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Rebirths Chapter 39

Seeing this, Su Jiaxin rushed up and said, “Brother-in-law, how about me? Do you think my parents have both, and me?”

“This.” Pei Yi handed Su Jiaxin a gift box.

Su Jiaxin quickly opened it, “Wow! Chanel’s latest summer dress has just been sold abroad, and Haicheng has not yet arrived. My one is the only one in Haicheng. You are so good, brother-in-law! I like it!”

Su Zibao was stunned to see this scene.

She only knows that after Pei Yi knew she was coming to the Su’s family this afternoon, she made a few calls, and she didn’t even know when these gift boxes were loaded in the car.

And she didn’t even know what her parents liked, but Pei Yi’s investigation was clear.

The gifts you give are the second most expensive. Although they are also expensive, the most important thing is to give them the right gift.

“You young people, it’s too extravagant. You still have to plan carefully after this time.” An old voice came from the stairs on the second floor, and Su Guoqiang walked down.

Lin Xuejiao said, “Okay, Pei Yi, please take these two big bottles of snowflake aging back home, don’t give him this old man to drink.”

“Cough, that’s what I said.” Su Guoqiang was just a stubborn parent’s shelf, habitually saying a sentence or two, but in fact seeing Pei Yi came with these things, his feelings for the son-in-law skyrocketed.

So satisfied.

I thought that the Pei family was in full swing now, and Su Zibao was almost out of the sea-jumping scandal. Pei Yi was still famous for his flowers, and the relationship between the two was definitely very bad.

Now it seems that Pei Yi still cares about Su Zibao, so he is also considerate to his mother and father.

The marriage that the old man left behind was considered complete.

“Mom, please bring all the dishes.” Lin Xuejiao was very happy today, not only saw her daughter, but also saw such a good son-in-law.

A family

The man just sat at the dinner table and suddenly the doorbell rang.

Soon, Su Zhenzhe and Su Liya came in.

After the rebirth, Su Zibao met Su Zhenzhe at the wedding. He looks beautiful and looks very gentle, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. Su Liya is gentle and beautiful, beautiful and charming.

Because Su Zibao has only one sister, Su Jiaxin, and is still studying, the Su family’s industry needs to be taken care of. Su Zhenzhe entered the Su group early and is now the general manager of the Su group. He is also a business success person.

But his illegitimate child’s identity made him doomed to inherit the Su family’s property.

“Dad, aunt, I heard that my sister and brother-in-law are coming back to dinner tonight, so I came here with my sister.” Su Zhenzhe’s smiling Wen Wen Ruya, “Did you bother you?”

Su Liya also smiled shallowly, “It’s rare to see my sister and brother-in-law. This is the first time after my sister got married. With her brother-in-law for the first time, Liya came to join in the fun.”

Su Jiaxin rolled his eyes at them and shouted so intimately, who admits you.

In fact, Sister Su Zibao never shouted Su Zhenzhe to her brother and ignored Su Liya.

Lin Xuejiao’s face suddenly sank. The family happily ate a meal, and this pair of brothers and sisters came to add something.

Su Guoqiang has always preferred this pair of “sensible and filial” illegitimate children and siblings, and because their mothers went early, they took special care of the two. The matter of the previous generation is unclear, anyway, parents and parents have a bad relationship, and Father Su prefers illegitimate siblings.

“Come and sit, when you come, it’s all a family, and don’t disturb what you say.” Su Guoqiang said.

Su Zhenzhe’s brothers and sisters sat down, and when Lin Xuejiao didn’t see them, he gave Pei Yisheng a bowl of soup and smiled, “Now the weather is hot in summer, drink more of this Sydney Red Date Soup and reduce the heat to clear the heat.”

“Thank you mom. Look at this Sydney red dates

Color, I feel the index finger move. Pei Yi smiled.

“Mom, I’m going to lower the fire too. I saw some unclean things. The fire is very big!” Su Jiaxin said uncomfortably.

Su Zibao saw that she couldn’t hold her breath, kicked her gently under the table, and scooped up soup for her, “Then drink more.”

“Oh.” Su Jiaxin responded dumbly.

She listened to Su Zibao very much.

Su Liya looked embarrassed and smiled strongly, “Yeah, it’s summer vacation now, the weather is very hot.”

Lin Xuejiao gave Pei Yicai a talk and talked to him, while Su Jiaxin was eating unhappy, Su Zibao’s own calm meal, he ignored Su Zhenzhe’s brother and sister.

Pei Yi’s graceful performance in the Su’s family is nothing like a young man outside.

Su Guoqiang looked more satisfied.

“By the way, I suddenly met Han Li a few days ago, and he asked me to ask if my sister was doing well.” Su Liya said suddenly.

Su Zibao hadn’t spoken yet, Lin Xuejiao frowned, “Don’t mention this person.”

“Hello, please mention what he is doing, add us a block!” Su Jiaxin burned a little, and stood up and scolded, “I know you are not good at coming here! I don’t see my sister!”

Did Su Liya grieve with tears, “I…I didn’t mean it. It’s just that he asked me to ask my sister if he wanted to apologize, and I…I think he was sincere and sincere, but I just mentioned it.”

“He still wants to apologize, and he still has an apologetic face? Do you know that he told my sister…” Su Jiaxin was interrupted by Su Zibao before he finished talking.

“Jiaxin! Sit down and drink soup!” Su Zibao drank coldly, and Su Jiaxin realized that her sister’s momentum was really fierce now.

Although it was not directed at her, it felt the oppression.

“Oh.” Su Jiaxin sat down unhappily and holding the bowl.

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