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Rebirths Chapter 68

In the following time, Bai Lanzhi always said that Pei Qisheng contributed to the Pei Group, how competent and filial he was. At the same time, they don’t downplay Pei Yi’s husband and wife. It seems that these two billions will be defeated if they are handed over to them. Only when they are handed over to Pei Qisheng can they make money, and it seems that they have taken advantage of how cheap Pei Qisheng is.

Bai Lingxue and others helped in time.

“No trouble, no trouble, mom, after all, Pei Yi is my brother, and my brother and sister’s investment, I will naturally come up with the best plan. My brother and sister will play with confidence, just leave it to me.” Pei Qisheng A brother’s affectionate expression.

Pei Yi seemed to laugh, “Thank you second brother. Then trouble your second brother.”

Only Su Zibao was sitting on the side and wondering whether he would say one hundred million has been allocated to the emperor, so it seems that it is not good to directly hit Pei Qisheng’s face?

At this time, Pei Qisheng’s phone rang, and he smiled at Su Zibao at first glance, “Su Zhenzhe called, and he was calling for investment. He just called. It seems that we said the good plan yesterday. After signing, the third brother and the third brother and sister rest assured that the construction will be completed after the contract is signed.

“That’s not it. If these two hundred million dollars are given to you, how can Mr. Su rest assured that his pro-family can understand it, knowing that you will be defeated, or let Qi Sheng help you operate.” Bai Lanzhi said harshly.

Su Zibao had to give their mother and daughter a calm smile.

If normally Pei Qisheng would not answer the phone in front of so many people, but now he is talking about Pei Yi and Su Zibao’s investment of two hundred million yuan, Su Zhenzhe called and Pei Qisheng wanted to show it in front of his grandfather and show him To see how capable he is, let him see clearly. The grandson he likes is a helpless Adou, a parasite, letting him know that Pei Yi and his wife still have to live on him.

The title of No. 1 in Haicheng sounds nice, but only those playboys are called young. It is not a rank with him.

“Hello, did you sign it? What?” Pei Qisheng just said a word, his face suddenly changed and he was about to get up.

But seeing Pei Yi’s lips whisper a playful smile, “Brother, what’s wrong?”

“Senior Su withdrew 100 million.” Pei Qisheng said blankly, then looked at it with an extremely complicated look

With Su Zibao and Pei Yi.

Branji was anxious, “How to withdraw 100 million? Wasn’t it a good investment plan of 200 million?”

“The one hundred million yuan that was withdrawn has already financed Piaget Media in the name of Pei Yi and Su Zibao.” Pei Qisheng couldn’t believe it when he said this.

Why is this happening?

Xia Chengye’s eyes changed instantly. Diager Media even got a 100 million financing!

Doesn’t it mean that they will go further?

“What?” Pei Yingyu couldn’t believe it. “Is Mr. Su confused? How can I give 100 million to such an entertainment company!”

Pei Tianyou gave his daughter a glance, “Whatever you say, it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old!

Pei Yingyu just reacted, Grandpa is still there! Quickly lowered his head in guilty conscience, afraid to speak.

“Why one million will be allocated to Diage Media?” Bai Lingxue couldn’t believe it either. Both of them were thinking about how to pull the two billions of money into their pockets, but they didn’t expect it to disappear by half.

But it doesn’t make them hurt.

Just like Su Zhenzhe, the Pei Qisheng and his wife are also working on the idea of ​​these two hundred million yuan. Otherwise, what kind of investment and cooperation projects are they actively engaged in?

“Oh, the second brother didn’t know it yet. It was like this. My father knew that I had entered Diager Media and felt that I was okay, so he injected this one hundred million investment money into Diager Media.” Su Zibao said with a smile. “I thought the second brother already knew.”

Pei Qisheng’s face sank, “If you know why you didn’t say it early?”

He was also left alone for a long time, but now it comes to a sentence, people don’t invest 200 million, and people believe in their daughter’s ability.

“I thought 2nd Brother, you know, seeing that you keep saying 200 million, I thought it was my 100 million, and my dad took another 100 million. It turned out not, ah, it seems that I misunderstood.” Su Zibao The smiling face is innocent.

Pei Meiyun said, “Impossible. How can I invest in you, isn’t that a waste? Not to be defeated.”

“Daddy feels that since I can make the earnings of Diager Media rise 35 points two months later, it should not be too wasteful.” Su Zibao said lightly.

Thirty-five points.

Everyone understands what this value represents.

Su Zibao looked to Xia Chengye again, “The first five films released by Yun Ting Entertainment are full of scenes, all of which are Shen Xi’s scripts. Therefore, he is also known as the box office screenwriter. I think that with Shen Xi’s joining, Emperor Media does not As for the defeat, what does Mr. Xia think?”

Anyway, the news of Shen Xi’s cooperation with Diager Media will soon be spread. Now he directly tells Xia Chengye that he wants to see his face.

The gloom in Xia Chengye’s eyes passed away, and he instantly restored the gentle look, laughing, “Miss Su is really kidding. Shen Xi is a guarantee at the box office, how can it be defeated? It seems that the emperor media will do a big job next On the ground, the skyrocketing skyrocketing to the top of the media industry is just around the corner, congratulations.”

Su Zibao captured his eyes sharply, clearly resenting his own resentment, and had to squeeze out his smile congratulations.

I’m afraid he’s almost suffocating himself now, so enduring, is it uncomfortable?

But I am very cool.

Su Zibao looked at him with a smile, “I borrow your good words, I also think that the emperor must have a great future.”

Su Zibao didn’t even be humble at all, and still so calmly went up. Xia Chengye, who was angry, almost didn’t hold back his face, and it took a long time before he could say, “You’re welcome.”

“Grandpa just said that you are thinner and eat more.” Pei Yi looked at this farce lightly and put a piece of braised pork on Su Zibao, naturally pulling the topic back.

Su Zibao smiled at him, picked up the spoon and scooped the loofah soup. “You have been staying up late recently, drink this and clear the heat and reduce the heat.”

“This hoof is good.” Pei Yan took a bite calmly and said slowly. How little did the old man see, naturally understand the machine front.

Branji smiled stiffly, “Yes, the chef’s cooking is very good.”

The atmosphere was revived, but no one mentioned anything about careers and work.

After eating, Pei Qisheng stiffened and asked the old Chinese doctor to come in and show the old man. Several people went to the courtyard where the old man lived alone.

Pei Yingyu was going to practice the piano and took Xia Chengye into the backyard piano room. Bai Fangfei’s face was not very good, but he didn’t dare to show it too clearly at Pei’s house, so he sat there and chatted with Pei Meiyun.

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