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Chapter 44 You are free, I will go first

Sure enough the next day, the headlines of major entertainment newspapers have become the things of Yao Lianyi and Ye Zi and Xia Chengye, and they are getting worse. Momentum.

Tianhou Yao Lianyi used medicine to destroy the vocal cords of leaves, and Guicai leaves completely withdrew from Yun Ting Entertainment, “Tianhou Yao Lianyi and Guicai Ye were originally good sisters. “,” President Xia Chengye is engaged on the forefront of Bai Shiqianjin, and his hind feet go to bed, the marriage of Xia Bai and the two marriages may change”…The title of the Bagua Entertainment News is more exaggerated than horror, compared with the news of Zhenger Bajing’s award, This is more able to evoke those gossip soul.

Anyway, there is no need to worry about whether the news is true or false in such a place as the entertainment industry. This kind of girlfriends become enemies, and the matter of inserting a knife is the story that the little girls and aunts are most talked about.

Yun Ting Entertainment’s crisis public relations are too busy to care about others. Although not stinking Yao Lianyi, it was enough to let her rest for a while, and Pei Shishi further developed steadily.

“Su Zibao, we are the best girlfriends. You can’t help but celebrate on my birthday.” A clear voice laughed across the phone.

This girl is Liu Qianqian, the girlfriend of the original owner Su Zibao. However, because Su Zibao went abroad three years ago, she seldom met with her. She only occasionally contacted by phone. If Liu Qianqian didn’t come out of her own, Su Zibao would forget that this person still exists.

Su Zibao received a good impression of her in the memory she received. Think about it as the girlfriend of the original owner. You have taken the original owner’s body and you should definitely go there once.

Although after Yao Lianyi, she was allergic to the word girlfriends.

“Okay, that’s necessary. What time and place? I must arrive on time.” Su Zibao said with a smile.

Liu Qianqin said happily, “That must be Haicheng’s most famous dark night KTV. We are waiting for you at eight o’clock tonight. We haven’t seen you for a long time. I’ve wanted to find you long ago, but the shadows of being busy as soon as you return home No, it’s rare that you can enjoy the light and wait for you.”

“Huh.” Su Zibao hung up the phone and looked at the wall clock downstairs.

Back at the villa, Pei Yi is not here. It’s strange. He didn’t go to the company today and wasn’t at home. Is it the hospital to see Song Yingjie? Or… went out to play?

Su Zibao wondered, but did not think too much. She changed to a simple dress and chose a bottle of French perfume for Liu Qianqian as a gift. Pei Xiaochuan sent Su Zibao to the dark night KTV.

She came early and there were only a few people in it. A girl in a turquoise skirt came to embrace Su Zibao’s wrist intimately, “Zi Bao, you can come!” With

her intimacy, Su Zibao was a little unsuited. After all, even the original owner had not seen her for three years.

“Happy birthday.” Su Zibao handed her the gift.

Liu Qianqin glanced at the perfume in the bag and smiled, “Thank you Zibao, come over and sit down!”

After a while, there were successive ladies and gentlemen coming , Liu Qianqian was Liu Jiaqianjin, the Liu family was the same as the Song family Zhao family Are all rising stars in Haicheng, and her friends are naturally in this circle.

“Happy Birthday, Qianli.” Su Liya walked in with a long skirt.

Behind her was a handsome and gentle man, Han Li.

Su Zibao immediately had a little extra precaution in his eyes, and thought that Liu Qianqian was not malicious to himself, but now it seems that he still caught their set.

Now, the news that Su Zibao and his ex-boyfriend came out to play together should be spread again.

“Sister Liya, you are here!” Liu Qianqian and Su Liya had a good relationship. When she saw that she was three points closer to Su Zibao, she took her hand and asked with a smile, “Sister Liya, didn’t Brother Zhe come?” “

Suliya knows that Liu Qianqin likes his elder brother and laughs, “He is still busy at work, and you also know that Su’s group’s things are all on him. This is the gift my elder brother asked me to bring to you. See if you like it or not.”

Then, Su Liya handed Liu Qianqian a paper bag.

Liu Qianqin took it happily and looked at the person behind Liu Qianqin and asked, “Huh? Who is this?”

“This is a friend of my elder brother and I brought him by the way.” Su Liya said. Han Li smiled politely at Liu Qianqian, and his eyes immediately fell on Su Zibao’s face, burning like fire.

Su Zibao frowned unconsciously.

In fact, Liu Qianqian and Su Zibao haven’t seen each other for so many years, and they haven’t had any feelings for a long time. It was only when Su Liya hit her side and asked her to make an appointment with Su Zibao.

Su Liya specially took Han Li to Su Zibao, “Sister, you also come to the flourishing birthday party. Han Li wants to apologize to his sister, so forgive him.”

“A Bao, last time was my wife Impulsive, that’s because you are going to marry Pei Yi. I’m so excited. This is not my intention at all.” Han Li looked at Su Zibao affectionately. “I don’t expect us to return. Until now, as long as you can forgive me now, I will be satisfied.”

Su Zibao looked at the two of them with disgust. What kind of drama is this?

“Sister Liya, what’s going on?” Liu Qianqin looked puzzled.

Su Liya laughed, “Qianqian, this is the case. There is a misunderstanding between Han Li and her sister, so I took this opportunity to bring Han Li over, hoping that they would release their suspicions. Qianqian, you won’t blame me for advocating it. ?”

“How can I blame Sister Liya? Sister Liya is also kind. Zi Bao, what wrong did he make? Seeing that he is so sincere, you can forgive him.” Liu Qianqian acted as a peacemaker.

Liu Qianqin’s IQ is completely unaware that he has been used by others, and he is still stupid to help others talk.

Su Zibao frowned, “This is not a misunderstanding, and I don’t want to forgive, you are free, I will go first.”

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