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Chapter 49 The reunion of the previous life, the first encounter in this life

The first step of the business plan has gone out, and the second step is to dig Shen Xi to Dijue Media. Then, on the side of Diager Media, as long as it is developed step by step, there will be no problem.

As long as the investment here returns, you can use this as a springboard to continue the following steps. The Xia family has a huge industry. Starting from Yunting Entertainment, she will solve them one by one.

It’s just that Shen Xi hasn’t come to her yet. Isn’t the song “Deep Sea” enough?

Su Zibao was sitting in the car, and suddenly saw a group of people gathered in the open air square. From the distance, he could see the words Shen Xi on the banner.

“Ogawa, stop, I’ll go down and see.” Su Zibao’s eyes opened, and he said.

Su Zibao got out of the car and saw the crowd there. She couldn’t see Shen Xi at all. Instead, she found a familiar figure in the crowd. It was the girl who helped her speak on KTV that night but didn’t know the name.

“Hey, why are you here? Sorry, I met in a hurry last time and forgot to ask your name.” Su Zibao said politely.

The girl turned her head and saw Su Zibao thinking about it carefully, saying, “It’s you, Su Zibao. My name is Li Han.”

“Li Han, are you here… waiting for Shen Xi’s signature?” Su Zibao pointed to the long line. At first glance, this is the signing event. Shen Xi, as the most famous best-selling novel writer in China, each signing event is no less than the concerts of those celebrities.

Li Han shook his head, “I’m not for Shen Xi, but for the general manager of Time Culture, Pei Hanwen. The signing meeting of Shen Xi was sponsored by Time Culture, and Pei Hanwen will attend.”

Although Su Zibao had never seen Pei Hanwen, he knew that he was Pei Shishi’s brother and Pei Yi’s cousin. Pei Jia Erbo had this son and a daughter there.

Pei Hanwen is the general manager of Time Culture Company, and Time Culture is a company mainly based on book publishing, magazines and periodicals, not a big company.

“Pei Hanwen? What are you doing with him?” Su Zibao’s eyes flashed suspiciously. Could this great beauty like Pei Hanwen? Counting Pei Hanwen’s age should be only one or two years older than Pei Yi, and it is also a young talent.

Li Han seemed to see Su Zibao’s meaning, “It’s not what you think. I have an interview certificate. I just want to interview, but he doesn’t accept interviews very much.”

This is even more wrong. Girls who are in the same class as Liu Qianqian are in their junior year. Are they going to work as part-time reporters in magazines?

“Can you help me? I heard that your relationship with Pei Shishi is particularly good, and Pei Hanwen loves his sister the most.” Li Han looked at Su Zibao with a wink, looking forward.

Su Zibao looked at her with a smile, thinking about Li Han’s first impression was good, and it was just a handy effort, nodded at her, and then called Pei Shishi, asking Fang for inconvenience to help.

Pei Shishi should come down in one bite, and soon send an address and time.

“I have made an appointment. Room 203 on the second floor is at 10:30, which means there are still ten minutes.” Su Zibao read the text message on her phone and said to Li Han.

There was a surprise in Li Han’s eyes, “Great! Su Zibao, thank you this time. I will invite you to dinner after the interview.”

“Don’t be so polite…” Su Zibao hadn’t spoken yet, and Li Han had already rushed to the second floor.

Looks pretty cute? It’s not as proud as it is rumored.

Su Zibao smiled, looked at the long line, went to the special book selling point next to him, and put Shen Xi out

All the ten books sold were bought, ranking behind the signing team.

In fact, as Su Zibao’s current identity, she can directly make an appointment to see Shen Xi, after all, she is Mrs. Pei Sanshao.

It’s not the Su Zi.

But Su Zibao didn’t like such a formal meeting. Since you don’t come to me, then I will come to you for me.

This is their reunion and the first sight of this life.

After waiting for half an hour, it was Su Zibao’s turn. She placed ten heavy books on his signing table. Shen Xi picked up the books and smiled habitually. “Are you all signed?”

Shen Xi is very good to his readers, and he is usually tired of signing, but he generally tries his best to meet the readers’ requirements. Such words as “gift to the dearest person” are not too small for book fans.

When he saw Su Zibao, his eyes suddenly froze.

He knew this woman and wrote the songwriter of “Deep Sea”.

Su Zibao smiled at the bright sunshine, “Hey, writer Shen Da, can you enjoy a meal with your readers?”

After four years, the lines are exactly the same. At this moment, time and space overlap.

This is the first encounter between Su Zi and Shen Xi. She lined up to impersonate his readers to find his signature, and when he opened the cover, she saw a business card in it.

This time, Shen Xi opened the cover of the book again. It was no longer a business card, but a small piece of paper that had just been ripped off, time and place, afternoon tea appointment.

What did she have to do with Su Zi, how much did she know about them, and why did this scene coincide so much with those years.

Shen Xi didn’t say anything, signed it, but he left the note. Su Zibao left the book with satisfaction.

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