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Chapter 55 Get U Disk

After Su Jiaxin left, Su Zibao and Pei Yi were left sitting opposite each other in the room.

Pei Yi made a call to Xu Fan, and an hour later, he arrived in a hurry and handed a U disk to Pei Yi.

“Mr. Pei, this is the video you want. Han Li has a backup on his computer and mobile phone. It was easy to find. I made a copy.” Xu Fan said, “No attention.”

Pei Yi picked up the USB flash drive and nodded at Xu Fan, “Good job.”

A casual praise, Su Zibao’s keen discovery of Xu Fan was very moved, “Xie Pei praised, I will go down first.”

Pei Yi inserted the U disk into the projector in the hall. The two watched silently for a while, which was comparable to the “hand-to-hand” movie. Pei Yi turned off the screen.

“Yes, the definition is very high, and Liu Qianqian can be recognized at a glance.” Pei Yi threw the U disk to Su Zibao, and a wicked smile aroused on his lips, “I’m going to look forward to this, Su Zhenzhe and Liu Qianqian Engagement ceremony.”

Su Zibao put the U disk away, and the coldness in his eyes gradually receded.

Who dares to bully her, she will never let go. Formerly Xia Chengye, the Su family siblings, but now just add an extra Liu Qian Qian, she is not afraid.

It’s Pei Yi, if today is not him, the consequences will be disastrous.

“Pei Yi, why are you here today? Thank you so much.” Su Zibao looked at Pei Yi with the sincere touch in his eyes.

Pei Yi is still a casual look, and said lazily, “This is my room. It happened that the bodyguard said that when he saw you coming to the Century Mansion, there was a security guard sneaking with you. I went down to look at the situation. Bump into.”

Su Zibao looked around, but did not pay attention to take a closer look just now, only to find that it was exceptionally luxurious.

Moreover, it is possible to use the top floor of the Century Mansion as your own room. The Pei family has money, but has it already reached this point?

“Oh, the place where the golden house hides itself is really luxurious.” Su Zibao had to laugh.

Pei Yijun raised his eyebrows lightly and leaned forward. Su Zibao was sitting side by side with him. When he leaned over, she leaned back until her back leaned on the sofa. There was no place to retreat.

Su Zibao’s pair of watery eyes glared greatly, “How… how? I said the wrong thing?”

His face almost touched hers,

The sound is magnetic and charming, “You are wrong, you are the first woman to come here.”

“What about Luo Bingwan?” Su Zibao asked back.

Pei Yi raised an ambiguous smile on his lips, “My wife’s jealous look is especially cute.”

Su Zibao’s face turned red with a slam, and she didn’t know how she subconsciously asked Luo Bingwan’s name, but she would not admit that she was jealous.

“No, I just asked normally. You have been in friendship with Luo Bingwan for so many years, hasn’t she been here before?” Su Zibao tried to cover up.

Pei Yi smiled even more, “even Luo Bingwan and I have known each other for many years, it seems that my wife really made a painstaking investigation.”

This time it gets darker and darker.

Su Zibao closed his eyes and said across his heart, “Whatever you say!”

Pei Yi looked at her, his little wife had an unforgettable face, beautiful and stunning. In the past, whenever the name Su Zibao was mentioned, the first impression was a vase.

The most beautiful vase in the whole city.

Especially now, when my eyes are closed, my cheeks are red, and my lips are red and glamorous.

It was a urge to swallow her under her and swallow her belly.


Su Zibao’s eyes widened and he looked at Pei Yi, who was in close proximity. He even kissed her again!

“If nothing else, the U disk’s credit should be one less. Should the wife reward?” Pei Yi just tapped on her lips and moved away. At this time, Su Zibao opened her eyes and smiled as if she had just stolen. Successful fox.

Su Zibao understood what he meant by the reward.

Su Zibao stared at him, “Aren’t you just kissed?”

“It was the wife who closed her eyes and the attitude of asking for kisses. How could Ben Shao have the patience to disappoint his wife, which meant to kiss him.” Pei Yi laughed extremely shamelessly, “Now is the time to give rewards.”

Instead, Su Zibao was smirked by his rogue behavior. Somehow, like boiling a frog in warm water, she seemed to be gradually adapting to everything he did.

Adapting to his holding hands, adapting to his arms, adapting to his tenderness, adapting to his tenderness, and now adapting to his kisses.

Intimacy with other men is unbearable, but with him, I don’t feel much resistance.

She would never love or dare to believe in love anymore. Now it’s nice to be with Pei Yi.

“Eh, my wife, how do you think your eyes are kind of as dead as Dong Cunrui’s bunker?”

The sound of Pei Yi’s words just fell, and Su Zibao had already bullied him. Instead, she was pressed against him, and her bright red lips sealed Pei Yi’s mouth. The pretty face turned red, and she tried to pretend not to care.

Pei Yi was stunned for a moment, then hugged her neck around with a smile, and tasted her taste a little, like it, and wanted more.

Gradually, there were only two kissing voices in the room.

After a while, Su Zibao rose from Pei Yi’s face with red ears, and Pei Yi raised a wry smile on his lips.

The little wife of his family is only responsible for ignition, never responsible for solving.

But her taste is more fascinating than the countless women he has seen.

Century Building, 17 floors.

Liu Qianqin looked at the door that was kicked with horror and was shocked in his eyes, “Why is Pei Shao so right here? Su Zibao is a good bully, but Pei Shao has offended him. None of them has a good ending. It is the sons of other rich men, He can still spit blood. If he knew that we had started with Su Zibao, would he find someone to beat me?”

Pei Yi is the first playboy in Haicheng, and the methods of teaching people are also frightening.

“What are you afraid of? Even if the security guard recruited us out of nowhere, if Su Zibao called the police, we would say that she was slandered! And if the alarm became louder, Miss Su’s reputation would also be over. You can rest assured, I’m pretty sure She will not call the police. As for Pei Shao…” Su Liya remembered the man with the evil eyebrows and said, “Recently, let’s not go out, don’t provoke him, nor will he really rush to the Liu’s house to find you in trouble ! And Pei Shao does not beat women.”

Liu Qianqin was relieved and still dissatisfied. “I really don’t know that Pei Shao was here, and he was found to have wasted all my hard work, so that the slut Su Zibao escaped.”

“Even if Su Zibao knows, we can’t help but worry about something, this time it won’t work, we will have another time.” Su Liya’s eyes are full of viciousness, “Qian Qian, you will concentrate on preparing for the engagement in the past few days, we will look for opportunities later. Kill her.”

Liu Qianqin nodded, “Uh.”

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