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Chapter 46 Cocktail

The atmosphere of a group of young people was harmonious. Because Su Liya and Han Li, Su Zibao felt uncomfortable. She didn’t drink the wine in front of her, she didn’t eat anything, just thinking about how to get out.

“Zi Bao, I respect you a glass.” Liu Qianqian ran to sit in front of Su Zibao, handing her a glass of wine.

The colors of the cocktails are distinct and beautiful.

“This is the drunk night of KTV’s signature cocktail, which is specially ordered for you. It is regarded as a punishment for my previous nonsense.” Liu Qianqin said sincerely, “We have been feeling for so many years, you can’t just say a word for me. Ignore me and show me my face like this at my birthday party? Zi Bao, after drinking this glass of wine, let’s release our suspicions.”

Su Zibao looked at the colorful cocktail, and his eyes were gleaming.

Liu Qianqin seemed to have no intentions, but Su Zibao really dared not drink this glass of wine.

She wouldn’t bet her safety on whether the other party was already collaborating with Surya.

“I’m not used to cocktails, it’s better…” Su Zibao did not pick up the cocktail, but picked up the glass of ordinary red wine in Liu Qianqian’s hands. “I drink this. I respect you and wish you a happy birthday.”

If there is really a problem with this cocktail, Liu Qianqian will not drink it.

“How embarrassing, this wine is specially ordered for you.” Liu Qianqian didn’t expect Su Zibao to take the red wine in her hand and was surprised.

Su Zibao’s smile is not leaking, “I really don’t drink cocktails. Not to mention you, why don’t you bother about our feelings for so many years. I respect you.”

“In that case, then okay…” Liu Qianqian and Su Zibao touched each other, and drank the cocktail with a smile.

Su Zibao was shocked, strange, really

no problem? Is she just suspicious?

Seeing this, Su Zibao took a shallow sip and said, “I’m a little dizzy and go out to breathe.”

“Okay.” Liu Qianqin smiled.

Su Zibao walked out of the box, and Su Liya got up, with a bad intention in her eyes, “Qian Qian, has she been drinking?”

“Drink, say it is dizzy, go out to blow the hair. Why did you dizzy after taking a sip.” Liu Qianqin frowned, “Sister Liya, why should I apologize to her, she is not just a straw bag, our Liu family It’s no worse than their Su family. If it’s not Brother Zhe, the Su family would have been worse. She hasn’t known any good, she didn’t see Brother Zhe in her eyes, she bullied him, if not their sisters, Brother Zhe. Is there anything now? For the Su family’s hard work, I gave nothing to Brother Zhe. I really look down on the Su family.”

Not seen in three years, Liu Qianqian has long been confused by Su Zhenzhe fans. Su Zhenzhe was devoted to him, even with dislike Su Zibao.

If Su Liya asked her to keep in touch with Su Zibao, she would have ignored the straw bag.

The reason why Su Liya is this is simply to use her identity as Su Zibao’s “girlfriend”.

“Qian Qin, Su Zibao is my sister anyway. Thank you for being lower in front of her for me. Let you be wronged.” Su Liya learned that Su Zibao was drinking, relieved, and gave Han Li a glance, but here is Sincerely to Liu Qianqian.

She was afraid that Liu Qianqian would show her feet in front of Su Zibao, and she didn’t tell her that there was any medicine in her cocktail.

It happened that Su Zibao had Chinese medicine now, and Han Liyi went away. Isn’t that what happened?

“It’s okay, Sister Liya, I’m all for Brother Zhe, otherwise I really don’t want to deal with her.” Liu Qianqian’s face was flushed,

“I also felt a little dizzy and went out to blow out.”

Surya is very considerate, “Okay, remember to drink hot water will be better.”

Han Li received Su Liya’s eyes, knowing that things had been done, and quietly exited the door of the box, her eyes full of lust.

Su Zibao, you little bitch did not give me face in front of so many people. I want you to beg me in bed tonight.

Su Zibao walked out of the box and went to the balcony to blow his hair. In the night, the neon lights of Haicheng flickered, bustling, bustling and noisy.

Suddenly, a person with a drunken breath hugged her. Su Zibao was tightly hugged by the man’s arm, thinking, did Hanli come out with him?

I couldn’t play with both hands. I was about to hit the other side with one knee. A familiar and humorous voice sounded in my ear, “Wife!”

Su Zibao’s stiff body slackened instantly, and there was a smile on his lips unconsciously, “Pei Yi, you hold so tight, my arm hurts.”

When the person behind him released her hand, Su Zibao turned around and saw Pei Yi in a dark purple shirt standing behind her, with long legs and high boots, a casual and trendy body, which looked like the cover model of the trend magazine . There was a little drunkenness in the eyes, and when I saw Su Zibao, I was awake a little: “It’s really you. Why are you here?”

Su Zibao wore a long white dress, and the lady Fan Er was fresh. “Liu Qianqian’s birthday, I will come to the birthday party. It’s you, drinking here again. I won’t care about you when I go back at night.”

Pei Yi hugged Su Zibao’s shoulders and hugged her directly to her box. “Go, someone will hit your husband’s idea and help!”

Su Zibao was dumbfounded, and so on, playing Pei Yi’s idea, is it Zhao Yuanyuan again, what kind of moth is she making?

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