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Rebirth of the Majestic Wife Chapter 34

“Shut up!” Su Zibao stared at him fiercely, and then looked at the far away side, pretending to look around the scenery Song Yingjie and Pei Shishi, the shame in his eyes was even worse.

Pei Yi, this guy, as long as he talks to her, can always ignore the existence of people around him at any time and any place, and no one flirts with her.

Correct! It’s flirting! This guy, a master of love, Su Zibao was totally incapable of parrying him.

She will not be his opponent for another lifetime.

It was in his hands, and he never won once against him.

“Young Master Pei, you are so powerful, the concubine confessed, don’t want to do anything, hurry up and do Xia Chengye!” Su Zibao waved his small fist at him, pulling the topic back to the normal range.

Pei Yi’s index finger slightly twisted, and gently tapped a steel plutonium in her forehead. Su Zibao whispered in pain, and saw him say slowly, “Pay attention to the words, Ben Shao is only interested in women in this regard.”

With that, he got up and walked towards Xia Chengye, and Su Zibao exhaled.

No, I’m alone with this guy, yuck, it’s not alone, the temperature on my face has never dropped.

Rubbing his face and sorting out his emotions, he saw Song Yingjie pointing at Su Zibao to Pei Shi poetry, “Poem poetry, it’s called nervous to see your sister-in-law. Now, are you nervous yet?”

Pei Shishiqiang laughed, “No more tension, haha… The feelings of the third sister-in-law are really good.”

Su Zibao glared at Song Yingjie, “Don’t teach us bad poetry.”

Soon after, Pei Yi brought Xia Chengye. He was very polite and smiled politely: “Miss Pei Shishi, right? I heard that you are Pei Yi’s cousin, sorry, just too many people, did not notice. Pei Shao said you want to sing to help, I don’t know what song? I let people accompany.”

Pei Shishi smiled cautiously, “Yes… It’s a song written by sister-in-law, without accompaniment.”

“Summer ahead

Sheng, I saw a piano there, can I use it? Su Zibao asked politely, the hatred hiding in his eyes was perfect.

Xia Chengye said generously, “Of course. It turned out that Miss Su played the piano and Miss Pei sang. I didn’t expect Miss Su to write songs. That was really waiting to be seen.”

“Thank you Mr. Xia for taking this convenience. We remember this relationship. If there is a need next time, Mr. Xia will say a word, the fire will be in the water.” Song Yingjie grinned and smiled.

Xia Chengye laughed, “Song Shaotai is very polite, haha, my fiance and the wife of Pei Yi are brothers and sisters. I see Pei Yi just like seeing my relatives. We are personal, what kind of politeness.”

“Thank you Mr. Xia anyway.” Pei Yi smiled indifferently. Xia Chengye, who is obviously his pit, is quiet and dark on his surface.

Xia Chengye had just learned that Pei Shishi wanted to sing, but she was just a student who hadn’t graduated from the Conservatory of Music.

It was Pei Yi’s play company. Now that Pei Shishi is about to release a new song, Pei Yi finds it convenient for his cousin to find him.

Xia Chengye thought that Pei Shishi was just like Pei Yi to play for a vote. The Pei family is really declining now, and even his own money has entered the entertainment circle, where there are rules of a century-old giant.

It must be that this song is too bad, and I want to use their east wind to blow it.

Anyway, when people picked her up to compete with Yao Lianyi, she would only be a foil. This would be good for Yao Lianyi and Yun Ting Entertainment. With such a thought, how could Xia Chengye refuse?

Su Zibao and Pei Shishi looked at each other, and the two got up at the same time and walked into the lobby.

Several waiters carried the white piano to the center of the lobby. Su Zibao was slim and walked towards the piano, sitting in front of the piano.

Take off the white gloves on your hands, revealing a pair of slender and green

Hands, fingers like jade.

“Today is the day when the queen Yao Lianyi won the Golden Melody Award. To celebrate, our Miss Pei Shishi decided to sing a new song “He is not a lover”, as a younger generation, to pay tribute to the older generation.” Song Yingjie took the microphone and said while walking In front of Pei Shishi, “to celebrate Miss Yao Lianyi’s winning the Golden Melody Award, and thank Miss Yao for her support to the younger generation.”

Everyone looked towards the center of the lobby. It was strange how a woman sang. After listening to this line, Yao Lianyi took advantage of this opportunity to deliberately bring the company’s juniors.

Yao Lianyi looked at this scene with a cold smile, but the eyes were disdainful. But it’s just a flower shelf, even through the president’s way, want to dip his own light.

Don’t you want to make an appearance while taking advantage of such multimedia? Hey, really thought that as soon as you sing, what kind of media will have your footage?

Even a hurried mention is just a stepping stone to compare with myself, ridiculous.

Xia Chengye next to him said, “This is Pei Yi’s cousin, give him a face. Wait for you to say two scenes.”

“Okay, my lord president.” Yao Lianyi threw a wink at Xia Chengye and looked at Pei Shishi indifferently.

At this time, the lights in the lobby were dimmed, leaving only two beams of light, one hit Su Zibao and the other hit Pei Shishi.

Pei Shishi held the microphone, his face unconsciously showing a trace of tension. Looking at Pei Yi sitting in front, he still smiled so loosely, but he gave her a positive look in his eyes.

3rd Brother! The third brother is watching himself. Why do you want to learn music? In addition to the fact that he likes to sing, it is because he wants to be a useful person and can help him.

This is the first step, and I can’t let my brother down.

Pei Shishi glanced back at Su Zibao sitting in front of the piano, the third brother, and the three sisters-in-law who helped himself so much that they could not be disappointed.

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