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Chapter 53 Revenge on the Fitting Room

The two sisters went shopping while chatting. Su Jiaxin tweeted a lot. Although Su Zibao was not in the Su family, she knew the situation of the Su family because of her.

“Sister, I heard that Su Zhenzhe was going to be engaged with Liu Qianqian from Liu’s family!” Su Jiaxin said, “It was Liu Qianqian who had a good relationship with you before. She was fascinated by Su Zhenzhe. If she insisted, Liu’s family would not marry her. Su Zhenzhe.”

After all, Su Zhenzhe is an illegitimate child.

Su Zibaodai frowned, strangely, Liu Qianqian and Su Zhenzhe were getting engaged?

It seems to be because of what happened last time on Ktv. Su Liya messed up things, in order to appease Liu Qianqian, Su Zhenzhe will marry her.

And Liu family even agreed to Liu Qianqian marry an illegitimate child? This thought is meaningful. Su Jiaxin didn’t understand it, only thought that Liu Qianqin liked it, and wanted to marry Su Zhenzhe.

But Su Zibao is not a little girl who doesn’t understand anything. Marriage marriage has always been profit-oriented. Whatever true love is a lie, Liu Qianqian likes Su Zhenzhe on the one hand. The Liu family is willing to marry a daughter.

He believed that Su Zhenzhe could eventually inherit the Su family’s property, so he made a good calculation in advance. It seems that the Liu family is standing by Su Zhenzhe.

“The day is set?” Su Zibao asked.

Su Jiaxin shook his head, “I don’t know, it should be recently. I listened to my father’s casual remarks. It sounds like Su Zhenzhe hopes we can all participate. My mother has quarreled with my father again about this matter. I’m definitely not going anyway.”

The two sisters walked into one of the women’s clothing stores while talking, and Su Jiaxin pointed to a plain white dress in the window, “Sister, look at this dress to suit your temperament. Try it!”

Su Zibao’s eyes fell on the skirt, the atmosphere was exquisite, it was indeed her style.

In the dark, Liu Qianqin looked at this scene, almost bursting into flames.

“Qianqian, don’t you think we swindled their sisters? I said, both of them are stupid. You see Su Zibao fancy a dress!” Su Liya whispered, “You can get someone to prepare!” This time, I will avenge you! Let Su Zibao lose his reputation!”

This shopping card was actually given to Lin Xuejiao by Liu Qianqian’s mother. The wealthy ladies often played cards together to send shopping cards. This was a way to bring feelings closer. Lin Xuejiao didn’t care, and gave it to his daughter.

Su Jiaxin and Su Zibao used to like shopping the most. How did Su Jiaxin who got the shopping card forget his sister and immediately took the sister to go shopping, and all of this fell into the trap of Su Liya and Liu Qianqian.

Liu Qianqin blamed Su Zibao on her loss in KTV. She thought she knew that the cocktail had medicine, so she deliberately changed it with her. As a result, she got an aphrodisiac.

The Chinese aphrodisiac is Su Zibao! Su Zibao should be raped by Han Li! But she has prevented her from innocent disaster!

Blame her! Liu Qianqian had to retaliate and Su Zibao had to be raped before she could get rid of her hatred.

So together with Surya, came up with such a conspiracy.

“Hurry up, install cameras in every fitting room in that shop, and then prepare the security guard to be able to rape Miss Su’s family, and get such a sum of money, he should be content in jail. “Liu Qianqin said fiercely, “I want to record it well, and then post it on the Internet, let the whole city take a look!”

When they installed the camera, Su Zibao also took the long dress and prepared to go to the fitting room to change it.

A glorious smile flashed in Su Liya’s eyes, Su Zibao, when you are in disrepute, the Pei family will sweep you out

, Then I can marry Pei Yi!

“Qianqian, you should quickly get Su Jiaxin away.” Su Liya said, “If I show up, I will immediately alert their sisters.”

Liu Qianqin hid the hatred in his eyes, “Okay.”

This is their plan, use Su Jiaxin to lead Su Zibao to the fitting room here, while in the fitting room, let the security force rape, record the video and upload it online, wait for the security person to carry it all afterwards, anyway The money was enough, but the Liu family could push it cleanly.

Su Zibao took the skirt into the fitting room, hung the long skirt on the hook, was about to undress, and looked at one of the hooks doubtfully. She often goes in and out of such places, but this is the first time she sees this type of hook with a black hole.

How does it feel weird?

I think too much, but this is the fitting room in the mall. This paranoia is a bit too serious.

At the time Su Zibao was going to change clothes, the door of the fitting room outside was knocked.

Su Zibao thought it was her sister Su Jiaxin. When she opened it, she saw a strange security guard standing at the door of the fitting room, and looked away from him. She could no longer see Su Jiaxin’s people. The waiters in the entire store did not know where to go. Something was empty.

Almost instinctively, Su Zibao immediately noticed that it was wrong and slammed the door of the fitting room, but the security guard had blocked his arm between the doors and squeezed in, locking the door with his backhand.

“What do you want to do?” Su Zibao stared at him, and his heart had cooled down.

The security guard looked in his thirties, dark and strong, and Su Zibao could not beat him.

“Hey…” The security guard smirked and pressed Su Zibao against the wall of the fitting room, his eyes full of lust.

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