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Chapter 62 Divide You 100 Million

When Su Zibao opened his eyes, he was already on the three poles. No Pei Yi people were seen in the room. The hangover had a headache. From the bed, he saw the maids preparing a sumptuous lunch, and the specially prepared sober plum soup.

Su Zibao sat down at the dining table, drank a bowl of sour plum soup, glanced around, and asked, “What about Pei Yiren?”

“Young Master went out last night and has not returned yet.” Pei An, the housekeeper replied.

Su Zibao yelled and didn’t ask much. The contract signed at the beginning said that she would not control his private life, as long as she did not interfere with their marriage, her famous wife was simply not qualified to question.

Su Zibao shook his head, threw out the strange thoughts in his mind, and finished the sour plum soup.

“Mrs. Young, Mr. Xu Fan sent you a document in the morning. Seeing that you haven’t gotten up, you haven’t bothered to leave the document and left.” Pei An handed over a brown file bag.

Su Zibao opened it to view. It turned out that the two-month earnings report of the emperor came out. At the end of the first month, it was 12% higher than before. According to the sales of Pei Shishi’s album, it was estimated that until the end of this month Can rise to 20%.

And now, the final value has stopped at 35 percent.

Then the extra 15% is the incidental value of the box office hit of “Youth Festival”.

Earlier, the effectiveness of the Earl was originally poor. There was no female singer who had a hit, and there was no such a successful movie on the line, so it was only 35%.

But in fact, these are really nothing compared to Yunting Entertainment.

Su Zibao was happy but not proud. He overturned Xia Chengye. Step by step, the road is still long.

After dialing up his father’s phone for an appointment, Su Zibao took the file bag and went to Su Zhai by car.

“The baby is back, your dad is upstairs, and Su Zhenzhe is also here, in the study. You go straight up.” Lin Xuejiao pointed to the stairs and said to Su Zibao, “It seems that it was for investment planning. coming.”

Su Zibao nodded at Lin Xuejiao, “Mom, then I will go up first.”

As soon as I walked to the door of the study, I heard Su Zhenzhe repeatedly talking about investment. Because he did not close the door, Su Zibao knocked on the door and stood at the door with a small smile, “Did you bother Dad’s work?”

“You came just right. Zhen Zhe is talking to me about the investment plan of Yucheng Real Estate.” Su Guoqiang beckoned to Su Zibao. “I read their plan book, which is very good.”

It seems that during the time when Su Zibao was away, Su Zhenzhe did not do less work for his father, and wanted to get the two hundred million investment.

Su Zibao walked in front of Su Guoqiang, like her daughter’s coquetry with her father, and said, “I don’t care whether their planning book is good or not. My father promised me something that I can’t help but count. I have been working hard for our agreement for two months. Well, if I wanted to be able to have half of my intentions when I was in high school, I don’t think it’s a problem to be sent to Cambridge.”

Su Guoqiang couldn’t help laughing. After all, Su Zibao was his own daughter. If Su Zibao was too disobedient, the relationship between father and daughter would not be so tense. And since Su Zibao fell into the sea and woke up last time, he has never angered Su Guoqiang. He talks and does things like a lady, and does not always hit him like before. Now the relationship between father and daughter is much better.

“Of course. I heard from your uncle Feng, your emperor media is now a big movie, box office should be good.” Su Guoqiang said.

Su Zibao was touched inexplicably. Although Dad was old-fashioned and serious, and was once intolerant to the original owner, he did not talk about the harsh words of driving her out to cut off the source of the economy, but obviously, she was paying attention to her secretly.

Uncle Feng is Gu Feng, a good friend of Su Guoqiang, and an important executive on the board of the Su Group.

“Daddy, you will know if you look at it.” Su Zibao handed the document bag to Su Guoqiang with a smile.

Su Zhenzhe also heard that the Earl Media had been hotter recently, but did not know what the agreement they said was. He was shocked and asked, “Dad, what agreement?”

“Zi Bao agreed with me that if she could increase the income of the emperor by 10% within two months, she would allocate 50 million yuan to the emperor media.” Su Zhenzhe said while dismantling Fold the file and read out the report inside, “She said she wanted to keep it secret. She was afraid that she would not be embarrassed after two months. When the time came, she would be laughed at by others, and it would make people laugh at the Su family. I think so, so I didn’t tell you. “

Su Zhenzhe’s heart sank suddenly, and looked at Su Zibao, seeing her with a gentle smile standing on the side, seeing no trace of pride or other emotions, dripping.


Su Zhenbao used to be secret because of fear of losing face, Su Zhenzhe also believed. But now Su Zibao, he did not believe that she was afraid that she would not be embarrassed before she kept her father secret.

Are you afraid that you will undermine the agreement in the future?

Su Zhenzhe now regrets that if he had known this so-called two-month contract, he would definitely not let Su Zibao develop in the media.

Although he didn’t pay much attention to Diager Media, he could hear it from his father’s tone. Shouldn’t it be bad?

“Awesome, more successful than I expected. When you came back last time, I had already opened my eyes and felt that I should be able to accomplish my goal. Unexpectedly, Zi Bao, you are better than my father imagined.” Su Guoqiang looked Looking at the report, a serious smile appeared on his serious face, “It seems that it is right to let you go abroad. I learned a lot of things abroad, and it’s not bad.”

Su Zibao came back last time, or Pei Shishi Xiaohong, the album sold out. In order to stabilize Su Guoqiang, she deliberately talked about the situation of the emperor. Unexpectedly, “Youth Festival” was on fire again, which was unexpected.

As for the old man who thought he studied abroad, it would be better if he studied abroad. Fortunately, Su Zibao has been abroad for three years, and no one knows her situation, otherwise she will become so bad as soon as she comes back.

“That’s also thanks to my father sending me abroad, otherwise I won’t learn so many things, or a little girl who only knows what is wrong.” Su Zibao followed Su Guoqiang and smiled sweetly, “Now the achievements also need to Thank you dad.”

Su Guoqiang said this with great relief. Who doesn’t want a child to become a child, and a woman to become a woman? The former Su Zibao really disappointed him. Even he did not expect that going abroad would bring such a big change.

“Okay, okay.” Su Guoqiang sighed again and again, looking at Su Zibao Road, “Zi Bao, your grandpa left the two hundred million investment, I will share half of the media, since you are now willing to make a career, father Naturally, I will support you unconditionally. I hope you will stop being arrogant and restless, and continue to work hard, not to disappoint your father, and what our family expects of you.”

Su Zibao froze for a moment before reacting, 100 million! God! Dad used to say only 50 million, but now it has become 100 million!

“Thank you Dad! I will cheer!” Su Zibao waved her fist happily, her excited little face flushed.

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