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Chapter 45 Suspected of being pushed into the sea

“Sister, you give Han Li a chance!” Su Liya quickly stood in front of Su Zibao, with a pitiful look on her face. “You can correct it if you know what you are doing wrong. Sister and Han Li have known each other for so long, you can’t look at the previous one. For the sake of it, forgive him?”

Su Zibao saw her posture, nausea, and said coldly, “I have nothing to say to him. But you think about him everywhere, do you like him? If you like, if you want, don’t expect others to be like you. , Don’t be cold.”

“I…” Su Liya was about to cry, “I’m just talking, how can my sister say that to me?”

“I think Su Zibao did it right. Now there is a saying that the greatest respect for the incumbent is that he has no contact with the former elder. What do you want Su Zibao to reconcile with her predecessor, so where does Pei Shao’s face go? “At the sofa, there was a sound of a hug.

Su Zibao looked to the people. She was an unknown girl. She was wearing a loose woven embroidered blouse, denim shorts, burgundy, neat shawl and long hair. She wore a pair of sunglasses on her head. She was very beautiful and beautiful, just looking A bit arrogant, seeing Su Zibao looking at her, nodded at her.

Su Zibao also nodded friendly.

Su Liya’s face was heavy, but she could only continue to pretend to be pitiful when she saw the speaker.

Li Han, the school flower of Haicheng University, came from the imperial capital and did not know what her family did, but it must be rich or expensive, proud and overbearing, not very gregarious, and the Lei family, one of the four giants of Haicheng A little bit related, the Lei family also specifically talked about who bullied Li Han against them.

It happened to be Liu Qianqian’s classmate.

She did not know Su Zibao, and did not expect to speak for Su Zibao.

“Predecessor? Ah? Is he the former boyfriend who made Zi Bao jump into the sea?” Liu Qianqin’s eyes widened in surprise.

Su Zibao’s eyes suddenly became sharp. Why do some people still feel that they are jumping for the sake of Han Li?

“Liu Qianqian, I have to correct it. I have nothing to do with Han Li. I may have fallen off while watching the scenery, or maybe…” Su Zibao said with a sneer here, looking at Su Liya, ” It is also possible that someone accidentally knocked me down. In fact, it felt vaguely felt that someone pushed me, only because there was no evidence and no one saw him, and he kept saying that he accidentally fell into the sea and didn’t want outsiders to scramble. If there are still such rumors in Haicheng, then for my own reputation as Pei Su and I, I seem to have to report to the police to put the case on file, so that the police can check it carefully, so that no one will always think that I am jumping into the sea by myself.”

She suspected that someone had harmed her at that time, only because her memory at that time was blurred and she couldn’t remember it. If there is no personal evidence, no result will be found.

However, if someone has always believed that she “missed into the sea” is not credible, she must think that she is “fleeing marriage for the sake of Han Li jumped into the sea”, then she may wish to make herself “suspected of being pushed into the sea”, better.

Sure enough, Suria’s face changed as soon as these words came out.

“It turns out there is still such a thing. Did someone really push Su Zibao? Who could it be?”

“Who else. Who doesn’t know that Su Zibao married Pei Yi with half of the dowry of the Su family. How many people don’t want this money to fall into the hands of their husband and wife. If Su Zibao is dead, this money, haha, you said it will fall. In whose hands.”

“It turns out there was such a treacherous thing. Su Zibao was covering the lid of the Su’s family. He only said that it was a misstep, and it was painstaking. Someone always discredited her, and now she is forced to remove the lid…”

“Forget it, which family is not so openly fighting, is it rare to see? Not surprising.”

The celebrities around grew up in such an environment, and they were so enraged that even if they were not proficient in family secret fighting, they saw more.

Su Zibao sneered, now you should stop me for Su Liya. If you continue to spread rumors, then I will also spread rumors, but maybe I haven’t spread rumors yet, but I have spoken of facts.

“Qianqian, my sister accidentally fell into the sea, what is it for others to jump into the sea, it is all rumors.” Su Liya quickly laughed and rounded the field, “Sister, you must feel wrong, then the sister was alone on the deck. “Why would anyone push my sister, it must be a misstep, definitely a misstep!”

Su Zibao’s rumors for Han Li jumped from the sea flowed out of her, but now she is biting and falling into the sea, and she is really hideous.

“If my sister doesn’t want to forgive Han Li, then forget it. When he doesn’t exist. Today is Qianqian’s birthday, so she doesn’t want to give Qianqian a face at this time. It’s not the sister who angered her. Three fines!” Su Liya picked up the drink on the table for the sake of the overall situation and took three drinks.

Liu Qianqian also said, “Don’t be angry, Zibao, I don’t know how to talk nonsense, and I punish myself for three cups!”

Both of them drank three glasses of wine and made a gesture of apology. Su Zibao had intended to take advantage of the situation and could not go, so he had to sit down.

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