniment, but the difficulty is higher than Beethoven’s “Sorrow”, unless it is those senior pianists, it is impossible to play.

Needs extremely fast speed, and all kinds of octaves. It is said that after this song came out, the world’s most famous Neville International Conservatory of Music sent invitations to Yunting Entertainment.

The last time Yao Lianyi sang this song, I invited the best pianist in the country. It is said that after playing the other party, I felt deeply and very difficult.

At this time, even if Su Zibao refused, no one would say anything, because no one could play well at the scene, even a pianist who could play this song in China was no exception.

However, Su Zibao did not refuse, but instead raised a shallow smile at her, “Okay.”

She deliberately angered Yao Lianyi, just waiting for this moment.

In this world, no one is more familiar with “the way” than himself.

Song Yingjie was dumbfounded. “What’s the matter with Pei Shao and Su Zibao? Doesn’t she know the difficulty of this song? I know she can play some piano, even if she plays simple accompaniment, now it’s “the way”? This difficulty It’s too big. Unless you are a professional pianist.”

The crowd clashed and whispered. I think Su Zibao doesn’t know that the sky is thick.

Pei Shishi gently said, “Sansao, this song is very difficult, the scores have dozens of pages. This…”

Su Zibao shook her head gently at her, “It doesn’t matter, you go down first.”

“I didn’t expect Miss Su to really play

Play, quickly, bring the music to Miss Su. A trace of surprise flashed in Yao Lianyi’s eyes, but there was a urge on her lips to “really tell” the matter.

Su Zibao refused, “No need, just start.”

How could she not remember the song she wrote herself.

“Miss Su is kidding? Can you remember the tracks of “the way”? Oh yes, there are quite a few of them, and the “the way” I said is not a random song, but this time. “The way” that won the International Golden Melody Award…” Yao Lianyi looked contemptuous.

However, before she finished, Su Zibao’s hands had fallen on the keys.

At this moment, everyone was staring at Su Zibao’s hands, and even Yao Lianyi, the winning protagonist today, was ignored.

Can a girl who looks like she is in her early twenties really have such a profound accomplishment? Is she already a pianist at a young age?

The sound of the piano sounded like flowing water. Yao Lianyi saw this, picked up the microphone and began to sing, but only one sing, and someone booed at her gently, begging not to make a sound.

If her singing voice affects everyone’s judgment, you can’t hear whether she played it wrong.

Yao Lianyi was sulking and listened to it, trying to pick Su Zibao’s mistakes.

Let you show the limelight, but I want to see how you round the past.

The rhythm in front of the tune is not fast. Su Zibao closed his eyes and played very devotedly. Just looking at the way he played the piano, he knew that he had learned since childhood and had a profound musical quality.

After reaching the climax part, everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at the pair of white jade hands, flying like butterflies on the keys, and even could only see the hand shadows.

awesome! Shocking! The perfect combination of superb piano skills and deep music literacy!

Everyone was shocked.

Yao Lianyi was also shocked, did she actually pop up?

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