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Rebirths Wife Chapter 70

Su Zibao sits in front of the piano and plays the piano. The two people on the roof were originally sentimental. When they heard the sound of the piano downstairs, they were startled.

someone is coming.

“Cheng Ye, I don’t know who entered the piano room. I’ll go down to see it first. You can go downstairs while I talk to the other party. I block the window and the other party can’t see it.” Pei Yingyu’s first reaction now is to protect Xia Chengye .

Xia Chengye first panicked, and then calmly smiled freely, “It doesn’t matter if we see the two of us come down. It’s nothing to do when we are tired of practicing the piano and going to the rooftop to blow our hair.”

“I’m afraid if it is Bai Fangfei, I’m afraid she has an opinion on you.” Pei Yingyu said, “I will meet her.”

In fact, according to Xia Chengye and Pei Yingyu, it must be Bai Fangfei who will come to the piano room to find them.

Soon, Pei Yingyu arrived at the piano room, shut the door, and wondered, “Why are you?”

“Otherwise, who do you think? Bai Fangfei?” Su Zibao turned around and asked faintly.

Pei Yingyu closed the door, and just happened to be standing at the window. From Su Zibao’s perspective, it was impossible to see if someone walked outside the corridor.

In order to protect Xia Chengye, he still worked hard.

But you don’t know, he is all lying to you, just like I was lying to me.

Pei Yingyu concealed his emotions and said, “What are you doing here? Of course I thought it was Bai Fangfei. Bai Fangfei came to Xia Chengye.”

“Oh, what about others?” Su Zibao pretended not to know and asked back.

Pei Yingyu snorted coldly, “Leave, I want you to manage. I tell you, don’t think you are married to the third brother, you really think you are Pei’s family, you are really welcome, this is my piano room, you go out. “

“Xia Chengye, is not as simple as you see.” Su Zibao said.

Pei Yingyu sneered, “Did you count something, and dare to say bad things about Brother Cheng Ye? Su Zibao, you get out of me immediately. I don’t want to see you, get out! Get out, get out!”

Su Zibao just said a word at the beginning, and was rushed out by the big lady directly.

It seems to want to remind her that she really is full of food.

She was willing to be fascinated by Xia Chengye, and no one else could control it.

Commit yourself.

Su Zibao returned to the lobby, Xia Chengye had already returned, and was sitting next to Bai Fangfei to tell her what these things looked like.

“Where did you go, I didn’t see you anywhere, I thought you were lost.” Pei Yi smiled and sat down with Su Zibao, “I just wanted to

Send a maid to find you. “

Su Zibao narrowed her mouth, “I’m so stupid, will I get lost here?”

“Don’t you almost get lost when you last came?” Pei Yi asked calmly.

Su Zibao lowered his head silently. Indeed, when she first came to Pei’s house, she was almost lost. Who made their family so big.

“Hey, Pei Yi, let me tell you something.” Su Zibao thought about it, still close to Pei Yi’s ear, lowering his voice, said, “Pei Yingyu likes Xia Chengye. We all know Xia Chengye is not a good person, I just reminded her, the result was negative She was blasted out.”

Pei Yi’s eyes were slightly cold, and there was a slight smile on his lips, “Wife, I thought you would be happy to watch the wall, why should you stir it in?”

“But she is your sister.” Su Zibao couldn’t help saying. If it were not for Pei Yi, she would ignore that Pei Yingyu.

Pei Yi’s tone was plain, “Pei Qisheng is still my second brother.”

Oh by the way, Pei Qisheng is his second brother, and he will not unite Xia Chengye to hang his emperor media, and he will not unite Su Zhenzhe to the one hundred million investment of their husband and wife. Branchi is still his mother. Downplay Pei Yi and raise Pei Qisheng.

The whole Pei family, except Pei Yi and Su Zibao, was the only grandfather.

“So you can do whatever you want without worrying about me.” Pei Yi extended her index finger and flicked gently at her eyebrows, the expression on her face was still sloppy, and her eyes were deep, “You remember, nobody in this world You can bully you, whoever bullies you, you can go bully back. No matter who he is, you can’t bear it. If you can’t fight back, there’s still me, I’ll tell you the first day of marriage, the least I’m afraid of trouble.”

Su Zibao stared at him stunned. What he said so casually, I don’t know why it made people feel particularly moved.

“What about you, what do you do if you bully me?” Su Zibao pressed her heart, raised her pretty face, and asked deliberately.

Pei Yi thought for a while and looked at Su Zibao seriously, “lie flat, I will be very gentle.”

Uncle! This guy actually understood bullying directly as that meaning, can you have anything else in your head besides these!

Su Zibao defeated completely and put on an expression of “all thoughts are gray”, “Pei Shao is so powerful that he is losing.”

At night, the Pei family arranged a room, Su Zibao and Pei Yi, and Xia Chengye and Bai Fangfei lived separately because they were only engaged and not yet married.

This is also the reason why Pei Yingyu asked Xia Chengye before.

Pei Yingyu is not like Pei Yi has moved out, has been living in Pei mansion, Pei family tutoring is very strict, girls can not stay home at night.

This is a rare opportunity for Pei Yingyu, so I can’t wait to have a private meeting with Xia Chengye.

“Since you are worried about Xia Chengye’s empathy, why not talk to Pei Yingyu and talk about your love history with Xia Chengye, or let her die.” Su Zibao said when she passed Bai Fangfei.

Bai Fangfei froze, withdrew his gaze staring at Xia Chengye, “Miss Su, what do you mean?”

“Pei Yingyu’s thoughts on Xia Chengye can be seen only with dim sum. There are so many people who get married and divorced, not to mention you are only engaged. After all, Pei Yingyu is not deeply involved in the world, let her see your feelings and determination to get married, maybe He will retreat if he knows the problem. Ms. Bai will have to wait until things get out of hand and then save?” Su Zibao said this, no matter what Bai Fangfei thought, she went to her room.

She hinted enough that there is a good show to watch tonight.

Until the evening, Bai Fangfei was a little bit of a soul. In the end, it was Su Zibao’s words that had a subconscious hint in his mind. It felt better to try Pei Yingyu’s thoughts first.

She had just been engaged to Xia Chengye, and if she had an accident at this time, her reputation as a woman who had been dumped would have fallen sharply.

What Bai Fangfei does not know is that not only will she go to Pei Yingyu tonight, Xia Chengye will also go.

Su Zibao soaked in the hot spring and lay down on the bed with peace of mind. Pei’s old house’s own hot springs are more comfortable than those of the hot spring holy places. After soaking in the bed, it’s refreshing.

After a while, Pei Yi, who also came from the hot spring, walked in only wearing a white bathrobe. The soft fabric was tied around the waist casually, and the hair was still wet and dripping.

“Hair is going to be dry. Sleeping directly will be a headache.” Su Zibao saw Pei Yi lying down and quickly pulled him up.

Pei Yi lazily lay on the bed and yawned, “Lazy.”

Su Zibao couldn’t help but smile, jumped out of bed, brought the hair dryer that he just used, and blow hair to Pei Yi.

Her fingers are slender, and she feels comfortable gripping her hair.

“Comfortable. Sure enough, my wife still loves me.” Pei Yi rested his chin on his hands and let Su Zibao tinker.

At this moment, Pei Yingyu exclaimed suddenly from the nearby room. Pei Yi and Su Zibao glanced at each other, “What’s going on?”

“I probably know what’s going on, and it’s useless to go. But I have to send someone to ask.”

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