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Chapter 61 The Emperor’s Celebration

Century Building, the second floor restaurant.

The senior executives of Diage Media sat at the same table with the creators of “Youth Festival”. Su Zibao and Pei Yi sat on the top. With the statistics of the box office, the agreement with my father has reached the deadline, and it is no longer necessary. Worry about any accidents.

Su Zibao also relaxed, and drank and drank with everyone.

Pei Yi has been with Su Zibao these days. If he wasn’t staring, Su Zibao must be the same as his previous life. In order to write a plan, he can sleep for two days and two nights and forget to eat, but because we are mostly Pei Yi, don’t look at Su Zibao outside. The prestige in front of people, when they don’t know what to do in front of him, they will be suffocated by him.

“Pei Yi, thank you.” Su Zibao picked up the glass and looked at him first. At this time, she most wanted to thank him.

Thank you for giving her such an opportunity to enter the Earl Media, who except him will let a girl who has not graduated from college go to “nonsense”?

Thank you for giving her such great power and trust to let go, except who would make a famous lady to be the director of straw bags?

Thank him for appearing every time she is at the most dangerous time, from Han Li on the day of the wedding ceremony to the fitting room on the 17th floor.

Thank you for giving her the things she needs most every time, from signing in Pei Shishi, to accompany her to visit her mother and father, and then to the U disk.

Although he is the first playboy in Haicheng, although he is unruly, women are like three thousand harems, and although he sometimes looks so coldly on behalf of other women, he is also the first person to treat her so well in this life and this life.

Su Zibao did not dare to talk about love, except for revenge. If she really married this man as her wife in this life, she felt at this moment that she had never thought of having a life with anyone other than him.

Pei Yi picked up the red wine in front of her and gently touched her, leaning forward to her ear, lowering her voice ambiguously, “Don’t you think that a woman’s greatest gratitude to a man should be in bed?”

Su Zibao looked at so many people. Fortunately, no one heard him, so he kicked him under the table, “Rogue!”

“If you didn’t want to go to bed with me, then don’t say thank you, otherwise I will misunderstand.” Pei Yi took a sip of red wine lightly, his voice lazy and with a hint of laughter.

Su Zibao just bit her lip and bowed her head, but her cheeks were stained with two blushes.

Turns out he meant that she didn’t have to say thank you for being so kind

Set of words. Say thanks again, then see the difference in bed.

Why do you think this black-bellied rogue is warm at this time?

“Director Su, I respect you.” Lu Xinlei stood up and lifted the cup towards Su Zibao. “I was offended before. This time, thanks to Director Su’s precautions, he saved the crisis, otherwise I would really blame. Thank you, Director Su. , I’ll pay tribute first!”

Su Zibao did a job with her and smiled, “Supervisor Lu is polite, we are in a department, and I will trouble you to cooperate in the future.”

“That’s natural!” Lu Xinlei said nothing.

Pei Yi smiled aside, his little wife now subdued all the executives in the company who didn’t want to see her.

“Director Su, I respect you too!” Zhang Jin stood up and said sincerely, “Thank you, people are terrible, thanks to you.”

Su Zibao held up the wine glass and said, “In the future, it will be troublesome for Zhang Dao to work hard and shoot more films.

“Director Su, I must respect you! If it weren’t for you, I really don’t know what would happen to me.” Yi Meiqian said here, the tears in his eyes shook again.

A girl who just debuted was said to have no acting skills and was unspoken, and her own future was over.

Su Zibao encouraged with a smile, “Make better works in the future. Let everyone see your strength when you see Mei Qian’s beautiful face. Speak with strength!”

“Uh!” Yi Meiqian nodded seriously.

Ji Xuyang smiled and lifted the glass. “I made my debut in a confused way. This cup, I have to respect Director Su!”

“You come one by one, do you really want to overthrow me?” Su Zibao joked, and then drank a glass.

Pei Yi patted her shoulder and smiled, “Don’t be afraid, if you are drunk, I will hold you back.”

Su Zibao glared at Pei Yi with a sneer, but it was true that with him, she could relax her tense heart a little.

If she drinks with others, she is always a little careful, not daring to drink too much, or daring to get drunk, afraid of others’ way, falling into the trap of others, and fearing that she has drunk too much to say what she should not say. .

But Pei Yi was there, she didn’t worry about it. Even if he was drunk, he was there.

Probably, this is a sense of security.

“Yeah, there is Pei Shao, Su Zibao what are you afraid of?” Song Yingjie also joined in the excitement, toasting, “Fuck, I am so admired for the first time

A woman, Su Zibao, you are really domineering and beautiful! “

Su Zibao touched a glass with him, smiled like a flower, “Thank you.”

This night, everyone was having a good time and was not drunk.

In the middle of the night, Pei Yi helped the drunk Su Zibao into the living room. Her body was as light as a cat and she could feel very thin.

In the past few days, I have been busy with the movie, and it seems that I have lost another round.

In the past, Pei Yi went out to spend time, and came back to Su Zibao when he was drunk to take care of him. Today, it fell out one by one. Pei Yi’s wine was good and he didn’t drink much, so he was sober.

The drunk Su Zibao was very quiet, not spitting or drunk, just sleeping peacefully. Like a kitten.

Pei Yi sat on the edge of the bed, gently touching her fingers on the cheeks, and said to herself, “Thin. Too much tonic.”

Su Zibao felt that someone’s hand was on his face, his head tilted and rubbed, holding his hand not to spread it.

Pei Yi couldn’t help smiling, didn’t do anything, just sat quietly beside the bed and guarded her.

Take out the mobile phone and rest it on the bedside table. A row of missed calls are all Luo Bingwan.

And when Pei Yi pulled out his phone, the phone screen turned on again. Because I didn’t know when the mute was tuned, Pei Yi didn’t notice the phone.

The wall clock on the wall is already three in the morning.

“Pei Yi, where are you?” Luo Bingwan on the other end of the phone, the voice seemed to be drinking, not as sober as usual.

Pei Yi said coldly, “Home.”

“With whom? Why not answer the phone?” Luo Bingwan asked again.

Pei Yi’s tone remained unchanged, “My wife.”

“What are you doing?” Luo Bingwan asked blankly.

Pei Yi’s tone was cold, “What do you think you can do in bed.”


The sound of the phone falling down from the phone followed by a long busy tone.

In the middle of the night, Pei Yi remembered that he had forgotten to ask where she was drinking? Who is around, is it safe? Hitting again, it has been prompted not to be in the service area.

Pei Yi watched Su Zibao remain silent for a long time, and took out her gripped hand and walked out to the maid, “Take good care of Mrs. Young. Prepare a nourishing breakfast tomorrow. Call me if there is anything.”

With that said, Pei Yi turned the phone call into a ringtone.

“Yes, young master.”

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