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Rebirths Chapter 65

“I was originally meant to make an appointment with my father…” Su Zibao didn’t finish the speech and saw Pei Yi’s expression, paused.

Where did he reward her for Diager Media, he never had the consciousness of being the president of Diager Media. However, he realized that Luo Bingwan was not happy, so he changed the way to coax her.

Yeah, that’s what Pei Yi did. He was so tender and considerate, but so tender.

But in fact, Su Zibao did not feel that she was unhappy with this right. After all, it was just a couple in name, and Pei Yi did not do anything serious enough to make them divorce.

Su Zibao spread his hand, “Actually, I really don’t want anything, but it seems that the president does not do something, and feels uneasy about his conscience?

“Yes.” Pei Yi lowered her head close to her face, her smile grinning, her magnetic voice low and full of color, “I will satisfy you even if you want me to betray me, Director Su.”

“Since President Pei has said so, then I will…” Su Zibao raised his pointed chin, and Shui Ling’s eyes smiled meaningfully. “Then I want to see our Pei Sanshao and walk around Haicheng. Isn’t she handsome?”

Su Zibao deliberately increased the voice of the word.

Not to mention the outer ring of Haicheng, the central city just walked around like that, it would take at least five hours.

It is simply an impossible task.

“Of course, Pei Shao has a second choice. Don’t mention the rewards. Let’s go back to rest early and we will go to Grandpa’s side tomorrow morning.” Su Zibao said coldly. He wanted to coax her, but it does not mean that she would accept his favor.

Indeed, Su Zibao is embarrassing Pei Yi.

She really thought that she was the woman he was outside. Seeing that she was not happy, she bought luxury handbags and jewellery with brand-name bags. She would be happy to accompany him again without any worries?

She can accept that it doesn’t matter what he does with other women. As written in the contract before, she doesn’t care about his private life, as long as she doesn’t risk any illegitimate children to affect this marriage, affect her path of revenge, and maintain in front of outsiders. Mutual feelings are enough.

Like many famous couples in the wealthy family, they respect each other.

He didn’t need to coax her because of other women, or care about her little emotions, just let them both stand in a safe and sober position with each other, enough.

Do you want him to coax her for others, or just keep a sober distance

Parting is too lost, Su Zibao himself is not clear.

In short, don’t coax her, the two go back to chant, get up tomorrow morning is a loving couple who can’t see the flaw, this is what Su Zibao means.

I believe that Pei Yi understands.

Pei Yi tilted his head slightly, the light in his deep eyes disappeared, and his little wife was really different from others.

How can a woman refuse to be pampered by others? She refused.

How could a woman dare to make this difficult for Haicheng No. 1? She dare.

“You just like it.” Pei Yi raised her lips slightly, watching her smile as if she was about to overflow from her eyes, “But I think it’s not sincere enough to just walk around, it should be, hug You, go around.”

After finishing talking, Pei Yi suddenly hugged Su Zibao, and strode towards the street in her stunned eyes.

Pei Xiaochuan on the sports car looked at this scene from afar, and only dared to drive and followed.

So a very dramatic scene appeared on the road, a handsome evil man holding a girl walking in front, followed by a saobao and a gorgeous white sports car followed behind, opened and stopped.

This should be the slowest drive after Pei Yi bought this sports car.

His arms are strong and strong, and holding her seems effortless, like holding a soft kitten.

Su Zibao was hugged into his arms without responding. At her angle, he could just see his handsome face, sharp outlines, extremely deep eyebrows, delicate and perfect facial features, narrow eyes There are boundless stars in the eyes.

Well, it shines.

Obviously being troubled, he couldn’t see the slightest anger, and the lazy smile on the face that had always been sloppy, so that people who saw him around him would be attracted to him at first sight.

“Look! That man is so handsome! Why hug a girl, the car behind is so cool, keep following them, it must be his! Why not take the car?”

“That girl is so beautiful, it looks better than the stars in the TV series. Hey, isn’t this a TV series? Isn’t there a camera around?”

“It’s not like making a TV, I didn’t see the director. Is it because it’s more romantic to hold it back? People in the city can really play. However, I envy, if I could be held back like this, I’m really happy to die. .”

“Hahaha, you have to hug first

Just move. “

There were many onlookers of men, women, and women talking about it, and even more of them took their pictures and posted them on the Internet, and Pei Yi said nothing, just hugged her, just walked around Haicheng as she said. ring.

“Hey, Pei Yi, don’t you really plan to hold me like that and walk around Haicheng?” Su Zibao couldn’t help asking.

Pei Yi lowered his head, and his voice was magnetic and deep, revealing a deadly confusion, “Yes, My wife.”

Yes, my wife.

If you don’t meet Pei Yi, you won’t know why there is such a man who can make a woman willingly post it.

But now, Su Zibao understands.

In case of Pei Yi, he could not be defeated.

“Okay, I admit defeat, let’s not make trouble, go home.” Su Zibao took the initiative to hug Pei Yi’s neck, looked at him, and raised a real smile.

I have to admit that she was still coaxed by him, and such a spoiled feeling is simply unstoppable.

Pei Yi stepped in, “Huh?”

“Seriously, I changed it now. The reward I want is to go home with Pei Yi, and we go home.” Su Zibao nodded seriously.

Pei Yi walked to the crossroads, changed direction, and walked towards the villa.

“Okay, go home.”

Pei Xiaochuan saw on the sports car that he was walking in the direction of the villa this time, only to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

Even if I went back to Yucheng Villa, I walked for half an hour, and after entering the villa area, I met a lot of celebrity sons and gentlemen of high society without any surprises.

“Huh? That’s not Pei Shao, how to hug a woman… Hey, it’s Su Zibao, it’s strange how to follow a car behind him.” Zhao Lin said wonderingly.

Zhao Yuanyuan’s angry eyes were red, and he gritted his teeth and said, “What else can it be, isn’t Su Zibao the slut who wants to show Pei Yi to her in front of everyone? How can I be a fart! Don’t sit in a car! Me and Pei When I was in love, she did not know where it was!”

“Sister Yuanyuan, don’t be angry, they are already married, there is no way.” Zhao Lin said embarrassedly. The fierce style of Su Zibao last time made her somewhat a little stunned.

Zhao Yuanyuan said fiercely, “The last time I made my stomach bleed, I didn’t let her go so easily! What kind of marriage is it? There are still few divorces after marriage? Pei Yi is mine, I will definitely grab it back!”

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