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Chapter 69 Xia Chengye and Pei Yingyu have adultery

Su Zibao and Pei Yi took a walk in the garden arm in arm, when no one was around, she couldn’t help laughing with a low voice.

“Why, so happy today?” Pei Yi looked down at her and asked.

Su Zibao raised his chin, and Qiao’s face was full of pride. “You didn’t see the faces of Pei Qisheng and Xia Chengye, it was too happy! You know the last time there was a problem with “Youth Festival”, the inner ghost is Pei Xili, and Pei Xili is Pei Qisheng. The person who arranged in now has cooperation with Xia Chengye again. It seems that these two people are embarrassed, and they have to deal with us in unison. So this time I was able to slap the two of them fiercely. I am certainly happy.”

She is happy to be happy, and her face is cool. It is necessary to hold up the rack in front of the outsider, but in front of him, there is no need to pretend.

“I’ve had enough last time to eat. I’m all a family. I don’t know what Pei Qisheng puts on in front of you every day. Let him pretend, face crackling, deserve it! If I can’t convince my dad yet, don’t When I said to withdraw 100 million yuan, I didn’t even want to leave him with 10,000 yuan. He and Su Zhenzhe took care of our investment of 100 million yuan, don’t think about making money, but think about it, how could they not give us this 100 million yuan Finished.” Su Zibao said that he was quite dissatisfied and stomped his feet. “If two hundred million dollars are given to us, let them stare!”

Pei Yi felt that his little wife was so cute.

It’s not easy to fight for a 100 million yuan. As for the remaining 100 million yuan investment, he will naturally not watch them dig away.

“Pei Yi, why not let Xu Fan be a financial advisor and see what they plan to do?” Su Zibao asked.

Pei Yi’s index finger gently flexed Su Zibao’s head, “Are you going to let him work a few jobs alone?”

“Oh too.” Su Zibao whispered in pain and blinked his fan-like eyelashes. “He’s too busy with the emperor’s affairs, and I will start school immediately. More things can’t be pressed on him. What should I do? …”

With that, Su Zibao’s eyes fell on Pei Yi, “You can’t be lazy. On both sides, you have to help stare at one.”

“Relax, this one hundred million, I stare at the Royal City Group.” Pei Yi put her in her arms. In fact, he had been staring at Su Zhenzhe and Pei Qisheng before the investment started.

Staring at the Royal City Group is in a dark place, and the development of Emperor Media is such a bright thing, or Su Zi Baolai.

Su Zibao just smiled. “You said, don’t let two mice steal our rice.”

After a while

Er Blangzhi called Pei Yi something wrong, Su Zibao separated from him and turned around in the yard. Just now she was not embarrassed to say in front of Pei Yi, your sister wanted to hook up with Xia Chengye, after all, it was only her guess, and that person was also Pei Yi’s sister.

Now that Pei Yi is not here, Su Zibao will just walk around and want to see where the piano room is.

After walking for a while, I asked a few maids to find a place, but I didn’t hear the sound of the piano. Su Zibao walked up. There was no one here.

The piano room was open, no one was inside quietly, neither Pei Yingyu nor Xia Chengye was there.

Strange, where did they go? Is it worried that Bai Fangfei will come over, so what Qinfang said is just to cover up.

Pei Zhai is so big, I really don’t know where they will be.

Su Zibao was planning to go back, and suddenly found there was a staircase next to the piano room, above which was the rooftop.

Unable to find them, Su Zibao simply planned to go to the roof to blow his hair. But just after walking up the stairs and about to step onto the rooftop, I heard the voices of the two talking.

It was Pei Yingyu and Xia Chengye.

Su Zibao immediately understood what was going on, and quickly hid behind the door next to the stairs.

The place where she is hiding is very safe now, even if Xia Chengye and Pei Yingyu come down, they will not find her.

And here, it is enough to hear clearly what they are saying.

“Brother Cheng Ye, you play the piano really nice, so powerful.” Pei Yingyu said with a smile, “Brother Cheng Ye, look, the rooftop scenery here is beautiful. I used to play the piano boring, I will come up to see the scenery, and the mood is also following It’s getting better.”

Xia Chengye’s gentle smile said, “Light rain standing here is a landscape.”

“Ha, Brother Cheng Ye will talk nonsense.” Pei Yingyu shyly bowed his head, suddenly summoned the courage, “Brother Cheng Ye, you are engaged with Bai Fangfei, will you marry her?”

Xia Chengye was stunned. “Why suddenly ask this?”

“I don’t want you to marry her!” Pei Yingyu said with courage.

Xia Chengye reached out and touched Pei Yingyu’s messy long hair. There was a hint of helplessness in his tone. “Actually I don’t want to.”

“Why don’t you want to get engaged to her?” Pei Yingyu asked.

Xia Chengye looked sadly at the sky, “Because I am the heir of the Xia family, you won’t understand. It’s very carefree and good like you. I can like the people I like and the people I want to be together, but I can’t. I must marry someone who is right with me

A lot of money and mutual support can make the two families go further. Fangfei was arranged by the family. As the heir to the Xia family, I must be engaged to her. There is no choice. “

Su Zibao sneered outside the door. This was really gratifying. It seemed like you had no choice but to feel wronged. You didn’t want to think about the fact that you were engaged to Bai Fangfei at the time, but it killed my family by three people and three lives.

Now that I see Pei Yingyu, a taller branch, I want to see strange thoughts.

It’s better to talk than to sing.

“I understand! Brother Cheng Ye really aggrieved you. Looking at my second and third brothers, including my dad, all of them are family marriages. I naturally understand that Cheng Ye’s brother also had to be with Bai Fangfei because of family marriage. Together. Actually you don’t like her at all, but it’s really pitiful for the family to have to be like this.” Pei Yingyu was distressed.

Xia Chengye looked at Pei Yingyu with affectionate face, “If only I could meet you earlier, I wouldn’t be unable to be with the person I like.”

“What? Brother Cheng Ye, do you mean…” Pei Yingyu’s eyes widened in disbelief, her face full of shyness, “I…I like you?”

Xia Chengye’s eyes almost read “I like you”, but she shook her head deliberately, “I’m engaged now and I don’t have the right to like other women anymore. Now I say that I’m not responsible for other people, and I’m also not responsible for Fangfei. So, forgive me, nothing can be said.”

“Brother Chengye is a good man!” Pei Yingyu took the initiative to grab his hand and looked at him sincerely, “I don’t need Brother Chengye to say anything, I understand. But I like Brother Chengye very much, Brother Chengye will therefore Do you think I am a bad woman?”

Xia Chengye knew that the woman in front of him had been taken down by herself, but on the surface, she said quietly, “It is already the happiest thing for me to be liked by someone I like. Even if the marriage is not happy, I have you I feel no regrets.”

“Brother Cheng Ye, don’t marry her!” Pei Yingyu finally couldn’t help saying, “I marry you!”

Xia Chengye was silent for a while and said, “I need time to solve, I can’t make others think you are a third party.”

“I wait for you! Then…you, tonight…”

Su Zibao heard this and went downstairs quietly.

She doesn’t like Pei Yingyu and Bai Fangfei, and is happy to watch their two dogs bite the dog, but Pei Yingyu is Pei Yi’s sister.

For another woman, she would not care. It’s Pei Yi’s sister, anyway, remind me.

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