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Chapter 50 Because You Are Shen Xi

In the Gulf Tea House, Su Zibao sat quietly in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the scenery at his feet.

After a while, a young man in white clothes and white pants came over. He is twenty-four or five years old, with pale skin, beautiful contours, deep eyebrows, delicate and beautiful facial features, and looks like a big boy with clear and clean appearance, a famous male writer in China.

“Waiter, ice lemon tea.” Su Zibao beckoned to the waiter next to him and ordered for him.

Shen Xi sat down opposite her, “What is your relationship with Su Zi?”

Why can she know that he likes to drink ice lemon tea? She seemed to know him well.

Su Zibao had already prepared his remarks, and smiled faintly, “Su Zi’s friend. You may not know me, but I heard her mention you. Oh, yes, I have been studying in M ​​country before, only returned to the sea last month City. When I went to the cemetery last week, I saw that the flowers inside were still fresh. You have visited her, thank you.”

Shen Suzi’s family of three passed away. Xia Chengye was only acting. The so-called girlfriends only cried in front of the camera. Only he would sweep the tomb for her family.

In this world, he is the only one who is really sad about her death.

The waiter put aside the ice lemon tea, Shen Xi looked at the girl in front of her, what she said was reasonable, but if Su Zi really had such a friend, why did she never listen to her?

“The song “Deep Sea”, I’m sorry that Su Zi couldn’t write it for you personally, so I helped her write it to you, fulfilling her last wish. I thought you would come to me when you saw this song?” Su Zibao smiled playfully , “It seems that our tacit understanding is not enough.”

Her familiarity is like they have been friends for many years.

Shen Xi nodded, “I plan to find you, and I haven’t had time to find a suitable excuse and reason.”

He can’t always rush up and ask, what is your relationship with Su Zi? Although today he does.

“It’s time to return to the truth, Diager Media can have 50 million capital injections next month, which is just the money I can freely dispose of. I want to adapt your novels. Which one do you choose and how much capital injection do you need? Say, what actor you choose, you have a veto.” Su Zibao spread out his conditions and bottom line as soon as he came, and said clearly.

If it were to talk to others about business, she would definitely not do it. But the person in front of her is Shen Xi, the friend of her last life.

Shen Xi was stunned, his eyes were full of surprise, “I have never seen a business talk like you.”

“Because you are Shen Xi, Shen Xi and I will always be friends, not enemies. Didn’t you and Su Zi talk like this before? In the future, we will do the same.” Su Zibao smiled at him.

She changed from Su Zi to Su Zibao, but for Shen Xi, it has not changed.

“Su Zi’s efforts are Yun Ting Entertainment.” Shen Xi’s eyes were deep in his eyes. The implication is that you are digging into the corner of Yunting Entertainment.

Do you do it like a friend did?

Su Zibao looked at him quietly, “Yun Ting Entertainment is looking for you to cooperate, you haven’t always agreed, and you haven’t seen Yao Lianyi’s face. Why didn’t you cooperate with them, then I’m why I will now be in Diage Media.

The eyes in Shen Xi’s eyes suddenly became sharp, “What do you know?”

“I don’t know. But I know that if Su Zi is still alive, she will do like me.” Su Zibao lowered her eyebrows. She has no evidence, she even

Nothing can be said.

Shen Xi asked, “A while ago, you broke the news about Yao Lianyi and Ye Ye? It was really her, and Su Zi’s voice would become that way?”

Su Zibao did not answer. He continued to ask, she was afraid that she would expose too much.

“Shen Xi, I believe there are no secrets in this world that can be hidden forever. The more proud, the easier it is to expose. One day, the paper can’t hold the fire, and I hope I can let this day come early.” Su Zibao looked at him , Eyes shining brightly.

When Xia Chengye lost the protection of Xia’s family and when Xia’s family fell, his crime of murdering their family of three will surely be revealed.

But now there is shelter from the Xia family, and there is no evidence.

Shen Xi couldn’t help him.

“In terms of business and business, the conditions I can give are already the best I can come up with. If you feel sincerity is enough, we feel that we are strong enough, you can consider the matter of cooperation. As for other things, you ask me, I There are only four words.” Su Zibao looked at him, “no comment.”

Shen Xi looked at Su Zibao for a long time, his instinct made him want to help her.

And the conditions issued by the other party are not bad. Since it is no longer planned to cooperate with Yunting Entertainment, it is also a good choice to temporarily cooperate with Emperor Media.

“Okay, you are drafting a cooperation plan, and we will talk about it in detail.” Shen Xi gave a final word.

Su Zibao’s eyes flashed with a surprise, “refreshing. But the specific contract is still waiting for the funds to be signed before I will get the funds as soon as possible.”

The previous agreement was to increase by 12% within two months, and now the target has been completed within one month, get the funds as early as possible, and start the next plan as soon as possible.

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