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Chapter 57 Joining Outsiders to Pit Your Brother

An engagement became the biggest joke in Haicheng.

Moreover, Su Zibao is not so stupid, and will not admit that he did it himself. The video was recorded by Han Li. Liu Qianqian should suspect that Su Liya deliberately hid such a hand.

Even if Liu Qianqian does not doubt this idiot, there will always be “wise people” in the Liu family.

Marry Liu Qianqian, and then grabbed her handle, conspiracy against the Liu family, these deep-minded people guessed well.

Su Zibao wished their dogs a good bite.

After leaving the engagement party and returning to Pei Yi’s car, Su Zibao finally couldn’t help laughing.

“Look at what you put on the engagement banquet so hard, suffocated?” Pei Yi looked at the trembling woman who was smiling next to her, and reached out to touch the bangs on her forehead.

Compared to those pretending to be celebrities, he thinks such Su Zibao is so real. It is always elegant in front of outsiders, but in front of him, it will unload all the disguise and laugh unprepared.

“Great people’s hearts! Xu Fan is really powerful. I didn’t expect a hacker to be so easy to use, but it’s strange. How can such a powerful person be willing to work as an assistant in your half-dead company. Whichever big company is he going to? “Sweet and delicious.” Su Zibao smiled and blinked suspiciously. “And I see that you were so happy last time when you exaggerated Xu Fan’s sentence. As for what? I can see that I am really happy, not pretending. It’s strange. “

Pei Yi’s eyes flashed a bit of playfulness, but his little wife was observing it?

“This is the charm of personality.” Pei Yiqu raised her index finger and flicked her eyebrows with a smug look.

Su Zibao whispered in pain and didn’t think about the problem anymore. When she recalled the faces of Liu Qianqian and Su Zhenzhe at the engagement banquet just now, she couldn’t help laughing again.

“Good job, Pei Yi, eat today, I invite!”

The news of Haicheng in recent days is the wonderful change of Su Zhenzhe’s Liu Qianqian engagement banquet.

There are many dudes who have watched the video on the same day, and all the money has come back, but I want to sleep with Liu Qianqian.

Now everyone, even the Liu family, first saw Liu Qianqian think of her wonderful performance on the bed. Liu Qianqian’s reputation was completely ruined, and even Su Zhenzhe was jokingly called Haicheng’s first green hat.

This is not a glorious title.

And the Liu family really turned their backs on Su Zhenzhe’s brothers and sisters as Su Zibao had expected.

The cocktail medicine was made by Su Liya. The person who got Liu Qianqin was also found by her. To say that this video was not made by her, who believes?

Of course, Su Zibao was also suspected, but not as suspected as Su Liya.

After this incident, some people also reported to the Industry and Commerce Bureau that there were cameras in some of the fitting rooms on the 17th floor of the Century Building, and there were all the evidence and evidence. Of course, they did not touch Su Zibao.

The Industry and Commerce Bureau intervened in the investigation and temporarily blocked the entire 17-storey shopping mall, and the Liu family’s business was hit.

While Su Zibao concentrated on dealing with Liu Qianqian, some people quietly focused their eyes on the upcoming “Youth Festival”.

“Su Zibao now handed over the propaganda of “Youth Festival” to Lu Xinlei, and the premiere will take place in two days. She brought out a Pei Shishi, and now the earnings of the Emperor Media have increased a lot than before. Very skillful, I don’t know what she wants to do, it seems that she is dedicated to developing the emperor.” Pei Xili reported to Pei Qishenghui.

A little bit of fierceness flashed in Pei Qisheng’s eyes. Pei Yiwan was not in his eyes. Was Su Zibao trying to perform well in front of his grandfather for Pei Yi, competing with him for his family property rights?

Now the two brands of Yucheng Real Estate and Shengshi Jewelry are in their own hands. If the old man really likes Su Zibao’s ability and Pei Yi’s “growth”, he will lose a lot of money by giving them a brand. The Pei family’s property is his! Even his brother Pei Yi can’t fight him!

The emperor cannot be allowed to flourish like this, and must be destroyed!

“Don’t Yun Ting Entertainment also have a movie to be released? The last time Pei Shishi stepped on Yun Ting Entertainment’s Yao Lianyi, Xia Chengye’s mood should not be very good. Do you want to find a way to contact Xia Chengye to express our goodwill, I think he It will be good to deal with Su Zibao, your cooperation will be completed.” Pei Qisheng said indifferently.

Because of the development of the emperor, he united outsiders to pit his own brother.

Pei Qisheng, ruthless.

Peixili immediately understood, “Second Lord, rest assured, I will do it properly! Su Zibao really thought that he was very capable, so let them lose money this time, see how they explain to those investors. If the media is losing money, With such a large sum, Su Zibao will lose his face as director!”

Yun Ting Entertainment, Xia Chengye looked at the report in his hand.

But he has this self-confidence, their strength is better than the emperor, just

It can be released at the same time, and their box office is better.

Of course, now the prosperity of the emperor has also caused their fears. If there is any way to make the emperor lose a lot of money now, he will not be able to catch up, it will be even better.

After receiving the news from Peixili, Yao Lianyi worried:

“President, will it be a trap that they deliberately set, how did Emperor Media still get out of the ghost?”

Xia Chengye smiled disdainfully, “Isn’t this normal? Look at the good brothers of my Xia family. If there is a chance, who doesn’t want to pull me down. The same is true of the Pei family. Pei Qisheng can’t tolerate his brother’s outstanding performance. , Even if it is to cooperate with us, Emperor Media will not put it in the eyes of Pei Qisheng, as long as the cake of Yucheng and Shengshi is not moved, he is the most reliable ally.”

“What does the president intend to do?” Yao Lianyi said.

The assistant Xia Qiao immediately reported the data of “Youth Festival”, “This is a youth campus film that takes a small and fresh route. Director Zhang Jin is an old director of Diager Media, male director Gan Jun, female One Yi Meiqian, the second female Xie Wenwen, both new artists signed by the emperor this year, graduated from Haicheng Film and Television. It is worth mentioning that the two actresses were in conflict when they were just filming. It is said that Xie Wenwen thinks he has better acting skills In “Youth Festival”, the heroine is set to be a very beautiful girl. The director chooses Imishine as the heroine from the image of the character. Xie Wenwen thinks that the director has made a fuss when he looks at his face and not his acting skills. How to calm down.”

“Imici, vase?” Xia Chengye’s eyebrows lighted. I don’t know why, mentioning this adjective, he suddenly thought of Su Zibao.

The vase in the Haicheng socialite circle is really nothing like a vase.

Xia Qiao said, “If there is really no acting, it is impossible for Yi Meixi to be signed by the emperor, and Zhang Jin is even less likely to let her be the heroine. The two girls should have similar acting skills. It is estimated that Xie Wenwen won slightly, which is unfair. In addition, Yi Meixi is really beautiful. When you look at the beautiful girls who don’t look at the face first, ignore the acting, and if you can’t look at the face, you have only acting.”

Xia Qiao is the person who has been with Xia Chengye for the longest time and sees things thoroughly.

“It’s fine, you contact Xie Wenwen and give Su Zibao a big gift.” Xia Chengye sneered on her lips, remembering the woman who played elegantly in front of the piano. At that moment, he seemed to see Su Zi , Really disgusting.

Step on her.

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