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Rebirths Chapter 60

From the beginning of the incident, Su Zibao stayed in the editing room of Diager Media and aggregated the video materials with the editor. Midway, he transferred a newly signed singer from the performing arts department.

After Pei Shishi became famous, many singers who thought they were talented were just lacking opportunities. Mao Jue Media signed new contracts after screening. Today, this is a young man in his twenties. He sings rap very well. He is handsome and trendy. .

And until the next day, the major entertainment newspapers used a lot of space to report on the premiere of “Youth Festival”.

“Youth Festival” is indeed famous, but black. The elder director is an actress with unspoken rules. The heroine has no acting skills based on her face.

All kinds of negative scandals have made many people who are still interested in Youth Festival a little too lazy to go to the cinema. The reputation of a movie is too bad, and the direct result is that the box office is several times worse than expected, and the entire investment is lost.

The corresponding Yunting Entertainment movies of the same period are much higher at the box office, and many who intend to watch “Youth Festival” go to Yunting Entertainment’s movies.

When the data came back in the evening, many theaters indicated that they would reduce the arrangement of “Youth Festival” and lower the file as soon as possible.

Xie Wenwen’s trick was too poisonous, ruined the director, ruined the actors, and ruined the film “Youth Festival”. Yun Ting Entertainment helped her pay the liquidated damages and promised to hold her, but she was smug.

And Lu Xinlei stared at the data all day, his eyes were green. Su Zibao didn’t dismiss her because her failure caused the company to suffer such a loss. She couldn’t believe it and was grateful.

“Director Su, the recording is finished!” Ji Xuyang came over and said, there was a trace of excitement on a handsome face.

He is a newly signed singer of Diager Media, specially created a rap for this video, and the words written in collaboration with Su Zibao are very talented and very cultivating value.

“Okay, immediately send it to the marketing department, the whole network is released!” Su Zibao has been staring at the time. Today is already the second day of the movie release. If you do not hurry, you will be too late.

“Youth Festival” is now popular, and Zhang Daqian’s rule actress is also popular, and for a while, Zhang Jin has been criticized online for poor character.

But just the next day, there were a lot of videos on the Internet, and the titles were stranger than one. “Leading Zhang Jin, the director of Youth Festival, starring in the unsung rules!” “” Zhang Daoqian’s rules for female matchmaking reveal! “Unbelievable!” Zhang Dao even unspoken rules dragon set”

“Director Zhang dives a whole crew! “At first, everyone thought it was following the trend of black Zhang Jin, click on it, only to find out that it was another clip of the tidbit.

This video is much more interesting than the version that was circulated at the premiere.

The previous video was very rough, pieced together with some shots, a female voice said dryly next to it.

And this time it was background music, with dubbing, and a very rhythmic rap. Many people watched the video and hummed it out.

The video content is the scene of Zhang Jin and “The Youth Festival” starring the male and female protagonists, as well as many supporting roles and dragon sets. The rap is very interesting, and the narration is explained in a black and spoof tone. Previously, Xie Wenwen said that Zhang Jinqian ruled the female lead in that kind of lens, so according to this, he also unspokenly ruled the male lead, female supporting role, including many dragon sets, and even the camera was “hidden rule” by Zhang.

“Hey everyone, I’m Zhang Jin. For those who say I’m an unspoken actress on the Internet, you have to have bad eyesight. I’ve watched my male and female protagonist, female and female protagonist. Female match dive male match, dive male match dive dragon set, dive dive set dive camera, don’t let go of one of them! Hey! This rap is fast and rhythmic. The lens is more appropriate.

Self-deprecating tone. Zhang Jinming was like this to everyone in the crew, how could he become the unsung heroine?

If you directly say that Zhang Jin does not have a hostess, the average person really does not believe it, but with this self-incrimination method, everyone feels funny, but at the same time accepts it.

See if you can’t say that Zhang Dao’s dragon rules are all hidden rules, right? Eat your lunch box?

For saying that the heroine does not have acting skills and only depends on the face, here is still showing that NG many times the tidbits, but the line changed, replaced with NG many times just to achieve the best effect, but also sang out with rap, Lang Lang Catchy.

Finally, I put a close-up of the heroine’s face, whether you look at the face or the acting, you are free.

As soon as this video came out, it was a little more than Xie Wenwen had released before. Compared with the whole black before, someone finally started to whitewash for “Youth Festival”.

Many people watched this video and instead wanted to go to the movies.

While this video was spreading on the Internet, the unpopular box office began to rise in a blowout. Earlier, the cinema line that said it would go down as soon as possible had changed its tone and stepped up the film.

By the time the statistics were finalized, they exceeded the original estimate by more than 50%. It can be said that Yun Ting Entertainment’s crackdown has actually made Diager Media. If it were not for them to go through the “Youth Festival” first, it wouldn’t be a hot topic, causing so many people’s attention.

Many people who do not like to watch the youth theme have specifically watched this movie, saying that they want to see the self-immigration guide in the legendary unspoken rules and even the camera, and how beautiful they can only see her. The actress who can’t see the acting in her face, “Youth Festival” made a gimmick.

Even Ji Xuyang, who sang with rap, was searched by many girls who said “ears are pregnant”. Diager Media took advantage of the situation to launch a new singer, debuting in the image of the sun, focusing on fast-paced styles such as rock, RAP, rap, etc. After dancing, the drums were so cool that they immediately won a female fan.

This beautiful counterattack by Diager Media later became a classic case in the topic of “crisis public relations”.

Su Zibao stayed with the creators until the moment when the last movie went offline, and everyone’s eyes in the conference room were red.

“It’s out, the data is out! It’s 50% higher than estimated!” Xu Fan said with the report.

Su Zibao sighed softly, and the crowd cheered together, and there were screams and applause all over the room.

“Successful! We succeeded!” Yi Meiqian cried excitedly.

Zhang Jin’s age is quite impressive, “If it were not for the company and Director Su’s full support this time, my reputation would be ruined!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, the box office is selling!” Lu Xinlei said heartily, looking at Su Zibao, and at this time he didn’t take it lightly.

She is indeed snobbish and selfish. Isn’t this true for most people in this world?

It was precisely because of snobbery that she was sincerely convinced by Su Zibao. Their company really has an amazing director.

If Pei Shishi is just luck, is this also luck? It’s simple to say, when something really goes wrong, unless there is rich experience, who can’t panic?

This is not luck, but strength.

It is the strength accumulated by Su Zibao in his previous life.

“Celebration! Tonight, Century Hotel, I invite you!” Su Zibao also smiled.

The crowd cheered again. In a crisis, these people who were not familiar with Su Zibao quickly merged together.

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