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Chapter 37 adds a big block to Xia Chengye

Pei Yijing looked at Su Zibao sitting in front of the piano under the lights quietly. This woman was his wife, who Pei Yi married only half a month ago. The vase and straw bag in the celebrity circle were sent out of the country for discipline when he was young.

During her three years abroad, no one knew what she had experienced, but when she returned to China, she was very different from the one she had three years ago.

If it is not this face, you have to wonder if it is really a person.

She is smart, forbearing, has excellent ability and musical talent, and now shows superb piano talents. How much is this little wife of him, which he does not know?

It seems that he really married a treasure, a wife more interesting than the ladies of Haicheng.

The applause was over and the applause thundered.

Su Zibao glanced Yao Lianyi lightly, got up, walked to Pei Yi’s side, and sat quietly.

Some people wanted to interview her, but they were blocked by Song Yingjie. Mrs. Pei’s family is not a member of the entertainment industry. She is not obliged to be interviewed. Everyone has no choice but to turn the microphone to Pei Shishi and Yao Lianyi again.

Yao Lianyi originally wanted to step on Pei Shishi, but did not expect Su Zibao to completely overshadow the limelight.

Su Zibao took the opportunity to look at Xia Chengye’s complexion and heard Su Zi’s tracks. His eyes didn’t show any memory of her, but he frowned tightly, thinking about how to solve the limelight that Su Zibao covered.

This man is so cool. Su Zi, look at your past life, is it too stupid.

At this moment, Su Zibao still hates him, but he no longer hates his betrayal, but hates him for killing his family of three.

Such a man, Su Zi did not marry him, really she was lucky.

“Pretty.” Pei Yi turned his head and looked at Su Zibao. “Yao Lianyi’s limelight has been robbed by you. You really added a big block this time.”

Su Zibao pressed his emotions and looked at Pei Yi with a light smile, “They want

Hate hates you too. But it’s not our Pei Sanshao, how could there be poems and poems appearing one after another? I guess they are secretly scolding you for digging. “

“Who made you my wife, I won’t dig a pit for you, for whom?” He smiled and his words were gentle.

Su Zibao chuckled, “Let’s go back to the show, let’s go back. Presumably tomorrow’s headlines will be wonderful, and the popularity of poems and poems will also be higher. Our goals have been achieved. Let’s go early, presumably Xia Chengye and Yao Lianyi watch us It’s all annoying.”

“I thought you would sway for a while here to make them more distracting.” Pei Yilan laughed lazily.

Su Zibao said earnestly, “But when I saw them, I also felt very unsightly.”

This time, it was finally for the sake of myself and my parents.

But it is not enough. Now Yao Lianyi and Xia Chengye are all standing too high. She needs to go up as soon as possible to defeat them.

“Well, go home.”

The next day, as expected by Su Zibao, Pei Shishi made headlines. More space was devoted to introducing Su Zibao, not even Yao Liyi had more pages than her. The day after Yao Lianyi’s celebration feast, it was discovered that the world-class piano master played “the way”, no music score, comparable to the original.

Those songs are good, but because Pei Shishi is not famous, the popularity is worse. What happened yesterday has made many people aware of Pei Shishi, and many big media have commented on this newcomer very well.

Although she is not famous enough, she has a good reputation.

On the Yueyuetai rookie list, “He is not a lover” has risen to the first place. In addition, “Deep Sea” is closely followed by second place, which is also a surprise.

Taking advantage of this hot wind, the planning department decided to name the new album “He is not a lover” and released it nationwide. On the first day of the sale, the sales volume was good, which surprised the Diager Media up and down, compared with the first one of Luo Bingwan’s debut

Album sales have doubled, and the situation is fierce.

After this incident, those executives who still have a wait-and-see attitude towards Su Zibao are more or less respected. It is the essence of people who can work here for so long, and the development of Diager Media is equivalent to raising wages for them. Both are beneficial things.

Su Zibao proved his ability and deserves their respect. The age of education is not important, it is true that everyone can make money.

Only some people thought that Su Zibao was relying on luck, but he didn’t dare to hit her like before.

Su Zibao finally got a firm foothold in Diager Media.

For the release of the album, Su Zibao had made a lot of preparations with the members of the planning department. Now she has carried out various channels of publicity and steadily carried out. She only needs to watch the progress from time to time. Compared with the busy feet before, it is finally Take a break.

But Pei Shishi had to record mv, ready to go to live concerts everywhere, various announcements, really busy.

“Baby, my mother saw you on the news, and we didn’t know where you learned the piano.” There was a familiar voice from Lin Xuejiao over the phone, “You haven’t seen us since you got married in half a month, why? With a husband, don’t want a natal family?”

Su Zibao was busy some time later than Pei Yi came back, not to mention his home. It is indeed time to go back. By the way, tell my father about the current situation of the emperor, so that he can rest assured.

Otherwise, in case the father feels that he is not reliable, it would be troublesome to just ignore that agreement and just perfunctory her. Of course, there is something I really want to see my loved ones.

“Mom, I was too busy some time ago. In this way, I will come back to dinner tonight.” Su Zibao said.

Lin Xuejiao immediately said, “Okay, then you can bring Pei Yi back. You are married, this son-in-law hasn’t been to the door for dinner yet. I heard that your relationship with Pei Yi is very bad, isn’t it? Pei Yi gave Are you angry?”

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