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Chapter 48 I like you

“Dreaming, who would like you to be so devoted!” Su Zibao immediately denied.

Pei Yi approached her earlobe with a hint of laughter in her hoarse voice, “My little wife is so determined that it really makes me sad.”

“But it doesn’t matter, I just like you.” His eyes under the thick lashes are as deep as a whirlpool, as if to take away all human souls.


Su Zibao’s face was hot, how could he say such things suddenly, what would make him like her.

He said like he would really like her.

“What do you like about me?” Su Zibao bit her lip.

Pei Yiqing provokes her chin, her smile is rippling and full of luster, “I like the sound of your talking, the way you laugh, the temperature of your palm, the lips, the kiss, the taste , The one you like the most… the body.”

Su Zibao was a bit overwhelmed by the previous paragraph. When his last words came out, he was immediately thrown out of Jiu Xiaoyun.

really! How could she feel that the young man and the flower could say anything affectionate, he was still as bad, shameless, and hooligan as ever!

After he finished speaking, he narrowed his eyes narrowly and scanned her, and his eyes showed a strong signal that a man had a passion for a woman.

In this ambiguous atmosphere, a groan came suddenly from the next door, making Su Zibao and Pei Yi both stunned.

Strange, who is so intimate with KTV so impatient?

“Go, let’s go back to the box, there are people here, don’t disturb others.” Su Zibao nudged Pei Yi. She didn’t listen to the hobby of the corner.

Pei Yi took Su Zibao’s hand and was about to leave. Suddenly there were a few more sounds.

“Wait!” Su Zibao grabbed Pei Yi.

Pei Yi turned back and smiled at her meaningfully, “If you like, we can play next time

ktv party。 ”

“Bah! I’m not as stinky and shameless as you.” Su Zibao scolded, pointing at the box, “I heard that voice just like Liu Qianqian.”

Pei Yi smiled and said, “It turns out to be your friend. Do you want to go in and say hello? I’m afraid she has no time to entertain you at this time.”

“It’s not right. Although I only spent a little time with her just now, but she spoke and closed with Su Zhenzhe, how could she be here with other men, I suspect that she… was drugged.” I don’t know why, Su Zibao The first reaction in my mind was the cocktail. If she knew that the wine really had an aphrodisiac, she would not let Liu Qianqin drink. With Su Zibao’s character, she must find a way to pour it into the mouth of the person who took the medicine.

At that time, she thought she was only self-minded. Now it seems that it will be Su Liya’s medicine, and even Liu Qianqian has not told her, so she is the one who got it?

At this moment, Su Zibao’s eyes became stranger, “Listening to another voice, like Han Li?”

“Huh? Are you going to help?” Pei Yijun frowned.

Su Zibao shook his head. Liu Qianqian and Su Zhenzhe are all the way, that is, they are opposed to Su Zibao. This time, if it was not for her that she had grown up and did not drink this glass of wine, it was herself who was poisoned.

And Su Liya not only ruthlessly treats herself, she does not treat Liu Qianqian as her own, and she does not tell her about the medicine, otherwise Liu Qianqian will definitely not drink.

It’s cheaper than Hanli. I’m afraid that Han Li will use this to threaten Liu Qianqian afterwards.

Su Zibao didn’t like this kind of gun shooting, not to mention that the gun was aimed at herself, and Liu Qianqian voluntarily gave him a gun.

“Waiter, go find Liu Yan in this box, and say Liu Qianqian is inside.” Su Zibao said to a waiter.

The waiter nodded and left.

Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao, “I thought you would call a large group of people to see the excitement.”

“If it was Han Li and Su Liya

I will do it, but Liu Qianqian, forget it, it doesn’t have to be this way. “Su Zibao took Pei Yi out of KTV. Let Liu Yan come, even if Su Zibao helped Liu Qianqian.”

If Liu Qianqian appreciates, she knows that she has fallen to the point where Su Liya is hurting her. Later, she cut off contact with the Su family siblings, which saves Su Zibao a lot of things.

It doesn’t matter if Liu Qianqian doesn’t appreciate it, the Liu family will still take care of Han Li.

It seemed that she didn’t have to worry, Han Li appeared again in front of herself. And she has already done her best to Liu Qianqinren, and the ways are different, and she will not participate in the so-called girlfriend invitation next time.


Fifteen minutes later, Liu Yan appeared in the box and saw that her sister and a man were doing that kind of thing on the sofa. The sister was obviously drugged and immediately beat the man.

Helpless is that the effect of the drug is too strong, Liu Qianqian even did not let her brother let go, kissed when wrapped up.

If Liu Qianqian was sent to the hospital in this way, Liu’s face would be lost. Liu Yan called a private doctor, tied Han Li, and sent someone to investigate the medication.

Soon the matter was found on Su Liya’s head, Han Li that soft egg, immediately sold Su Liya.

“Brother, I blame Su Zibao. She must know that she had a problem with the wine before she changed it with me. She didn’t blame Sister Liya. She had to hurt me.” Liu Qianqian said after he knew the whole thing, “Sister Liya didn’t want to hurt.” Me, it is Su Zibao who hurts me!”

Liu Yan frowned, “If Su Zibao harms you, she should call a large group of people to watch, instead of telling me to be alone, let me go to the siege. It is Su Liya, who uses you as a gun, and also poisons you. Don’t go with their siblings in the future! That Han Li I will send him into the game, don’t worry about him telling about things tonight.”

“Han Li bastard, Su Zibao also bastard. I don’t care, I will never let Su Zibao!” Liu Qianqin scolded, “Today’s disgrace will be returned 100 times!”

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