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Chapter 64 It turns out that he went to see her last night

Shen Xi called Pei Hanwen and asked the meeting place, Su Zibao went with Shen Xi.

As soon as he walked in the door, Su Zibao froze. In the cafe, besides Pei Hanwen, there is also Pei Yi.

Seeing that Su Zibao and Shen Xi walked in with a smile, Pei Yi’s sharp eyebrows slightly picked up, and the atmosphere was suddenly not right.

Su Zibao probably didn’t find it herself. When she and Shen Xi stood together, she had a very natural feeling like a long-time old friend. And this feeling is often seen when people see the atmosphere is very harmonious, in other words, it looks very right.

That is not deliberate intimacy, but a natural feeling.

“Huh? Pei Yi, why are you here too?” Su Zibao looked at him suspiciously.

Pei Yi raised a playful smile on his lips, “In the morning, Pei An said that you went to the Su’s house, and I was surprised to see you now.”

“I went to see Dad first, and then went to Shen Xi to talk about cooperation.” Su Zibao said, somehow, could not help but explain more, “Xu Fan sent the report in the morning, I took it back to talk to Dad Investment matters. I wanted to tell you, but you went out last night, I thought you did not disturb when something happened. When I talked to Shen Xi about script cooperation, I thought of a good idea, warm up first To build momentum, so I came to Pei Hanwen to talk about ways of cooperation.”

Pei Yi held out her hand and sat down on the sofa beside her, with a smile on her eyes, “What? Report the whereabouts. Are you afraid I am misunderstanding?”

“No,” Su Zibao lowered his head slightly and sat down next to him. She was thinking about how to discuss cooperation with Pei Hanwen just along the way, but she didn’t expect to meet Pei Yi here, which was completely different from what she thought.

In the company, she is a strong and powerful woman, and she is a glamorous lady at the reception, and in front of him, she will become his little wife at any time.

Is this one thing one thing one thing? Gas field suppression?

Shen Xi smiled politely at Pei Yi and sat down beside Pei Hanwen. Unexpectedly, the director Su who was powerful in front of her, Miss Su’s, completely changed her temperament in front of Pei Yi. It’s not that Su Zibao deliberately did it. According to psychological analysis, if a woman who is very strong in front of an outsider becomes a little woman unconsciously only in front of a man, what this means is really intriguing.

Think about them as husband and wife, it seems, there is nothing wrong with it.

“This is Mrs. Three Young, I always listen to poems and talk about you, hello, this is Pei Hanwen.” Pei Hanwen sitting opposite said friendly. Because Pei Erbo’s family was kicked out, he never claimed to be a cousin in front of them.

Pei Hanwen is very handsome, has a sense of book gas, wears a pair of gold glasses, suits and leather shoes, at first glance is a business person. But unlike the merchants, the humble gentleman feels more.

Pei Hanwen is Pei Shishi’s brother, Pei Yi’s cousin, and General Manager of Time Culture Co., Ltd.

Su Zibao smiled at him, “Hello cousin.”

It can be seen that Pei Yi and Pei Hanwen have a good relationship. It’s strange. The second uncle Pei family is usually in Yangcheng, and has little contact with the main family of Haicheng. I didn’t expect Pei Yi to have a good relationship with their family.

The cooperation talks went smoothly. In the areas of business negotiation and profit distribution, Su Zibao never let the partners suffer, and of course, does not let himself suffer.

Coupled with Pei Hanwen or Pei Yi’s cousin, there is nothing wrong with it.

In short, now I have to wait for Su Zibao to make an actor first, take illustrations of the plot, and also attach a CD of the plot MV. The theme song will be Su Zibao’s own fencing.

It just happened that she was good at it.

Make sure to let the new drama fire before you shoot.

After talking about the business, Su Zibao looked at Pei Yi curiously, “Why are you with your cousin? The cousin’s company is not in Yangcheng?”

“Anyway, it’s an hour’s drive from Yangcheng to Haicheng. The youngest came to me this morning. It was a business and a private matter.” Pei Hanwen smiled and gentle, “Luo Bingwan has been a cover model for a trend magazine that our company is leading. Now it’s the third anniversary celebration, and I plan to make a special edition of Luo Bingwan. Just as the third son also said, Luo Bingwan’s mood has not been right for a while, and the emperor did not arrange any notice for her, so she went to Yangcheng. While recuperating for a while. In addition, Luo Bingwan’s hometown is also Yangcheng, let me look after it more.”

Su Zibao instantly analyzed a lot of content from this simple passage.

The first Pei Yi went to Pei Hanwen in the morning, and he was just looking for Luo Bingwan, who can imagine who he went to see last night. It’s really unpleasant to learn about this. Secondly, Pei Yi intentionally left Luo Bingwan in Yangcheng, but why?

Are you afraid that you will have a conflict with Luo Bing at the Emperor Club? Furthermore, Luo Bingwan has always cooperated with Time Culture, and he also knew Pei Hanwen. It seems that the relationship between Luo Bingwan and Pei Yi was really not easy.

Although Pei Yi is a playboy outside, he never introduces women from outside to his loved ones. This is beyond doubt.

But now it is obvious that Luo Bingwan is so familiar with Pei Hanwen. So what is the relationship between Pei Yi and Luo Bingwan? In the past, what was the emotional entanglement, so that he was married, the other party was still entangled, and he also broke the silk.

“Well, you are in the company, you don’t need to intervene in Luo Bingwan’s schedule announcement arrangement, and you don’t need to do any deployment and planning for her.” Pei Yi added lightly.

This means that although she is the director of Diager Media, she is not qualified to arrange work for Luo Bingwan.

Even Yun Ting Entertainment’s Yao Lianyi had to listen to the director’s arrangement. Luo Bingwan was not such a big name. This treatment seems that the entire emperor, only Pei Yi personally can arrange for her.

It’s really not an ordinary artist.

Su Zibao smiled politely and alienated, “Okay, I know.”

Pei Yi obviously felt that her attitude had changed, held her hand up, and said, “Return to Pei’s house tomorrow Saturday, don’t forget.”

At the end of each month, they need to go back once. At the end of last month, Su Zibao and Pei Yi had gone back, and now it’s the end of the month.

“Well, good.” Su Zibao answered.

Pei Yi looked at Su Zibao. Her little wife had just talked and laughed at the banquet. Her eyes and brows were all amorous, but now she was sitting aside with a smile, aloof and polite. He really regarded him as the president of Diager Media, not his husband Pei Yi.

Obviously unhappy, and never show a little bit, with a smile, really like a qualified family celebrities.

But he didn’t like to see her like this.

Pei Yi said to Pei Hanwen and Shen Xi, “It’s not early, let’s go first.”

“it is good.”

Pulled out by Pei Yi, Su Zibao didn’t care where he was going to take her, so he led him out.

After spending a few hours in the cafe, it was already the first time of the lantern. Pei Yi raised his head and looked at the starry sky, and suddenly said, “You have raised 100 million for the emperor. As the emperor’s president, how should I give me this due diligence Director’s reward, want something, just say.”

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