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Chapter 47 Kissing in front of Luo Bingwan

Han Li followed Su Zibao and searched in corridors, balconies, toilets, etc., but no trace was found.

Is Su Zibao taking the opportunity to come out to blow, has slipped in advance? Han Li thought of this and went to the bar to ask. The waiter said that she did not see Miss Su going out.

Strange, where did Su Zibao go?

Han Lizheng looked around, and suddenly saw a woman leaning on the outside of the bathroom to wash her face, flushed.

“Miss Liu, did you see Su Zibao?” Han Li recognized this woman as Liu Jiaqianjin, the protagonist of today’s birthday party.

Liu Qianqin frowned, and the strange feeling in her body made her feel extremely uncomfortable. “I didn’t see… um…”

With a moan, Liu Qianqin looked at Han Li, his eyes blurred and fiery.

Han Liyi couldn’t help but see her like this, why did this Miss Liu seem to have taken an aphrodisiac?

“Miss Liu, what’s the matter with you?” Han Li deliberately walked in front of her to support her, thinking in her heart, if she didn’t see Su Zibao, it would be nice if she could catch Liu Jiaqianjin.

It’s just why Liu Qianqin got the aphrodisiac. Is it something unexpected when she was asked to toast just now?

“I…I want…” Liu Qianqian was controlled by the aphrodisiac. At this time, he was only thinking about his physical satisfaction. He could no longer recognize the person, and he immediately entangled Han Li.

Han Li saw this and looked around. It was unsafe here. If you help her out, it will definitely attract people’s attention.

Suddenly I saw a private room next to the door with “Sound equipment damaged, under repair” dragging Liu Qianqin directly into the private room.

Su Liya wanted to frame Su Zibao, but she didn’t expect to be wrong, but Liu Qianqin took the trick.


Su Zibao followed Pei Yi into a luxurious private room, saw a room of men and women, and then fell on Luo Bingwan in the middle.

She was dressed in a white dress, cold and noble, she refused to be thousands of miles away, very tall


“Hey, Pei Shao, why did you go out and bring one back… Hey, this is not Miss Su?” Someone was just about to make fun, but Su Zibao was recognized immediately.

Su Zibao is also looking at Luo Bingwan in the box. Isn’t she going abroad? When did you come back?

In fact, Luo Bingwan had just returned to China today. She also heard about Su Zibao’s holding of Hong Pei poetry poems abroad. Although she was not there, she did not obstruct Su Zibao’s pace.

Instead, while she was away, Su Zibao and Pei Yi were like glue, which made Luo Bingwan no longer able to sit still and decided to come back and fight with Su Zibao.

And Pei Yi treated her really differently from the others, she said that she would take her leave for two months. She said she wanted to return to her country, and she was here to prepare for the wind.

No wonder Pei Yi hasn’t seen anyone all day today. It turned out that Luo Bingwan came back.

Everyone’s eyes swept up and down Su Zibao and Luo Bingwan, and obviously they all saw a little greasiness.

Su Zibao thought that it was Zhao Yuanyuan who was pestering Pei Yi. Unexpectedly, it was their family’s sweet and sour cake, which provokes other girls.

“Pei Yi!” Luo Bingwan stood up and stared at Su Zibao coldly.

This is the first time she has seen Pei Yi’s legendary wife in reality. She looks very beautiful and bright and attractive. If you just look at it like this, the two will look like a pair of people.

Su Zibao raised a light smile on his lips, “Miss Luo is good. Pei Yi is drunk, I helped him in and disturbed me.”

“I asked her to bring Su Zibao, and I just introduced it to you, my wife, Su Zibao.” Pei Yi looked at Luo Bingwan, his voice was still loose, but his eyes were clear.

Su Zibao also saw Luo Bingwan for the first time, and clearly felt that the atmosphere between the two was different.

Compared to Zhao Yuanyuan before, this Luo Bingwan seems to be the same as Pei Yi.

Luo Bingwanqi endured the anger in his heart and said coldly, “I know.”

Pei Yi

Frowning and looking at Luo Bingwan, he smiled suddenly and bowed his head to kiss Su Zibao’s lips.

Everyone took a breath, Su Zibao also widened his eyes. There is no sign at all, and still kissing in front of a girl.

Luo Bingwan’s pupils dilated and his eyes quickly filled with a layer of tears and ran out crying.

Several emperor media accompanied Luo Bingwan’s entertainers to chase out, and the rest of them were still watching this scene in a stunned stun.

After Luo Bingwan ran out, Pei Yi hugged Su Zibao and came out of the box. Su Zibao recovered, and he deliberately wanted to kiss Luo Bingwan, was she angry?

What is their relationship? Is she her predecessor? Bah, Pei Yi’s women are mostly like the sea water of this city, but I have never seen it so different from Luo Bingwan.

“Pei Yi, make it clear, what the hell is going on?” Su Zibao asked by grabbing his hand.

Pei Yi could not see the drunkenness at this time and said lazily, “That’s what you see.”

“You didn’t maintain her that much before. Her bad mood can make you leave her for two months regardless of the company’s situation. Why do you want to use her to deliberately irritate her now?” Su Zibao’s eyes were sharp and her eyes were burning.

Pei Yi’s index finger quipped her head, “I am used to her, does not mean I like her. Mrs. Pei, are you investigating the hukou?”

“How dare I take care of Pei Shao’s private affairs, just Luo Bingwan is the company’s entertainer, and I am the director of Diager Media, I don’t want to affect the company’s development because of personal reasons.” Su Zibao said coldly. I do not know why, and there is still a bit of discomfort.

This is Pei Yi, spoiling a person does not mean he likes it. Pei Sanshao is famous for women.

However, I never heard who he loved. This is true for Luo Bingwan, and why not to myself?

“You, are you unhappy?” Pei Yi tilted his head slightly, leaned his hands on the wall, and his face was close to Su Zibao’s cheek, surrounded by a warm breath. “Can’t you, you are in love with me?”

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