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Chapter 42 Man Like a Deep Sea

With the sales of the album “He is not a lover” hot, Pei Shishi is also famous. Those songs also quickly jumped to the best-selling list on the Yinyue platform, which showed even more gold content.

Now it has been a month since Su Zibao joined Emperor Media, and the investment in the previous period has finally come to fruition.

Xia Chengye and Yao Lianyi looked at Yin Yuetai’s list and entertainment newspapers, their faces were very poor.

“Isn’t this Pei Shishi borrowing from my last momentum?” Yao Lianyi hated. “The most hateful thing is this Su Zibao. The songs that Pei Shishi sang were all written by her. She also deliberately grabbed my limelight that day. Let everyone pay attention to Dijue Media!”

Xia Chengye frowned, “If it’s just the second Luo Bingwan, it’s nothing, it’s impossible to shake your status.”

“But I don’t like her!” Yao Lianyi said.

Xia Chengye nodded, “I’m afraid she’s not just as simple as Luo Bingwan. Luo Bingwan didn’t have such a momentum at the time. You let the agent look at the notice, if there is one with Pei Shishi, you can come next.”

In the capacity of Yao Lianyi, relatively small activities will not be accepted. But now they are all looking for Pei Shishi.

Yao Lianyi immediately understood that she was the most jealous and unacceptable, sneering, “Okay.”

Pei Shishi, you want to borrow my Dongfeng higher position, not so simple.

“In addition, arrange someone to contact Shen Xi. Since Su Zi’s death, Shen Xi refused to cooperate with us again.” Xia Chengye’s eyes flashed a deep trace.

Shen Xi is now a well-known young writer who ranks first in domestic best-selling books. Before that, Su Zi dug him, adapted his novel and made a movie. As a result, the scene was full, and his screenwriting ability was almost guaranteed at the box office.

It is also through Su Zi’s voice

In the novels of Yue and Shen Xi, Yun Ting Entertainment became the leading player in the entertainment industry in just a few years.

Yao Lianyi plucked her long wavy hair, “Leave it to me, I will go to Shen Xi. Shen Xi obeyed Su Zi’s words, is Su Zi’s bed time better?”

One sentence made Xia Chengye’s eyes more ugly. He also doubted that Su Zi was engaged with Shen Xi when he was with him.

“Well, rest assured, my kung fu is not worse than her.” Yao Lianyi was very satisfied with Xia Chengye’s complexion, sent him a sweet kiss, and drove to Shen Zhai.

Shenzhai is located in a relatively remote place in Haicheng Yucheng villa area. There is only Shenzhai villa. It is said that Shen Xi doesn’t like others to disturb.

At this time in the mansion, a young man was leaning halfway against the floor-to-ceiling window. He was dressed in white and white trousers, his figure was slightly thin, the outline was sharp, his skin was very pale, and he was not exposed to sunlight all the year round. The delicate facial features are as beautiful as a girl, with a pair of clear eyes in the forehead bangs, Mingruo Xiaoxi. The first impression is clean and clear.

The boned fingers held an open book, and the latest music was playing on the retro record player of the Republic of China period.

But at this time, his single-cycle song is called “Deep Sea”.

This song is only for good friends. When Su Zi was still alive, he said that he must write a song for him.

“”Deep Sea”, what do you think of this song title?” The playful woman asked him with a smile.

He looked up at her, “Is there any special meaning?”

“Because Shen Xi is like a deep sea. When we are far away from you, I always feel like you are like a blue sea, out of reach. But when you walk into your world, you will find that you are actually a clear and clean Big boy, like water one

In this way, people can see the bottom at a glance, so clear and so gentle. The feeling of being friends with you is like wandering in the sea and comfortable. “

Shen Xi frowned deeply, “But doesn’t water describe women?”

“Hahaha…” The other party laughed like a silver bell.

At that scene, it seemed to be close, but at this time, it was already forever.

Why did Su Zi die? Why does a family of three survive? Why does it happen to be the day when Xia Chengye gets the heir, and why does it happen to be the day when Xia Chengye and Bai Jiaqian get engaged? Why is everything so coincidental.

Although Su Zi never said that, Shen Xi can tell that she likes Xia Chengye, and maybe they even have a secret relationship.

It’s just because of identity, never showing people.

But now Su Zi died unclearly. Shen Xi didn’t have evidence. He just doubted, so he refused to cooperate with Yunting Entertainment.

Anyway, the reason why he will cooperate with Yun Ting Entertainment is only because of Su Zi. Now that Su Zi is away, the cooperation will be terminated.

Instead, this suddenly appeared “Deep Sea”, so Shen Xi suddenly thought of Su Zi. It’s really a magic obstacle, maybe just a coincidence? But how do you feel like this song is written for yourself?

The song producer is Su Zibao. Su Zibao, Su Zi, is it really such a coincidence?

“Sir, Miss Yao Lianyi is here, I want to see you.” The maid came in.

Shen Xi closed the book, “No.”

It seems that he should find a time to see Su Zibao.

“The General Manager of Time Culture just called you to remind you of the signing meeting next Friday.” The maid said again.

Shen Xi hummed.

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