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Chapter 41 Naked Face Slap

“Pei Yi, Han Li asked me to meet my sister again, and I knew they must be resurrected.” Su Liya kept pouring dirty water on Su Zibao, “Pei Yi didn’t know them when you didn’t see them. How is it? I really deserve Pei Shao.”

Su Liya peeled walnuts while talking, Pei Yi didn’t talk, but just sat quietly. Su Liya said that she became more addicted, almost completely ignoring Su Zibao.

Soon, the walnuts peeled off a plate. Sister Su Zibao walked down arm in arm, and Su Liya shut her mouth when she saw this.

Pei Yi originally sat on the sofa casually, and when he saw Su Zibao, he stood up immediately, picked up the plate of walnut kernels, and walked to Su Zibao. He smiled and said, “You like to eat walnuts.”

“Hey? You stripped it?” Su Zibao took a bite in doubt.

Su Liya’s complexion turned extremely ugly. The walnuts Pei Yi said turned out to be Su Zibao.

All of her nails were broken by peeling walnuts, but they were peeled off for the bitch! Does Pei Yi believe what she said? Why is there no suspicion for Su Zibao.

At night, after Su Zhenzhe’s brothers and sisters left, Su Zibao went to Su Fu and talked about Emperor Media’s affairs. It turned out that Su Zhenzhe was urging cooperation every day, and today he came for this matter. After Su Zibao spoke with Su Su, he felt more at ease in his heart.

Although my father prefers Su Zhenzhe a little bit, he also has expectations of himself. He didn’t directly invest 200 million yuan to invest, and is still waiting for the results on her side.

I really hurt my father’s heart before. Now I am willing to work hard, and I can see that my parents are very happy.

Pei Xiaochuan drove the two people back, and Lin Xuejiao was still reluctant to wait for them to stay here.

Until Su Zibao agreed to come often, the two returned

Pei Yi accompanied Su Guoqiang to drink some snowflake aging, this wine has great stamina, this will have been dizzy and leaned on Su Zibao’s shoulders.

Su Zibao was very grateful to Pei Yi. After all, he was not obliged to do so well, but he did better than Su Zibao imagined.

“Pei Yi, that walnut, what’s going on?” Su Zibao asked. She has long discovered that the walnut is not right.

Pei Yi’s narrow and narrow eyes narrowed with a little wine color, beautiful and intoxicating, “Su Liya.”

“She? Didn’t you tell me bad things in front of you after I left? But it doesn’t need peeling walnuts?” Su Zibaodai raised her eyebrows lightly, and there was a trace of doubt in her eyes.

Pei Yi leaned her head on her shoulders and warmed her breath around her neck: “I said, that walnut is good.”

Su Zibao was stunned for a while, then he laughed. It turned out that Su Liya had stripped it for Pei Yi, but I didn’t expect Pei Yi to give her all.

Should she be mad at her? It’s so disheartening!

Unexpectedly, she took advantage of her absence and hooked up with Pei Yi? And Pei Yi, slapped her face cleanly and nakedly.

Su Zibao wanted to be more and more happy and couldn’t help laughing.

“Are you very happy?” Pei Yi was awake a bit by the noise of her laughter, and she narrowly looked at her with drunk eyes.

Su Zibao is bright and moving, and she is rarely seen with such a hearty smile. The girl who smiles is the most beautiful. This sentence is not false.

Su Zibao nodded vigorously, “I’m not just happy, I want to celebrate with firecrackers. Surya, Surya, even wanted to seduce my husband. Fortunately, Pei Shao stood firm and resisted the temptation!”

“Don’t you reward me?” Pei Yi tilted his head and looked at Su Zibao’s bright red lips. He couldn’t help but hold her shoulders down with her hands and closed the lips.

Su Zibao was caught off guard and was already thrown down on the sofa by Pei Yi. He pressed her heavily on her body, her shoulders were pressed and she couldn’t move.

There was a smell of wine in his mouth, lingering and sad.

Su Zibao listened to his thumping heartbeat more than any other time.

It was he who was the obvious drinker, but she felt like she was drunk, dizzy and breathless.

After hesitating for a while, Su Zibao finally embraced his waist and let himself indulge in the kiss.

Just give it a reward.

Thank you, Pei Yi.

Su Liya sat down on the sofa and said, “Brother, Pei Yi was confused by Su Zibao’s little bitch. I can’t destroy them at all.”

“I don’t know what my father thought. The investment plan of 200 million yuan that I said before was suddenly stranded, and it kept me collecting more data for analysis before planning.” Su Zhenzhe also frowned, “If this investment is left to us to run, Somehow they have to devour half of their money.”

Su Liya doesn’t understand this kind of thing, it doesn’t matter, “Aren’t the Yucheng Group over there anyway? What are you doing in such a hurry, you might as well help me find a way to see if I can get Pei Yi and Su Zibao divorced, Let me be pregnant with Pei Yi’s child again, then I can marry Pei Yi instead of Su Zibao. When I become Pei Yi’s wife, don’t these two hundred million property belong to us? Still thinking about what to swallow swallow?”

“You’re talking about. Divorce… Divorce, I think about it…” Su Zhenzhe thought for a while, and suddenly said, “Hasn’t Han Li always wanted to see Su Zibao?”

Su Liya said, “I know, but Su Zibao doesn’t see him… Yes, I understand, Han Li, let Han Li start with Su Zibao, I will start with Pei Yi on both sides!”

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