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Chapter 18 Hubby, I’m Drunk

Lin Che looked at Qin Qing. Perhaps it was because she had drunk too much wine, but she had become much more impulsive. “What if I’ve already offended them?”

Qin Qing paled as he said, sighing, “It may be alright to offend Gu Jingyu. But his eldest brother is our current president, Gu Jingming. Also, his second brother is the mysterious business tycoon, Gu Jingze. These people are typically involved in dealings unimaginable to us. So in this country, it’s better to stay away from the Gu family. Do you understand?”

Lin Che felt her mind turn abuzz in chaos.

“How could I be acquainted with them? It’s fine. Just let me go. You should go back and look after Lin Li. There’s no need to bother about me.”


As Qin Qing looked at her, she pushed his hand away with her slender one. The softness of her palm made him space out momentarily.

At that moment, Lin Li had already caught up to them from behind.

Lin Che glanced at Lin Li one last time before laughing grimly. In a drunken stupor, she walked out, leaving worry on Qin Qing’s face as he watched her leave.

However, Lin Li held him back and asked, “Was what you said just now true? Gu Jingyu has such a powerful background?”

Qin Qing continued to look in the direction Lin Che had left. “Yes. But it seems Lin Che has really grown up. She’s no longer the little girl she was.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Li’s delicate eyebrows knitted together. She did not want to hear him talking about Lin Che. In addition, she felt gloomy when she thought about how Lin Che had just been sitting with the usually cold Gu Jingyu.

Now, she was burning with envy having learnt that Gu Jingyu was not merely a top celebrity but one with such a powerful background.

How did Lin Che manage to catch Gu Jingyu’s eye?

When Lin Che stepped out of the tunnel, she bumped into someone.

She lifted her head only to see Butler Hu. She could not help but smile.

“Butler Hu, why are you here?”

“Madam, you’re drunk. I came to take you home.”

Hearing someone call her “Madam”, she thought that it was even funnier.

Could she even be considered a Madam?

She was brought home in a daze.

When Gu Jingze heard the noise outside, he walked out the door in large strides.

However, a soft and pliant body immediately fell on him the moment he reached the door.

When Gu Jingze regained his bearings, he felt the tender flesh on her chest press against his own, causing his heart to quiver. But immediately after, he saw the two patches of red across her face. Her eyelashes fluttered lightly and her lips were like delicate, juicy flower petals. Her ear was rubbing against his neck, tickling him.

He froze as he fixed his eyes on her.

“What’s going on?”

The reeking smell of alcohol assaulted his olfactory senses as though the woman had just gotten out of a tank of alcohol.

“Hey…” She looked at him. Gu Jingze was frowning deeply and his shimmering eyes were deep and unfathomable. “Hubby, I’m home.”

“…” Gu Jingze had no choice but to keep holding her up, for if he let her go, she would have definitely fallen straight to the ground. This only made the people around them feel apprehensive; they were afraid that Gu Jingze would harm the Madam in his fit of anger.

“Why did you drink so much?” he asked unhappily before shooting a look at the people around them. They immediately retreated out of the room quietly and left the house for the two of them.

“Oh, we had our opening party today, Hubby.”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened when he felt her hand stroking him carelessly.

“What did you call me?”

Lin Che pushed her luck and put both her arms on him, naturally winding them around his neck. “Hubby, what else can I call you? You and I got our marriage license, so of course, you’re my hubby, right?”

“Call me by my name,” he said slowly.


“You…” Gu Jingze stretched an arm across her body and lifted her up in his arms, carrying her into the bedroom.

During the journey to the bedroom, Lin Che did not stay still by rubbing her face all over his chest. She was just like a kitten and that made Gu Jingze feel even more frustrated.

It was only after tossing her into bed that he felt the burning heat in his body subside a little.

He had also just returned home and didn’t have time to change his clothes. Discomforted by his tie, he reached up to loosen it slightly before looking at the disheveled woman on his bed.

The sight of her lying there made her look a little pitiful actually. Thus, he looked down and loosened her clothes a little to make her feel more comfortable.

To his surprise, she grabbed his tie and yanked it, causing him to fall onto her soft body immediately after.

With both hands beside her head, he looked at her up-close face really closely.

Her cheeks were very exquisite. It was as if a hint of rouge had been applied to them, making her look like a ripe apple. With her mouth turned up, she stuck her tongue out slightly to lick her lips. The action caused a stir in his nether regions.

“Damn it…” After muttering to himself, he felt something wrong near his chest.

When he looked down, her chest was right below his. Her half-open collar exposed an obvious large patch of soft, white-skinned cleavage.

Lin Che looked very thin, but the places that were supposed to be fleshy were indeed fleshy…

It was Gu Jingze’s first time looking at a woman’s body at such a close distance and in such an awkward position…

His gaze deepened and with a turn of his body, he detached himself from her. Facing upwards, he laid on the other side of the bed while breathing deeply.

He thought to himself, His body seemed to have gotten a lot better after changing his medicine recently. His illness did not flare up despite the fact that he had made contact with Lin Che.

He turned his head; the woman beside him was staying still, for now.

Lin Che’s skin was indeed much fairer than any other girl’s skin despite not working hard at maintaining her fairness. Her natural paleness only complemented her good looks.

She did not look unpleasant.

Even with the flush of alcohol on her initially fresh face, it only added to her charm. She was like a freshly-bloomed flower with a bright, enticing color.

Then, Lin Che began to fidget again.

“What the hell? Why hasn’t someone not switched on the air conditioner?” She stretched her hand out to tug at her clothes. “I’m going to die from the heat.”

Hearing her crass words, Gu Jingze wanted to leave her alone to die there.

However, when he turned his head, he saw her clumsily tugging at her clothes in random directions, but it was a futile attempt to take them off. He pondered for a bit before walking back to her.

“Stop yanking. I’ll help you.” Despite saying so, he really had no idea where to put his hands. At his age, he still had not waited upon any woman.

But in the end, he managed to pull her clothes up and started off by pulling down the zipper at the back.

Her flesh was immediately exposed; it was as if spring had arrived.

Lin Che felt much more comfortable and she quickly shrugged off her clothes as hard as she could.

Her lace underwear appeared immediately.

“You… Lin Che!”

Did she have any regard for h

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