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Chapter 43 Yao Lianyi insulted Pei Shishi

Diager Media, director of the company.

Su Zibao looked through the statements in his hand, and Xu Fan, who was temporarily in charge of the position of financial controller, was reporting last month’s income and expenditure. “As of this month, the income has risen by 12% compared with the emperor’s last month. At the end of next month, it is expected to rise to 20%.”

In other words, she has now completed the task in excess. Just wait for the next month to get the report, and then go to my dad for an investment of 50 million yuan.

Then you can do a big job.

“You can prepare in advance. Poetry’s album sales are very good. Let the head of the music department go to find some suitable songs. Now that Poetry is famous, there should be many songwriters sending songs to Emperor Media?” Su Zibao asked. She is not a professional songwriter. It is impossible to write songs for Pei Shishi all the time, and it is not so powerful. It is good to write one or two main songs from time to time.

Assistant Fan Yan handed over a folder, “There are quite a few, Director He screened some, this is the information.”

The former Emperor Media did not have a very famous singer, and could not afford a high price, so naturally no good songs could be bought.

But now there is about 50 million investment, Su Zibao is more confident. I was looking through it, and suddenly the phone rang, Su Zibao’s face changed and changed. He said to Fan Yan: “Shi Shi is injured, arrange a car for me, and immediately go to Haicheng First People’s Hospital.”

When he hurried to the hospital, he saw a bunch of media reporters outside. It’s strange, Pei Shishi is still only a little famous, how come there is such a multimedia when he is injured?

Going to the ward from the green passage, Su Zibao saw Pei Shisi sitting on the hospital bed with a bandage on his arm, and looked okay.

Instead, Song Yingjie was lying on the bed with her feet tied in plaster and one arm hanging.

“What’s the matter?” Su Zibao saw the two and asked, “Is the injury serious?”

Pei Shishi’s eyes were red, “Sansao, I’m okay, my arm is just a bruise, Jie Ge’s injury is more serious, thigh and tickle

His shoulders are broken. “

“Director Su, this is really a catastrophic disaster, so that Yao Lianyi bumped into our poems, and the poems fell directly from the stage. Fortunately, Director Song was also nearby, and was under the poems in critical times, otherwise This fracture is poetry.” Cai Cai said angrily, “That Yao Lianyi, but also said that the poetry and poetry hit it, it is shameless!”

Song Yingjie shook it with another undamaged hand, “I’m fine, it’s okay to raise for a few days. Fortunately, it’s not that my face is on the ground first, otherwise I will be unemployed.”

“Jie Ge, even if you are disfigured, San Ge will not fire you.” Pei Shi Shi quickly said, “Really, San Ge is not such a person.”

Song Yingjie smiled, “Haha, you girl, I mean, I eat by my face. When my face hits the ground first, I might lose my job.”

Seeing that Song Yingjie could still be kidding, Su Zibao was slightly relieved.

“How can I meet Yao Lianyi? We can take such a big game now?” Su Zibao wondered.

Cai Caidao said, “So I said that Yao Lianyi was not at ease. She didn’t usually go to such small activities, I don’t know why she went today, and she didn’t admit that she had knocked the poems off stage!”

Isn’t Yao Lianyi not accustomed to Pei Shishi’s rise and is strangling her in this way?

“The key is that those media are all heading towards Yao Lianyi. After all, they are just big winners who have just won the International Golden Melody Award. Unlike our poetry and poetry, people say nothing…” Cai Cai sighed. She is Pei Shishi’s agent, and Pei Shishi is both glorious and detrimental. She is very concerned about her.

Su Zibao nodded, “Well, I understand the situation. Poetry poetry, there is no evidence now. If we say it straight, we will be raked. If you speak in front of the media, pay attention to the size. This matter will not be the same for me and Pei Yi. Never mind.”

“Well, I know, Sansao, it’s causing you trouble.” Pei Shishi lowered his head.

Su Zibao held her hand, “It’s okay. Later poems

Security, Sister Cai, you pay attention, adjust a few more people, this situation can no longer occur. Poetry poetry, how long do I give you a break? “

“No, Sansao, I don’t need it.” Pei Shishi shook his head, the light in his eyes stubborn.

She would continue to go on until she reached the peak, and she would never slow down.

Su Zibao smiled at her, “Okay, but at least I have to rest at first, how can I go without a good body?”

Yun Ting Entertainment can’t help using this kind of tricks? You wait, I won’t forget it.

After coming out of Yun Ting Entertainment, Su Zibao was in a heavy mood. Although she was climbing up, the opponent’s counterattack was also very fast, and it was impossible to sit back and watch them rise. Moreover, Xia’s Group is not only Yunting Entertainment, she wants to use Diager Media as a springboard to speed up her speed.

As for Yao Lianyi, since you use this kind of tricks, then I’m welcome.

Su Zibao walked to a public telephone booth, dialed a phone, and said in a dumb voice, “I’m going to break the news, the day after Yao Lianyi and the producer of the mysterious song leaves.”

The other party was stunned. “Who are you? Is it accurate?”

“I am Ye Ye’s friend. The queen Yao Lianyi used to be a friend with Ye Ye, but the medicine ruined Ye Ye’s vocal cords, so that Ye Ye couldn’t sing and could only write songs to support her. Ye Ye was concealed by her till now, and she didn’t know until recently, so Ye Zi will never write songs for Yun Ting Entertainment again. If you don’t believe it, you will see Yun Ting Entertainment’s future songs without leaves. The president of entertainment has been in bed until now, ah, President Yun Ting just got engaged recently. In order to vent his anger on the leaves, so this news is sent to you for free, as for believe it or not, but if the news burst out, I believe your newspaper will Sell ​​out of stock.”

After talking, Su Zibao hung up the phone. She can be sure that the other party will definitely broadcast. This gossip newspaper is dedicated to selling these news.

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