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Chapter 40 No need to tell me

Su Zibao stared at Su Liya, her beautiful eyes were cold and compelling, “No matter what he does, there is no need to tell me.”

“Yes.” Su Liya quickly lowered her head. Now Su Zibao really feels terrible, unlike the straw bag before.

If it was changed to before, she would just show Su Jiaxin that a few words would make her noisy whole family restless.

Lin Xuejiao worriedly asked, “What did Jia Xin just say? What did Han Li do again?”

Su Zibao asked Su Jiaxin not to mention anything about what happened at the last wedding, so the parents did not know yet.

“Nothing. Mom, don’t worry. With Pei Yi present, you can solve it even if you have trouble, not to mention, he is not worthy of causing trouble for us.” Su Zibao said a cold glance at Su Liya when she said this. Double meaning.

Su Liya bit her lip and dared to pretend to be wronged.

Lin Xuejiao didn’t ask much when he saw this. Instead, he smiled and said, “Yeah, there is Pei Yi, and Mom is at ease, very at ease.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I will take good care of Azi.” Pei Yi’s words came just right, and the atmosphere reconciled again.

Originally, Su Zibao also planned to mention the matter of Emperor Media with his father. When they saw their brothers and sisters there, there was no squeaking.

Su Zhenzhe’s brothers and sisters seem to be specifically to block, Su Zhenzhe pulled Su father to speak, Su Liya provoked the relationship between Su Zibao and Pei Yi, if this is really replaced by the previous Su Zi Bao, with this boost, she and Pei Yi only I’m afraid I’m about to fall over soon.

Just now Su Liya mentioned Han Li several times and wanted to take the opportunity to mention it, but Su Zibao kept her back quietly.

After finishing the meal, Su Zibao first caught his sister into the room to speak.

“Just now you almost talked about leaking, didn’t you say that you shouldn’t be in front of your parents?” Su Zibao said.

Su Jiaxin narrowed his mouth, “This is not just breathless, I couldn’t hold back for a while…”

“Suliya is waiting for you

Couldn’t hold back. She is now working hard to destroy me and Pei Yi. No wonder my mother called to say that I and Pei Yi have a bad relationship. It seems that some people have been gossiping. “Su Zibao said.

Su Jiaxin suddenly realized, “It turns out this way, Suriya is so sinister! I won’t take her words anymore!”

“We know that Han Li asked for money to detain me. I don’t know. I only know that Han Li and I are staying in a room. What will happen to them? So don’t talk about it, you shouldn’t know it.” Su Zibao Said. She suspected that Su Liya just wanted to take the opportunity to spoil her reputation.

Su Jiaxin nodded quickly, “Sister, I know, I won’t talk anymore. This Su Lia, knows to pretend to be wronged, to stir up the villain.”

“You know her nature, I know it, and my mother knows it, but my father doesn’t. So pay attention to it in front of your dad, otherwise it will only make your dad think you are ignorant. Of course, when Dad is away, you are free.” Su Zibao said, smirking, “I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

Su Jiaxin frowned, “Sister said good, I will do this in the future. No more trouble with her before my father.”

While Sister Su Zibao was away, Su Guoqiang and Su Zhenzhe went to the study room and Lin Xuejiao went out to answer the phone. At this time, only Pei Yi and Su Liya were left in the lobby.

Su Liya looked at Pei Yi secretly. Before, she had only seen Pei Yi from afar, but upon closer inspection, she found that he was so handsome, with three-dimensional features and deep brows, as if coming out of a comic. There was a smile of evil spirits on his face, and gentle warm colors rippling in his deep eyes.

Why can Su Zibao’s straw bales be able to marry such a good husband?

Why is it that Su Zibao has a marriage contract with Pei Yi instead of himself? Su Zibao didn’t want to marry, and Su Jiaxin didn’t want to marry. She really wanted to marry, but it was not her turn.

He is not as beautiful as Su Zibao except for the long one, which is worse than her.

A straw bag vase

It would be nice if he married Pei Yi. This is the third of Pei’s family and the first of Haicheng.

“Pei Yi, do you eat oranges? I peel them for you?” Su Liya picked up a tangerine, smiled and bowed her head, with a hint of coyness on her face.

Pei Yi looked at her expression, it was too familiar. Many of the women who come up are shy of this kind of refusal.

“Don’t eat.” Pei Yi raised a playful smile on his lips. This was funny, and he accompanied Su Zibao back to her mother’s house. This woman who made Su Zibao call her sister bit by bit took advantage of Su Zibao’s absence.

There was a flash of disappointment on Su Liya’s face, Pei Yihuaxin, who often goes to the bar and nightclub after marriage, is he worse than those tender models, can’t he enter Pei Shao’s eyes?

Pei Yi took a look at her expression and said, “Walnuts are good.”

“I’ll peel it!” Suria glanced at him in surprise, and quickly picked up the walnut clips on the coffee table to clamp the walnuts, and then peeled the walnuts inside with the hands you made your nails.

Pei Yi smiled at her meaningfully.

“Pei Yi, do you know Han Li?” Su Liya said while peeling walnuts.

Pei Yi looked at her slightly, “What’s wrong?”

“Pei Yi, it’s not that I said my sister wasn’t, but she was really sorry for you. We all know that she likes Han Li, but she likes it. She wouldn’t want to get married unless her father forced her. She studied in the United States. When she was with Han Li, they didn’t know to what extent they developed.” Su Liya said with bad intentions, “It is said that she secretly met with Han Li at the wedding, and now Han Li also Still in Haicheng, I don’t know what is going on between the two of them. I heard that my sister is very busy. I don’t know if she is busy hooking up with her old lover.”

Pei Yi listened quietly. Didn’t he know what Su Zibao was doing for Emperor Media? And Su Zibao was so annoyed to see Han Li, how could he meet him.

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