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Chapter 66 You are stupid, anyway, I am blind

The next day, early in the morning, Su Zibao and Pei Yi were dressed neatly. Pei Xiaochuan was waiting outside the villa, and the car was ready to bring a gift back.

At the end of each month, the Pei family has such a family gathering. The Pei family will attend except those who cannot come in the military area. Of course, Pei Erbo’s branch doesn’t count.

Pei’s old mansion is a kind of very antique manor. The centuries-old ancestral house has been repaired, and it looks higher than the famous celebrities’ former residences.

When you walk to the door of Pei’s house, there will be a sense of historical weight. The Pei family has a long history than the Su family. It is said that the former was the General Men family. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic, the top generals were also released. Later, the reform and opening up responded to the national call. A group of people took advantage of the situation to become the first Pei Group in Haicheng.

Grandpa Pei Yan is a soldier, strict and old-fashioned, but Su Zibao went there once last time, feeling that Grandpa Pei is still very kind, but the father-in-law and grandma are light to her and Pei Yi. I also saw a lot of Pei Yi’s relatives. The Pei family is now Pei Yi’s father, Pei Tianyou, and there are quite a few miscellaneous relatives. If Su Zibao deliberately made some effort, then I can’t remember it.

Su Zibao and Pei Yi just got off the bus, and the servants waiting on both sides of the gate saluted in unison. “Welcome the three young masters and the three young grandmothers home.”

Su Zibao smiled politely and walked in with Pei Yi squinting.

After crossing many courtyards, I didn’t know how many times the threshold was crossed before finally entering Pei’s inner courtyard.

Anyway, since Su Zibao first came to Pei’s old house, he scored a perfect score in his heart. The Pei family deserves to be the head of the four major families in Haicheng, so they say that the Su family is also one of the four giants, but let alone the current decline, even at its peak, it never gave people such a sense of oppression. The Pei family is afraid that it is deeper than the imagination, and it is very low-key.

The relatives of the Pei family are too many, and those far away side branches are only qualified to be in the outer court.

Su Zibao and Pei Yi just walked in the door, and they saw Bai Lingxue and Pei Yingyu sitting on the sofa together and didn’t know what to say. The two had a great conversation.

Upon seeing Su Zibao, Pei Yingyu suddenly lowered his face.

Instead, Bai Lingxue stood up smilingly, and she was generous, showing the style of Haicheng’s first lady.

“The third brother and the third sibling are here. Come in and sit down.”

Pei Yi raised a habitual light smile on his lips, “Second sister-in-law, please be your own family. Why didn’t you see your second brother?”

“Your second brother brought Xia Chengye of the Xia family to his father to talk about business matters. They are still upstairs in the study.” Bai Lingxue smiled. “You don’t know, Qi Sheng is busy, not even today. Empty. I envy three younger siblings. You can have the third younger brother with you at this time.”

Su Zibao said quietly in his heart, don’t you just want to say that your man is busy working, is my man very leisurely?

The intrigue of the big family really started from stepping into this door. This is also the reason why Su Zibao didn’t like to come over, but it wasn’t simply a single family gathering, and the kung fu of a meal had to be fought for several rounds.

Fortunately, Su Zibao now, if the former Su Zibao, had been played dead, I do not know how many ugliness, how many jokes.

“Yeah, this married man, you have to polish your eyes to pick a good one. Ersao don’t envy me, I am embarrassed to praise Pei Yi. Ersao is now married to the second brother, if not married, you can choose Choose, otherwise you will just marry casually, and now it is too late to regret.” Su Zibao smiled drippingly and choked back quietly.

Bai Lingxue’s face was as ugly as eating a fly, neither was it received, nor was it.

It’s too late to pick, and it’s too late to regret getting married. What I mean is that my husband is better than Pei Yi, can’t you hear it?

It’s so shameless and proud that anyone really envy you!

“It’s stupid, I didn’t hear it. Is Ersao praising my second brother? Really complacent.” Pei Yingyu looked at Su Zibao disdainfully. “You are like this, only the third brother will ask for it.”

Pei Yingyu had a good relationship with Pei Yi before. Pei Yi did not get too early for her, but she had a better relationship with Pei Qisheng. Pei Qisheng and Pei Yi seem to be brothers, brothers, and brothers. Actually… Su Zibao also learned some time ago.

Therefore, Pei Yingyu also stood on Pei Qisheng’s side.

Pei Yi didn’t care about her. The index finger song played Su Zibao’s head, and the smile was loose, “It’s okay. You are stupid, anyway, I’m blind.”

Su Zibao couldn’t help smiling. Let Pei Ying’s rainy teeth tickle next to it.

“Oh, Pei Yi

coming. “A beautiful lady in her 30s who looks good in maintenance came over and greeted with a smile. It was Pei Yi’s aunt, Pei Fenfen.

She was followed by a pretty girl standing next to her, Pei Meiyun, who saw a contempt flash in Pei Yi’s eyes, but a sweet smile on her face, “Three cousins, it’s been a long time.”

Su Zibao met these people last time and knew them.

While weeping each other, a sound of footsteps and laughter came from the stairs, and Pei Tianyou, Pei Qisheng and Xia Chengye walked down together.

“It’s all from my family, don’t be polite, just stay and eat, just like Qi Sheng, go back tomorrow.” Pei Tianyou said to Xia Chengye.

Xia Chengye smiled politely, “Why is that so embarrassing.”

“You’re welcome, I have prepared the room for you. Don’t leave this evening, just stay here.” Bai Lanzhi also came out, beside her fiancee Bai Fangfei.

Bai Lanzhi is the wife of Pei Tianyou, the mother-in-law of Su Zibao, and the aunts of Bai Lingxue and Sister Bai Fangfei.

Su Zibao didn’t expect to meet Xia Chengye again here, no more than the first time she met. She was now able to restrain her emotions very well and she smiled generously without any flaws.

“Okay, then we are better to respect and obey.” Xia Chengye smiled politely.

Pei Yingyu is also extremely happy, “That’s great, Brother Cheng Ye. I’m looking for someone to teach me to play the piano. There is always a wrong piece of music. Brother Cheng Ye helps me see where there is a problem.”

Xia Chengye had previously graduated from Yangcheng No. 1 Conservatory of Music, and piano was just a basic skill for him.

“Huh.” Xia Chengye nodded with a smile.

There was a trace of dissatisfaction in Bai Fangfei’s eyes, but it did not show.

Although only two simple sentences, Su Zibao was keenly aware that Pei Yingyu and Xia Chengye were not quite right.

Su Zi and Xia Chengye had never seen Pei Yingyu together before. They should have known each other recently. Xia Chengye took the line of Bai Fangfei and Bai, and then got in touch with Pei through Bai.

The Pei family is obviously the strongest of the few. Xia Chengye has an engaged Miss Bai Family II, and now Miss Pei Family Si seems to like him very much.

How would our smart Xia Chengye choose? It seems more and more interesting.

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