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Chapter 51 The Mysterious President of MECO

After Su Zibao and Shen Xi agreed to discuss the time, when they went downstairs, they saw a sports car parked at the door and the window shook down. Li Han waved to Su Zibao.

While driving…a little familiar.

“Hey, Su Zibao, thanks to you today, I said to invite you to dinner, let’s go.” Li Han smiled.

Su Zibao sat in the back row with her and said, “Too polite. How did you find me?”

“Lei Shao’s eyeliner.” Li Han pointed at the man who drove. “If you are looking for someone in Haicheng, then naturally you are looking for Lei Shao, and the police are not as fast as him.”

The man who drove turned around and smiled brightly. “Don’t let me down, I haven’t helped you find the uncle you want to see.”

His skin is healthy wheat-colored, flat-headed, with a military sturdy temperament, looks powerful and handsome. However, it is not like the one-on-one glance of the soldiers, but it has a ruff.

Su Zibao looked at him more and more familiar, and finally remembered that this was not the “culprit” who made Su Zibao go abroad, the second son of Lei’s family, Lei Lie.

The Lei family is one of the four major families of Pei Lei Subai. Like the Pei family, the military family.

Lei Lie is only one year older than Su Zibao. She was one term with her. When Su Zibao used to be arrogant and adolescent, she likes to be a big sister. She thinks that she is very bullish with a few little girls, and Lei Lie started it in high school. Gangs, there have been conflicts.

One time Su Zibao ate Lei Lie’s losses, and with Su Liya’s encouragement, he became guilty, and while Lei Lie was alone on the road, he took a bodyguard with a sack and blossomed this guy’s head. Out of life.

Su Zibao was beaten up by Su Guoqiang and brought to the Lei family to apologize, and then sent abroad.

Lei Lie’s temperament has changed a lot compared to before, one more

Bloody and fierce, so Su Zibao didn’t recognize it for a while.

Su Zibao smiled embarrassedly to understand the “sin fate” between this person and himself.

“Oh by the way, Su Zibao, I haven’t introduced it to you yet. This is Lei Lie.” Li Han said, “The Lei family soldiers’ family, as a result of his involvement in a gang, he was almost not killed by Lei. He was sent to the army for training, and was sent again last month. He just returned two days ago.”

Lei Lie smiled innocently, “We are all serious industries, and we don’t let us borrow money. We do business innocently. The old man is prejudiced against us. Su Zibao doesn’t need to introduce it. We are very familiar.”

“Yes, I knew it as a child.” Su Zibao smiled implicitly.

Lei Lie looked at Su Zibao with a meaningful smile. “It’s not just knowing, Li Han, don’t you always ask me how the scar on the back of the head came? The little girl covered the brick and started to be ruthless.”

“If Lei Shao wants to take revenge, I will make you a brick.” Su Zibao said weakly.

Upon hearing this, Li Han’s twig shook with laughter.

Su Zibao thought that he met with Lei Lie’s “enemies met with special jealousy”, but Lei Lie was bold and didn’t care about that matter at all, could it be that he would really fight back as a big man?

Su Zibao only knew at this time that Li Han interviewed Pei Hanwen for the president of MECO Group, because Time Culture was acquired by MECO Group a year ago, and this mysterious president is a business legend.

“I have analyzed every deployment of MECO. It started from the financial turmoil of country M. It is very secretive and low-key. It has been investing money overseas, and it has been sold twice in our country. The first time was the acquisition of Century Consortium, the second The second is the acquisition of Time Culture. The Century Consortium will not say that every century building in the larger cities in South China is theirs.

Industry, this is a very successful acquisition. The only way to buy Time Culture is to say, although it is not a loss, but this is not like MECO’s long-term generosity, is he so greedy for the meat of mosquito legs? Haicheng is full of more valuable companies than Time Culture. I doubt that this time culture must have anything to do with MECO. “Li Han’s eyes were shining, and he was radiant.

Lei Lie added, “After our investigation, we found that MECO’s acquisition of Time Culture was when this company was about to go bankrupt because of commercial disputes. The legal representative Pei Hanwen was carrying tens of millions of indemnities. As a result, MECO not only revitalized this company but also Continue to let Pei Hanwen serve as the general manager. Li Han felt that MECO and Pei Hanwen must be related, so he transferred from the imperial capital to Haicheng to track down MECO.”

“Wait… what do you check this for?” Su Zibao looked blank.

Li Han clenched his fists, “Marry MECO’s mysterious president!”

“You… want to marry someone you haven’t seen before? Don’t know the age, look, or anything… Not to mention, as you say, such a powerful person may be a bad old man in his seventies or eighties “” Su Zibao was dumbfounded.

Lei Lie said, “Haicheng I turned her upside down, and I didn’t find the uncle. I guess it was not here at all.”

“Yes, it must be! The mysterious president of MECO must be here. I met him once in Country M. Although I didn’t see his face, he was at most ten years older than me by feeling.” Li Han said here, I don’t know Why did you bow your head down, a little embarrassed, “Su Zibao, can I ask you to help me inquire the news?”

Su Zibao saw this young Nizi’s heart was buoyant, so she said, “If I see Pei Hanwen, I will ask you.”

“That’s interesting! Let’s go and eat, I’ll treat you.”

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