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Chapter 67 Decent Presents

At noon, the long table was filled with exquisite home-cooked food, the old man Pei Yan sat on the main seat, and others including Xia Chengye and Bai Fangfei sat in a circle.

“A Bao, why does it look much thinner than when it came last month? Isn’t Pei Yi not good to you?” Pei Yan asked Su Zi Bao first, the rare and kind-faced serious face.

This question made the women present unhappy.

The grandfathers of Pei Yan and Su Zibao have been friends for many years, and the marriage of Pei Yi and Su Zibao was also settled by these two old people. Su Zibao discovered last time that the old man had a little more concern for himself than Bai Lingxue.

Su Zibao smiled sweetly, “Grandpa misunderstood, how could it be. Pei Yi treats me well, I have a physique that is not fat. Every day Pei Yi makes the steward make a lot of delicious foods, but not fat. “

“That’s right, grandpa. I’ve always been a pet to my wife. How could it be bad for her. Isn’t it, baby?” Pei Yi raised his eyebrows at Su Zibao, and looked proud.

Su Zibao kicked him lightly and snorted, “Grandpa and everyone are here, so unruly.”

“Grandpa, look, she bullied me, did you see it.” Pei Yi immediately pointed to Su Zibao to complain.

Bae Yan Renjun couldn’t help but laughed, “That’s the way, heal you! Ah Bao, although you treat him, if he is not obedient, grandpa will let you out.”

“Okay, Grandpa!” Su Zibao raised his chin at Pei Yi, and promised to be particularly loud.

Seeing the way the young couple was playing with love, Pei Yan nodded and smiled.

The man at the table had to laugh with the old man.

Su Zibao has known for a long time that Pei’s grandchildren are respectful in front of Pei Yan. Even the most arrogant Pei Yingyu is also most afraid of this grandfather. The old man’s discipline is very strict. The beaters use the same old rules as the old masters. Interrupted several times.

The only way to spoil Pei Yiwai is that it is because he is the youngest grandson. Even if Pei Yi is such a big person, he dare to play such a treasure in front of the old man, and dare not change anyone.

Bai Lanzhi cleared his throat and said, “Dad, I heard that you have suffered a headache recently, and Qi Sheng and Ling Xue deliberately went to Kyoto to find an old Chinese doctor. You will finish the meal. Will you see you in time? “

“Yeah, this old Chinese medicine is famous for treating head problems.” Bai Lingxue said with a smile, “Qi Sheng also spent a lot of energy in order to invite others. If Grandpa feels okay, he can leave people in At home, many people’s headaches are healed.”

Pei Qisheng is light

Laugh, with his mother and daughter-in-law to help him, as a grandson, naturally have to hold back.

Pei Yan said indifferently, “It’s not necessary. For years of old problems, it’s useless for anyone to see.”

“Grandpa, how can you not see your doctor for a headache?” Su Zibao looked at him worriedly. “I heard that the headache is the most tormenting. Does Grandpa hurt now?”

Pei Yan waved his hand, “It’s okay, now it doesn’t hurt.”

“Since the second brother has invited the doctor, how can Grandpa see you, so that everyone can feel at ease.” Pei Yi said, with a smile on his lips, “If Grandpa really doesn’t want to see, he can’t let people Run white, don’t waste it, or show me, I feel sore backache today.”

Su Zibao quickly pulled his arm and lowered his voice, “Don’t talk nonsense, the second brother specially invited the grandfather to see a doctor, what are you doing together. Besides, your backache is all you deliberately tossed last night, Deserve it!”

Su Zibao originally said that he had to hold her back to the villa and walked all the way for half an hour. Could it be sore?

But everyone wanted to be biased. They looked at Su Zibao one by one with a strange look. What did the two men toss like last night, sore the back pain of Pei Yi, a battle-hardened veteran?

Pei Yi was stunned for a while, and then understood the meaning of everyone’s eyes, but instead smiled meaningfully, “Well, I deserve it.”

Let everyone misunderstand more thoroughly.

“Young people, they still need to exercise more, and their health is not good. I’m waiting to hug my grandson early.” Pei Yan finished talking to Pei Yi and looked at Pei Qisheng, “I’ll see you later.”

Although Pei Yi and Su Zibao persuaded the old man to see the doctor, Pei Qisheng and Bai Lingxue did not appreciate it at all.

“Cough, although Qi Sheng is busy with his work, he still remembers to find a doctor for Grandpa. I like him, filial piety.” Bai Lanzhi said with a smile.

Pei Fenfen was very pleased with Pei Tianyou’s family, and he said, “But not, Qi Sheng is still talking about business today, devoted to his career, and still not forgetting family matters. Dasao has a good son.”

“It’s me who is not good, and I still trouble Mr. Pei today.” Xia Chengye said politely.

Pei Qisheng immediately said, “You’re welcome, business matters.”

This is not the first time Su Zibao has come. The last time I found out that Pei Tianyou didn’t speak during the usual meal time, and silently ate, her mother-in-law Bai Lanzhi and her second sister Bai Lingxue held Pei Qisheng in front of her grandfather, and her mother-in-law, Pei Fenfen. Anyway, Pei Yi has always been very

Eat calmly and play, no matter how frustrating they are. Su Zibao felt that her mother-in-law was too partial for the first time, but she didn’t care about Pei Yi, and she didn’t care.

“I heard that Sansao’s ability is good, and she won Pei Shishi.” Suddenly, Pei Yingyu said coldly.

Su Zibao was surprised, how could she know? Moreover, is it appropriate to mention Pei Shishi here? Su Zibao looked at Pei Yi and saw that his face was still scattered and he didn’t care much, so he smiled and replied, “Last time I went out to sing and found that the poem was very nice, I signed it. If I say it is red, I still have to thank Mr. Xia, if Mr. Xia helped us, Shi Shi will not be so smooth. Instead of tea, let Mr. Xia drink a cup.”

Anyway, no matter what Pei Yingyu meant, Su Zibao just took the topic, by the way, disgusting and disgusting Xia Chengye.

Xia Chengye secretly scolded Su Zibao, but his face smiled politely, “It’s a good way for Miss Su, not much help.”

“Why, now A Bao has entered Pei Yi’s company?” Pei Yan asked.

Bai Lingxue replied, “Grandpa doesn’t know yet? The third sibling is so powerful. Now he has become the director of Diager Media before graduating from university. It’s just that the school is about to start. I’m afraid the third sibling will be too busy to affect work.”

“Azi is now the director of Emperor Media. If she likes it, let her play it. Anyway, even if it is a loss, it is mine. The relationship between the Pei Group and the second brother and the second sister-in-law do not have to worry.” Pei Yi It’s still a lazy attitude, just like the special delivery of the Monarch Media to Su Zibao.

Su Zibao couldn’t specifically say how powerful he was, just lowered his head and smiled.

“Experienced or experienced, it will be more handy when you graduate in the future.” Pei Yan encouraged Su Zibao.

Bai Lanzhi said, “You all like to play so much. If the big family business is in your hands, then I’m really worried. Fortunately, there is Qi Sheng. By the way, Qi Sheng, you are not talking about investment with the Su Group. Qi Sheng takes care of the industry, and the entertainment company can really play casually.”

“The third brother and sister are at ease. I will definitely help you build it. There are two hundred million projects here. The third brother and sister do not have to worry about whether the emperor will lose money.” Pei Qisheng smiled shallowly.

“That is, no matter how bad it is, there are projects that Qi Sheng manages here.”

Su Zibao was stunned. Listening to this tone, Pei Qisheng didn’t know that Dad had withdrawn 100 million? That’s right, I only said yes to my dad yesterday. It takes time to inform Pei Qisheng here. I’m afraid that Su Zhenzhe has to organize his speech well before dare to tell Pei Qisheng.

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