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Chapter 52 Hanli’s help

Su Zibao looked through the documents in his hand, and Du Juan, director of the film and television department, said, “Director Su, there will be a new youth movie “Youth Festival” on the company’s side. This is about the film’s publicity and planning. Please check with the director.”

Although there is nothing outstanding, there is nothing wrong with it. The well-planned publicity plan is led by Lu Xinlei, head of the planning department. Su Zibao knew that the woman took the lead against her at the time, but since she was capable, Su Zibao would not affect the normal development of the company because of personal grievances.

“Okay, I know. Since Director Lu is solely responsible, then let her do it.” Su Zibao smiled and was good at using people, so she would not be fooled by other people’s well-made plans.

Su Zibao turned the theater line again, and found that the new movie of the emperor happened to be online at the same time as the new movie of Yunting Entertainment, but she had watched the movie of her company, the script was normal, and the actors were all newcomers. The big gimmick is not strong enough.

Anyway, even if the box office of this new movie is average, by the end of the month, the income of the emperor will also increase by more than 10%. She will spend more time on Shen Xi’s new play, which is more packaging value than this movie.

After Cuckoo went out, Su Zibao’s cell phone suddenly rang a strange call. Her number was only issued after returning home, and few people knew her mobile number. Who is this guy?

Su Zibao presses the answer key:

“Su Zibao, you save me, Liu family wants me to go to jail, I am not guilty, you save me!”

Han Li was flustered on the phone.

Su Zibao lazily sneered, “

Han Li, was your dog eaten? As far as you are concerned, I don’t even step on a foot. Where do you feel confident that I will help you? “

“Su Zibao, I recorded the video with Liu Qianqian. Before Liu Yan came, Liu Qianqian did not know. The video was very clear. Su Zibao, as long as you save me, I will give you the video. You can Use it to deal with Liu Qianqian!” Han Li shouted over the phone, “Now only you can save me. Obviously it was Su Liya’s medicine, but all pushed it to my head, Su Zibao begged you to save me I!”

Su Zibao’s eyes flashed with disdain. Taking advantage of people’s danger, Han Li really made a film and intended to threaten Liu Qianqian.

The Liu family’s actions were quick and accurate. Instead, they scared Han Li away. They dared not tell what happened with the video and dared to come and find themselves to make a deal.

If Su Zibao wanted to cause Liu Qianqian to die, she would consider it.

However, Su Zibao didn’t really have this plan. Last time, even Liu Qianqian would have Chinese aphrodisiac, which was not what she expected. She had never thought about the key to Liu Qianqian, how could she want this video at this time.

“Han Li, I’m sorry, I’m not as shameless as you are, so I take this kind of video to ruin a girl’s life. You can enjoy it slowly in the prison, bye.” Su Zibao hung up.

If it is Su Liya, Su Zibao will consider that she is a mortal enemy with Su Liya, but not with Liu Qianqian now.

Su Zibao hung up the phone and the phone rang again. She was about to hang up and found that it was not a strange number, but her sister Su Jiaxin.

“Sister, my mother gave me a shopping card today, let’s go buy clothes together. Since my sister returned home

I haven’t shopped with me in the future, does my sister have time today? “

Su Zibao heard her sister’s voice, a smile unconsciously appeared on her face, and flipped through the work log next to it.

Pei Shishi’s albums continue to be released, and the film promotion of “Youth Festival” is under the sole responsibility of Lu Xinlei. She is no longer having to stay in the office every day than before.

After the dad’s funds arrive, the cooperation with Shen Xi will definitely be very busy. It is better to spend time with my family now.

Su Zibao in the previous life was an only child. In this life, she has such a sister to her. Su Zibao cherishes her feelings very much.

“Okay, let’s meet up somewhere.” Su Zibao agreed.

Su Jiaxin cheered, “Great! Then Century Mansion.”

Half an hour later, Su Zibao saw Su Jiaxin waiting at the gate of the Century Mansion, and the two sisters walked in, holding hands.

“Sister, let’s go, let’s go to the 17th floor. There are fifty thousand in this shopping card. I don’t know who asked my mother to do anything. I even gave fifty thousand at once.” Su Jiaxin smiled and said, “It’s just cheap for me. Zhou I fancy a skirt, I think I have tight hands.”

The seventeenth floor of the Century Building is all an international women’s clothing brand. Sister Su Jiaxin usually doesn’t have much pocket money. Su’s father knew that the two sisters spent money and the card was dead.

“Oh, my sister and my mother specifically told me to pick a few pieces for my sister. The sister didn’t buy clothes after returning home, which is not like you.” Su Jiaxin blinked suspiciously.

Su Zibao smiled lightly, “Then buy it, isn’t it busy, I can’t take care of it.”

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