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Chapter 54 Don’t be afraid my wife, I’m here

“Help! Come here, help!” Su Zibao called out for help, hoping to attract the attention of people outside, but his heart had cooled down.

Just now she discovered that there was no one outside, even her sister was gone.

Someone intentionally harmed her!

“No one is here, it’s useless for you to call, the waiter was transferred.” The security guard smiled and showed a yellow tooth. “There is a camera inside, and my brother will record a live version of the AV with you. I haven’t tried it yet. Are you young ladies who are so tender, haha…”

Su Zibao kicked him in the leg, but the opponent was a man after all, and he was stronger than Su Zibao.

“Tear!” The jacket was torn open with a big mouth, revealing the snow-white fragrant shoulders, and the security eyes stimulated by the smooth skin were red.

Su Zibao was almost desperate, only thinking about the big deal and dying with this king and bastard, and absolutely not letting him succeed, but the fear in his heart could not restrain the spread.


Just before the attack, the door of the fitting room was kicked open, and Pei Yi descended from the sky.

He rushed in and punched the security guard in the face. The security guard looked strong but not Pei Yi’s opponent at all. He punched and punched all the tricks in the army and poured the security guard’s blood on the ground.

The two bodyguards who followed Pei Yi also rushed in to hold him and tie him up.

Su Zibao squatted around her shoulders and squatted in the corner with red eyes. Pei Yi took off her coat and put it on her torn top, hugged her to comfort, “Azi, don’t be afraid, it’s okay.”

“Pei Yi!” Su Zibao hugged him tightly, bit his lip tightly, and shivered with uncontrollability.

Pei Yi gently stroked her hair, “Don’t be afraid, my wife is here.”

His voice was soft, but his eyes fell on the security guard, full of cruelty.

Even if she was born again, she was just a woman. She was almost reckless by Han Lifei before. Now, this time, this kind of thing can happen when shopping on the market. It is a disaster.

Su Zibao’s unsettled emotions calmed down in Pei Yi’s arms. She was the one who was alive again. She was just scared and had no preparation.

Now calm down, the panic in Su Zibao’s eyes gradually faded away, leaving only the cold-blooded and cruel like Pei Yi.

“Sister, what’s wrong with this?” Su Jiaxin came over and looked surprised. “Why is my brother-in-law here? Huh, what about the waiter here? Who is this security guard?”

Su Zibao knew that Su Jiaxin would not betray himself

And asked, “Who just called you away?”

“Liu Qianqian passed by just now, and I had to pull me out to help her look at a piece of clothing.” Su Jiaxin grumbled, “It’s annoying to see one piece after another. She finally got rid of her. Sister, what’s going on here? ?”

Su Zibao took a deep breath, “It’s okay, don’t worry. Pei Yi, we will deal with another place. And there is a camera in this fitting room.”

“Find the camera.” Pei Yi directed the two bodyguards. “Every fitting room should be checked and photographed for evidence.”

“Yes, Pei Shao!”

Pei Yi hugged Su Zibao Road, “Go to the top floor.”

Century Mansion has more than fifty floors. This is the first time Su Zibao went to the top floor. It was discovered that the top floor of Century Mansion turned out to be a luxury bedroom and living room in a whole-storey private room.

The magnificent decoration inside is a bit more stylish than those of the so-called presidential suites, but Su Zibao was not in a mood to manage these at this time.

“Who instructed you to do this?” Su Zibao asked.

The security guard was carrying him, “I just saw you looking up, and nobody instructed me.”

“Pull him down and hit him to tell the truth, don’t kill him.” Pei Yi said directly. The two bodyguards immediately dragged the security guard out.

Su Zibao looked to Su Jiaxin, “Who knows you are here to buy clothes? Is your shopping card valid only on the 17th floor.”

“No one knows I’m coming, but that shopping card is only valid on the 17th floor.” Su Jiaxin still didn’t understand what was going on.

Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao and said lightly, “All the 17th-floor shopping malls were contracted to the Liu family.”


Coupled with Liu Qianqian’s appearance, she deliberately led away Su Jiaxin, obviously Liu Qianqian dried it.

“Jiaxin, you call your mother now and ask if this shopping card was sent by someone from the Liu family.” Su Zibao’s eyes flashed coldly.

Su Jiaxin was also aware of the situation, and quickly called Lin Xuejiao to confirm, with a shocked expression, “Sister, you guessed it again, it was from Aunt Liu to your mother.”

It is really Liu Qianqian! But why did she deal with me kindly? She hated and hated Surya and Han Li, did she offend her?

and many more! Shouldn’t she think of something that would be an aphrodisiac as if she had intentionally harmed her?

At that moment, the two bodyguards said, “Pei Shao, he recruited. Liu Qianqian arranged for him. It is said that he wanted to take revenge. There was a woman named Liu Qianqian together.

As Suria, he didn’t know the rest. “

It’s so funny, Liu Qianqin got Suria’s aphrodisiac, and even blamed herself, looking for someone to rape her for revenge?

“They intend to wait for the camera to take a picture and post it on the Internet, so that Mrs. Pei is in disrepute. This security guard is for money and collecting money.” The bodyguard added.

Su Jiaxin only realized what was happening at this time, screaming, “Liu Qianqin fucking bastard, sister, kill this slut, dare to start against you! Sister, you didn’t do anything sorry for her, last time You even went on her birthday specially, how can she do this! Even if you want to marry Su Zhenzhe, you can’t be so right!”

“The last time you opened the Internet on KTV, it seemed that people didn’t appreciate it.” Pei Yi’s eyes were particularly disgusted, looking at Su Zibao, “What are you going to do?”

The count of attempted rape was the most important thing to rectify the security guard, but I really couldn’t treat the Liu family.

Su Zibao raised a sneer on his lips, “Liu Qianqin, very good, I didn’t intend to go against you. Even the last Ktv thing helped you. Since you are not kind, don’t blame me for being unjust. Pei Shao, today For what happened in the fitting room, deal with the security guard first, and then seal it up, don’t gossip. As for Liu Qianqian, I have a way to deal with her.”

“Okay.” Pei Yi made a look at the two bodyguards. “Let him shut up forever.”

The two bodyguards went down.

“Pei Yi, there is a video on Han Li’s computer or mobile phone or mobile hard disk. That night he and Liu Qianqian’s video. Han Li also called me today to take that video and let me help him. Now Liu family should return Not knowing the video, Han Li has entered the game, can he get his video?” Su Zibao asked.

Originally, she was not interested in the video in the morning, but since Liu Qianqian had done so, I had to fulfill you.

“I asked Xu Fan to track his information, as long as it wasn’t destroyed, I could find it.” Pei Yi’s eyes flashed coldly.

Su Zibao was relieved and turned to Su Jiaxin. “Jiaxin, I can only tell my mother back today, let your mother beware of the Liu family, let alone anyone else. They all started with me. You will also be disturbed about you and your parents, and you must bring a bodyguard in the future. You will pretend that nothing happened in front of Liu Qianqian and Su Liya, don’t show it, stare at their engagement time, we All attend, I want to send them a big gift, thank you Liu Qianqian for your care today.”

Speaking of the last sentence, Su Zibao’s tone was completely cold.

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