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Chapter 63 Shen Xi

Su Zhenzhe next to him was completely stunned. He had just suffered a pain and Su Zibao had gone a quarter. Unexpectedly, the old man was so generous, and he went out in half at once, his face changed suddenly.

He was originally holding an investment plan of 200 million yuan, waiting for the old man to sign a contract, but he was unexpectedly inserted by Su Zibao and divided half of the funds.

How is he willing? He didn’t want to think about it, the money belonged to Su Zibao.

“Dad, but our cooperation with Royal City Real Estate has already been negotiated, and now half of the funds have been withdrawn, this investment plan can not be used.” Su Zhenzhe looked embarrassed and said, “Moreover, although Su Zibao put Emperor Media is doing a good job, but it is just a small entertainment company. What benefits can it have, and how can it be beneficial to cooperate with Royal City Real Estate to invest. It is even worth 10 million or 20 million. One million is really. There are too many.”

Su Guoqiang waved his hand, “I naturally know that the cooperation with Royal City Real Estate is the most effective. It’s just that I need so much money to do it. If I want to worry about food and clothing, and have a rich life, I have given you now. There is no way to cooperate. Since Zi Bao wants to do something, and proves her ability to me, it gives me a big surprise. Secondly, if you can make money, exercise and learn experience, that is the most important thing. of.”

“Daddy said yes, but I will definitely not lose, I will not live up to the expectations of my grandparents, moms and dads, I think Su Zhenzhe, you will also…” Su Zibao said here, watching Su Zhenzhe smiled in the sunshine, “You will also , Support me?”

Su Zhenzhe’s face was stiff, “Naturally you have to support…”

In front of the old man, can he say no support?

“Thank you.” Su Zibao smiled sweeter.

Su Guoqiang nodded when he saw this scene, “Very well, I am relieved to see that your relationship is so harmonious now. Zi Bao is really growing up. Zhenzhe, you will have to discuss with Royal City Real Estate again, and come up with a billion Let’s talk more about the cooperation plan. By the way, we have to deal with the media business in the Su Group. You should leave it to Diager Media. After all, this is our company, Zibao. You can help her.”

Su Zhenzhe almost jumped. He regards the 200 million investment as his own

Things, now half lived, and the old man also asked him to share all the business in the Su Group with the Diager Media, and let her earn money from the Su Group, it was on him. Digging meat.

But at this time he can only keep smiling, “That’s natural. After all, it’s the brother-in-law’s industry, so I have to take care of it.”

Su Zibao laughed and said nothing. Who treats you as an elder brother, but the old man is not bad for himself. Not only is he divided into 100 million yuan, but even the Su group business must be left to him to do.

Su Zhenzhe was distressed enough. Deserve it!

“Then I will go back and prepare a new planning book first.” Su Zhenzhe reluctantly finished the sentence before going out of Su Zhai’s house, punching him on the wall next to him, and his face was blue.

Su Zibao! You little slut robbed me of money. The old man was also confused, and even gave her 100 million! I thought that the old man hated Su Zibao very much. Su Liya had been using eye drops next to the old man for so many years. Unexpectedly, Su Zibao evened him out so quickly.

The better the old man’s attitude towards Su Zibao, the less likely he is to get the Su family industry.

We must find a way to kill Su Zibao and inherit the Su family property.

Su Zibao accompanied her parents for afternoon tea, and hurried to Shen Xi to sign a contract. Now that the funds are available, and it is more abundant than expected, then she can do better.

It is still the Gulf Tea House. After signing the cooperation contract, Shen Xi said for a while, “Do you plan to make TV series and movies at the same time?”

“Yeah, the movie is definitely going to be filmed. It’s a waste to not film your work. But you also know that more people in country M like to watch TV series. For newcomers, it’s better to practice in TV series. We have enough funds now, without asking for big names, half of it can be prepared to make two or three scripts, and then half of it to make a good quality movie. So I need your two scripts, one movie script , A TV play script. What do you think is appropriate?”

Shen Xi has made four or five movies for Yun Ting Entertainment, and has already been familiar with this set, thinking about it, “I personally feel that this book published this year is adapted into a TV series. As for the movie, you can make 3

D magic theme, I just had such an idea before, but I didn’t write it, now I will create a script for you. “

Su Zibao looked at him stupidly, and Shen Xi said very casually, but Su Zibao knew that because every movie he wrote was so blazing, Shen Xi now does not say to write a script specifically for others, but just hang one on the script. The first name is worthless.

He was willing to be so troublesome, instead of just taking out two old books for fools.

Seeing Su Zibao staring at himself, Shen Xi looked at himself in confusion, “Why? Is there something on my face?”

“Shen Da writer, you are one meter eight!” Su Zibao had to come up with a popular word on the Internet to express his gratitude to him.

Shen Xi was very gentle when he smiled, as clean and beautiful as crystal, “Then I am short today.”

“Oh yes, remember, you are usually one meter eight two, then you today, two meters eight!” Su Zibao immediately changed his tongue.

There was a little more doubt in Shen Xi’s eyes, “How do you know… my height?”

Said the leak. But her confidant for four years between them, her understanding of him, can not be concealed, can usually find the subtleties.

“That’s naturally to convince you, a big writer, to join, but I haven’t investigated your information a lot, let alone height, I remember you all around.” Su Zibao quickly pulled the topic over, “Shen Xi, since this is this year’s new work , Then your novel should still be on sale now, and the sales volume is still very good. I plan to build momentum for the work first, and after deciding on a few leading actors, we will record a MV as an accessory to purchase your novel, the illustration inside It’s not a model, but an actor we have determined. What do you think?”

This is the special feature of the original adaptation. If readers do not accept the drama version, it will cause a bad influence. It’s preconceived, so that when you read the book, when you see the illustration, you feel that the people above are quite in line with the image described in the book.

The plot can be innovated on the basis of the original work, and the characters must match.

“I have no opinion. I’ll contact you Pei Hanwen, general manager of the time culture company I’m working with now. Let’s talk. He seems to be your cousin?” Shen Xiwang looked to Su Zibao.

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