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Chapter 56 The wonderful video played on the engagement banquet

Three days later, Su Zhenzhe’s invitation to marry Liu Qianqian spread throughout Haicheng.

Su Zhenzhe is only an illegitimate child of the Su family. Although the Liu family is a wealthy man, it is not as good as the background of the four wealthy men. Several parents did not attend, so they sent their juniors to participate.

Compared to the previous marriage between Pei and Su, the grade fell out of several layers at once.

To Su Zhenzhe’s surprise, Su Zibao’s sisters all attended. When Su Zibao appeared at the engagement ceremony holding Pei Yi’s arm, Su Liya was stunned.

Didn’t Su Zibao already know that Liu Qianqian dealt with her? Why did you come to the engagement ceremony?

Su Zibao also saw Liu Qianqian’s parents. Liu Zhiya and Su Guoqiang were talking, and Tian Rong also pulled his mother Lin Xuejiao, that intimacy, as if the shopping card was not sent by her.

“Eh, Su Zibao, you are here too.” Lei Lie walked over. He had a suit and the smile on his face was bright and sunny.

Li Han, who was next to him, was originally bored. When he saw Su Zibao’s eyes, there was a hint of bright color in his eyes. “The engagement banquet is so boring. I blame Lei Lie for pulling me up. I just asked him if you would come. Must have turned a blind eye to them.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect to see it in a few years, Su Zibao became so suffocated.” Lei Lie laughed. He and Su Zibao are sweethearts. Although they are evil, they also know their roots.

Su Zibao smiled shallowly, “Although I am not interested in Su Zhenzhe’s engagement, for my father’s sake, our Su family can’t always be the only one coming from our father, and we have to give them face.”

Give yourself enough face, then hit your face.

The five of them sat at a table, they were all handsome men and beautiful women, and the four giants of Haicheng, so they joined the three families of Pei Lei Su, and even a couple of newcomers there were not enough to attract them.

“Qian Qian was spoiled by me. I went to your Su’s house in the future, and bothered my parents to take care of me.” Tian Rong smiled very falsely.

Lin Xuejiao only felt nausea, she and her family relatives, she did not admit that there is such a son Su Zhenzhe.

But the good education that came out of the family made Lin Xuejiao just smile politely, “Speak too hard.”

Looking at Zheng Huan who Su Guoqiang and Liu Zhiya talked over there, it is inevitable that he was a bit depressed. She would not come here unless the two daughters persuaded her to participate.

And Liu Qianqian also shot Su Zibao, which made Lin Xuejiao even more disgusted with Liu’s family.

“Welcome everyone to participate in the engagement ceremony between Mr. Su Zhenzhe and Ms. Liu Qianqian!” The MC on the rostrum stepped up,

Liu Qianqian and Su Zhenzhe, who were wearing wedding dresses, also stood on it, and a slideshow of wedding photos began to appear on the large screen behind them.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the rostrum. Su Zibao and Pei Yi looked at each other, and the meaning in their eyes was exactly the same.

“On this festive day, let’s bless this couple…” The master of ceremonies above continued to read the lines, but the large screen projected behind was instantly dark.

When the light is restored again, it has become the visual sense of the AV screen, and everyone is in an uproar.

what happened? The wrong video was put on the engagement banquet, why did I release the AV?

But after everyone saw the male and female protagonists inside, his complexion became strange.

They didn’t know the man, but the woman was clearly Liu Qianqian, the bride today.

At Liu Qianqian’s engagement ceremony, a video of Liu Qianqian and another man was shown, and the video was clear and loud, and the whole meeting place was filled with a groaning groan.

It was really stunned to let all the celebrities and sons look dumbfounded.

Liu Qianqian’s face was pale, but he didn’t expect such a thing to happen. Su Zhenzhe’s face was green, he could bear Liu Qianqian being used by other men, but the video that he couldn’t bear going to bed was released in front of so many people at the engagement banquet.

Does Su Zhenzhe still have a face?

Liu Yan knew bad things at first glance, and quickly shouted, “Shut down the computer!”

“Liu Shao, it’s not good, the computer was hacked, and nothing happens when you press shutdown!” said one person responsible for showing the video.

So for a while, everyone was forced to watch this high-definition live combat for a while. When the Liu family finally sent someone to climb up and turn off the projector switch, many of the eyes of the younger brother were red.

“I’m leaning, Liu Qianqian’s call is really ecstasy, deliberately, the sound is so loud.” Lei Lie smacked his mouth, “This angle, this light, this high-definition picture quality, this fierce fighting, it is, Kick the medicine? It seems that Liu Qianqin took the initiative, even if it was a mess, and it was recorded and released, and Liu’s face was lost this time.”

Li Han pouted, “You looked very carefully and commented on it.”

“If Liu Qianqian went out to film, it would be fire.” Pei Yi raised a wicked smile on his lips and glanced down at the OK message that Xu Fan had just sent from his phone.

Lei Lie nodded, “The hero sees the same.”

After talking, the two big men smiled at each other, still the kind of bad intentions

Laugh, at a glance you know that you don’t think of anything healthy.

Su Jiaxin was about to burst into laughter, but he couldn’t express himself too clearly. He kept his head down and smiled violently, his shoulder trembling. Although everyone knows that Su Zhenzhe is just an illegitimate child, and is not very good with the sisters of the Su family, but it is too obvious as a lady to be happy.

“Huh, Su Jiaxin, what’s wrong with you?” Lei Lie wondered.

Su Jiaxin raised his head and tried to squeeze out a sad expression, “I’m sad for Su Zhenzhe, the green hat is bright…hahaha…”

Before he finished talking, he couldn’t help laughing, even with Lei Lie and Li Han laughing.

“Jiaxin, wait a little bit in front of my dad.” Su Zibao’s eyes flashed a lot of people’s hearts, but there was no water on the surface, and a painful expression appeared in minutes. “I’ll go and see the situation.”

Pei Yi touched his chin and looked at the little wife’s back, “Your sister really looks decent.”

Su Zibao walked in front of Lin Xuejiao and Su Guoqiang. Su Guoqiang was completely stunned. It took a long time to relax. But Lin Xuejiao was refreshed and did not laugh. It was thanks to many years of cultivation.

Liu Qianqin cried, “Who is it? Who hurts me!”

“I’m angry… I’m so angry!” Liu Zhiya rolled her eyes, her blood surging and almost fell to the ground.

Liu Yan shouted, “Come here, come and get the medicine.”

Liu Zhiya had a heart attack, and this time he was upset. All of a sudden, the engagement scene was horribly chaotic, and Liu Zhiya was rushed to the ambulance. Tian Rong also followed, leaving only crying Liu Qianqian and Liu Yan who didn’t know what to do.

“Guo Qiang, I think Liu Zhen’s girl Su Zhenzhe couldn’t marry. Such a big joke. Isn’t it shameful to marry her?” Lin Xuejiao said coldly.

Su Guoqiang was also very angry, “Zhenzhe, this is your daughter-in-law who has been chosen out of thousands? You just do it yourself, I don’t care anymore.”

Said to leave with Lin Xuejiao.

“Is it you, did you hurt me!” Liu Qianqian rushed to scratch Su Zibao, and had to say that the enemy’s intuition was really accurate.

Su Zibao stepped back a few steps and calmly said, “Qianqian, what do you say? I don’t understand.”

“Only you know this matter, otherwise why there is a video.” Liu Qianqin cried, but did not know that she actually sat down on the video.

Su Zibao pointed to Liu Yan. “If I wanted to record a video, I wouldn’t ask Liu Yan to help you deal with the mess. I just shouted all the people in the room at that time. The live version is more interesting.”

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