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Chapter 59 Su Zibao’s Crisis Public Relations

Diager Media, director of the company.

Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao, his handsome face as usual, “I don’t seem to worry about looking at you. Can it be solved?”

Su Zibao took a few copies of the information and said, “I have to try it out. The two-month period is approaching. I have talked to Shen Xi and I will wait for the capital injection to cooperate. I can’t go wrong at this step.”

She has been in the circle for so many years in her previous life. If she doesn’t have such a little cultivation, she is not worthy of being a top entertainment planner.

At the beginning, Yun Ting Entertainment grew from a weak one, did it experience too few things? Does she have less crisis public relations?

Regardless of any crisis, no matter how bad the situation is, Su Zibao never puts bad emotions on her face, because she is a leader, only the leader is calm and comfortable, and the talents below will not panic all.

Su Zibao actually did not support it at all, but these responses have been an instinct for her career for many years.

This is Su Zi’s instinct. Su Zibao, who has just entered the workplace, naturally cannot have it. No wonder Pei Yi will feel strange.

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I really thought my wife was a genius.” Pei Yi reached out his hand and flicked it gently on her forehead, with a smile in her deep eyes, “Don’t be afraid, even if it can’t be solved, this is not yet Is there me?”

Su Zibao held the information he found in his arms and smiled at the enchanting smile, “Although this sentence from Pei Shao is useless to me, it is really…Thank you at this time.”

She gave him a soft hug, walked out of the office door, and went downstairs for a meeting.

Pei Yi looked at the back of her leaving, and raised a slightly upward arc on her lips. “It’s a rare idea to take one shot, but she was even underestimated by his wife.”

Then he will first see how she intends to solve it.

“Pei Shao, the company that robbed Xie Wenwen is Yun Ting Entertainment.” Over the phone, Song Yingjie’s voice came.

Pei Yi narrowed his eyes narrowly, revealing a cold light, Yun Ting Entertainment, Xia Chengye, Xia Family.

When Su Zibao walked into the conference room, even the person inside Lu Xinlei had a nervous expression on his face.

“I have to check a few questions first. The first is the source of this video, Director Zhang, can you give an explanation?” Su Zibao sat down and said to Zhang Jin first.

Zhang Jin’s natural face was green, and then he barely said, “These are the highlights of the shooting scene. I will pick some at the end of the film. I and the actors are innocent.

I’ve made a movie all my life, and Fan can’t ruin my own reputation for such a thing! There are only videos of my acting with Yi Meiqian. I talk to Gan Jun and Xie Wenwen in this way, and I have no doubts! “

“Don’t be angry, I don’t think that what Xie Wenwen said is true. You have always been the director of our company. I naturally believe in our own people. It’s just that I have to find out who is the inner ghost first. Only people inside us can With these tidbits, we can edit such a confusing video.” Su Zibao relieved.

If Zhang Jin really has anything with Yi Meiqian, then it’s at least the kind of intimate photo, even if it’s not a bed photo, not the images that are so close together during the drama, so it’s hard to tell you Is it still a meter away? That’s howling. And many of NG’s NG are also normal, which newcomer did not NG when he first came out to film?

“Then I don’t know. Photographers and editors, including some people in the company, are able to get this tidbit.” Zhang Dao’s face slowed down, and the trust of the owner’s family made him feel relieved.

Su Zibao looked to Lu Xinlei, “You have arranged the publicity of the movie, and the layout of the premiere is also yours. You should give me an explanation?”

“I… I don’t know.” Lu Xinlei’s face was disappointed. “I clearly gave Peixili the good and sensible tape. I didn’t expect it to be wrong.”

Su Zibao said again, “Do you think Peixili can get the tidbits?”

“Yes.” Lu Xinlei nodded, and suddenly looked at Su Zibao with bright eyes. “Director… do you believe I did it?”

This is the first time she has called the director so sincerely.

Su Zibao said lightly, “You have failed and have not betrayed the company. If you really betrayed, then you cannot sit here now.”

Everyone realized that Peixili was not here. Has the director confirmed that it was Pei Xili’s belt?

“I just turned over the information and found that Pei Xili was still in our company. Wasn’t I dismissed him then?” Su Zibao raised the folder in his hand. “Lu Xinlei, you recruited him into the planning department, but you didn’t tell me ?”

Lu Xinlei embarrassed, “It’s the greeting from the Pei Group, and Pei Xili is just an ordinary employee. It is only necessary to report at this ordinary monthly meeting. Last time, I forgot…”

In fact, Pei Xili was worried about attracting Su Zibao’s attention and deliberately said in front of Lu Xinlei that she was afraid that Su Zibao would be hostile to him.


And Lu Xinlei wanted to make a good deal with the Pei Group, but was not used to Su Zibao, so I didn’t say that Su Zibao didn’t know that Pei Xili was still in the company until today.

“Very well. As far as I know, the Pei Group’s board of directors has the right to point out as long as the two companies, Yucheng and Shengshi, such as Diage Media and other small companies, the president himself has absolute control over the company. In other words, Emperor Media is Pei Yi’s company. What happened to Pei Group’s board of directors? Even Pei Qisheng couldn’t arrange a position for our company even if he came by himself. What’s the hello? Going back door manager Lu You are so straightforward? Based on this matter , The person in charge of the personnel department will write a report to me before tomorrow, and there is such a mistake in “Youth Festival”, Director Lu also trouble you to write a report.” Su Zibao said with a blank expression.

Su Zibao did not say dismissal, let Lu Xinlei completely relieved.

“Director Su, Xie Wenwen’s all slandering, I really didn’t do it.” Yi Meiqian came out of the screening room and cried until now, and the eyes of a beautiful young lady crying were swollen.

Su Zibao nodded to her comfortingly, “I know. Director Zhang, please give me all the tidy tapes. The film and television department will send another best editor over here.”

“Director Su is also planning to cut a video?” Zhang Jin wondered, “Is this possible?”

Su Zibao calmly said, “It is too simple to want a black movie. Even if Xie Wenwen catches the wind and confuses the audience, those people would rather believe it. This is human nature, and we always speculate on others with malicious intent. The statement clarified that they would not believe it, and it took time for the accountability to be handed over to the law and the film was offline at that time. Even if the reputation was restored, it would be difficult to recover the loss this time. .”

“It doesn’t matter if you are hacked, and you relax your mind, just as that Xie Wenwen and the people behind her help us hype. As long as others who are not black are not willing to mention this movie, no matter whether you believe Xie Wenwen or us, our purpose is to create topics and Discuss and make everyone willing to walk into the cinema.”

“Don’t worry, everyone is not too bad.”

Everyone looked at this young and beautiful woman with a graceful smile and a clear analysis, as if any problem could be solved.

It’s just this temperament that makes the somewhat uneasy creative team feel at ease by two points unconsciously.

Even Lu Xinlei felt ashamed.

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