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Chapter 58 Out of the Big Basket

The premiere of “Youth Festival”.

Lu Xinlei stood in front of the screening hall and received media critics, all with pride. Su Zibao’s admiration for Red Pei Shishi was completely beyond her expectation, even allowing the entire Planning Department and Diager Media to listen to her.

But look at it now, when it comes to such a big event as the movie goes online, it’s not all for you to do. What she knew as a fledgling little girl did not rely on herself.

Lu Xinlei was complacent and didn’t want Su Zibao not to intervene. It was because an upper hand let go of the people underneath. Instead, he thought that the other party had no experience or ability, but still had to rely on her. Holding red Pei Shishi is just luck, and it is the strength of the planner who does the online movie planning.

“Director Lu, are you ready?” Su Zibao wore a red dress and was very formal. Pei Yi next to her is also in a straight suit, and the two casually walked to the door for a stop, as if they were going to walk on the red carpet, attracting attention.

Lu Xinlei’s face could not conceal his complacency, “Naturally, I am ready. I have done every movie promotion event in the past. What can I do?”

The tone was proud, and Su Zibao was not taken into consideration at all.

Su Zibao raised his eyebrows and looked to the first row. “Why is there an empty space for the actors?”

“Oh, that’s Xie Wenwen, the woman’s number two. She didn’t catch a cold. Anyway, these newcomers’ media will not pay attention to it, it won’t hinder you.” Lu Xinlei’s expression “you don’t understand”.

Su Zibao didn’t say much, but it was the first movie of these newcomers anyway. If you were to sit down and be excited, you wouldn’t even attend? It’s a little rude.

The two went to their seats and sat down. This time there was more media than before. Many saw Su Zibao’s performance at the Yao Lianyi celebration feast last time. They felt that the current momentum of the Emperor Media was good. Lu Xinlei thinks he is big enough.

Seeing that Su Zibao and Pei Yi joined together, many media people actively greeted Su Zibao:

“Director Su only took Pei Shishi, now the emperor has a new movie on line, recently, the action is frequent, prosperous!”

“This movie is planned by Director Su, and the box office must be the same as Pei Shishi, it must be the dark horse this time.”

Su Zibao smiled politely, “Everyone has won the prize. This movie was made by the Planning Department, I didn’t

The involvement is the credit of the creators. “

“Director Su is so humble! Knowing how to use people and being so sophisticated at a young age, it seems that the emperor under the leadership of Director Su is definitely getting more and more prosperous.”

Lv Xinlei looked at this scene of jealous death, all eyes were only Su Zibao, but could not see her.

Lu Xinlei is the host, and it seems to express his contribution and credit intentionally. He talked about it for a long time, not to mention the media irritability, that is, the artists and employees who came to the inside of the emperor media frowned.

When she finally finished talking, the lights in the screening room dimmed, the logo of the Earl Media appeared on the screen, and the words “Youth Festival” also appeared. Everyone was planning to watch the movie and was suddenly stunned.

It was not the tape Su Zibao had watched before, but a video recorded by Xie Wenwen, all of which contained footage of Yi Meiqian NG, as well as scenes of Zhang Tao and Yi Meiqian’s acting.

Originally nothing, but with her recording, it is completely another charm.

“Youth Festival” is a bad movie, and the bad one can’t be worse. Director Zhang Jin looks at the face to choose the heroine, but not the acting. Yi Meiqian can be the heroine by relying on unspoken rules, no acting, look at her weight How many photos were taken. Zhang Dao is also a senior in the circle. At the age of 50 or 60, there is a family with a wife, and even sleeping with an actor who is younger than his daughter… A director with such a bad character can make good films. An actor who has no acting at all has a face, which is worth everyone’s money for this movie ticket, such a bad film, I appeal to everyone to boycott, don’t go to the cinema!”

Xie Wenwen said that she was extremely vicious. She degraded “Youth Festival”, slandered Zhang Dao’s character, and criticized the heroine’s lack of acting skills. She said that she was completely bad.

Those media people were stunned for a moment, then snapped and snapped the lens, and their faces were full of excitement. They are all elites, and it goes without saying that the headlines are to be contracted by the emperor again. It is just such a black headline that is fatal to the new movie.

Lu Xinlei panicked, and did not expect such a thing to happen. The good premiere was completely ruined. If these media people burst out, the box office of “Youth Festival” can be imagined. Quickly blocked in front of the screen:

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot! Why did you put this out and change the strap!”

Su Zibao knew from the first sight of the video that she was pitted, and she was careless, not staring

Let people drill such a loophole.

But now it’s useless even to release good tape. The media are all aimed at attracting audiences, so they will not stand in the position of Diager Media. I am afraid that the news of Yishui tomorrow will be the news of the new film director of Diager Media’s unspoken rules.

Zhang Jinqi’s beard trembles, and Yi Meiqian sitting in the front row cries directly.

Now it is impossible to block the mouths of these media people, and this video appears here, and it will certainly be spread to the Internet.

After “Youth Festival” is over, the box office can not reach the expected investment, and Diage Media will lose a lot of money, and the previously rising earnings will also fall.

Not to mention the gain of 10%, I’m just afraid of losing a big hole.

And the end of this month is the period of two months.

Too late, she must find a way to save the box office and reputation of “Youth Festival”, otherwise, she and her father’s agreement will be lost!

It was actually at this critical moment.

Sure enough, those media people were not interested in the movie “Youth Festival” and got the latest news. They all went back to the news in twos and threes.

This movie was blacked out just after it was released, and one can imagine how it would turn out.

After the media were gone, Lu Xinlei also looked pale, and he didn’t know what to do about the emergency.

“Who put the tape just now, stand up.” Su Zibao said coldly.

Peixili came out of the broadcast room and pretended to be blank, “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“The tape is wrong, don’t you know?” Su Zibao asked back.

Peixili immediately pointed to Lu Xinlei, “It’s her! It was given to me by Director Lu, and I don’t know anything.”

“How can you talk nonsense, when will I give you this strap!” Lu Xinlei’s anxious eyes are red. Although she is domineering, she also knows the seriousness of the matter.

If there is such a big problem, the company needs someone to be responsible, she will be fired!

“Director Song, you immediately contact Xie Wenwen, I guess she has already found a good house and will not come back, but this breach of contract, we have to recover a sum of money first.” Su Zibao flashed a bit of coldness in her eyes, she hated this betrayal most. The company also harmed the people of the former company and turned to everyone who didn’t know how to deal with it.

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