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Chapter 44 The Love of DU

DU stood outside the door of Jun Jiang’s Beijing office, raising his hand and putting it down again. Just now, his opponent who smashed his head and covered his face gave a good accusation. He knew he was venting for no reason, but there was no way.

They were not Juno, so They couldn’t do a thing that satisfied him. They weren’t Juno, so they wouldn’t be arguing with him about innocence. They weren’t Juno, so no one could understand his current mood. No one can replace Juno. He has tried to find and cultivate, but no one can, really no one can.

He knew she would have a man, after all, she is so attractive, but why is Zeus? That day, I saw Zeus holding her coin purse downstairs at her house. He ordered it back from France after a lot of trouble, just because I happened to see her staring at a photo in a fashion magazine while looking at the side. The person said: “It’s so beautiful, if anyone gives me one, I will propose to him immediately.”

He bought it, but he didn’t dare to give it to her directly. He gave it to her through the company’s marketing department in the form of a lottery.

He didn’t expect her to follow him. Proposing, just ask her to be in a better mood, don’t always look at him with a hypocritical face. He didn’t know what she looked like outside of work, but he was certain that she must be very cute at that time, just like the moment she got her purse, the joy and beauty were enough to shake the audience.

She occasionally showed a childlike expression, pouting her mouth when she was wronged or stressed, and her wet eyes were full of helplessness. He wanted to hold her in his arms several times and give him a hard kiss, and then hide him and never let others see it again, but he didn’t, he couldn’t, he was afraid of losing her and losing his Juno. He is very contradictory. On the one hand, he divorced.

In order to be with her in a straightforward manner, he wanted to monopolize her and give her the best. On the other hand, he did not want to lose her capable assistant. These years, she and him cooperated perfectly , They only need a glance at each other to know each other’s mind. He hesitated, and finally made up his mind to take that step. She kissed him with the same confusion and infatuation.

At that time, he almost blurted out the three words. She pushed him away. He thought she was damaging her shoes and waiting for the dawn with high expectations. After meeting, he found traces of another man in her life.

He didn’t believe what the two of them said, one was the reincarnation demon king, and the other was the reincarnation fox, both masters of various high schools, he tried her countless times, until she calmly faced the news in the newspaper, he believed that Zeus was not behind her. Man, how can a woman face her lover and other women so calmly?

He was confident that he could beat all the men around her, including the one who left countless marks on her body. He was jealous, but he didn’t care. He believed that as long as he wanted to, he could let the people around her get out. But why is Zeus?

He once heard JAY talk about some things about Juno before. He and this younger brother didn’t have much feelings in private, and he was even more cautious and guarded on Juno’s topic. The only time I talked about her was after a business reception, they all drank too much, JAY cried with him like a child, and showed him a small photo in his wallet. She was sixteen or seventeen years old and she was so beautiful, she Nestled in JAY’s arms and smiled brightly. He had never seen her laugh like that.

At that moment, DU realized that he didn’t understand this woman, her life, her life experience, her emotions, except for the woman named Juno at work, he had nothing to do with her. know.

She aggressively warned him not to do anything to Zeus. She and Zeus were childhood sweethearts and he did not expect him, but he was not reconciled. He knew that they had been so close to each other before, and the feelings that flowed naturally, everything turned out to be beautiful in the end.

How does he accept? He didn’t want to conflict with Zeus when he was in the hospital, but his attitude made him clenched his fists several times. Why? Just rely on childhood sweethearts? It’s not that simple, the roulette just starts to spin, and the outcome is undecided.

DU sorted out his emotions and knocked on the door of Jun Jiang’s office…

The computer is here. It’s so cool. The reason why there was no update yesterday is: I was caught stealing the computer. Of course I didn’t admit it at first, because I paid attention to it when I put it back in the middle of the night, and even let the beef jerky that fell on the keyboard. I’ve heard it, and I don’t feel relieved. I sneered LG and forced me to swear by dragging it for a month.

My long-term actual combat experience told me that this was a fraudulent confession, so my face was not red and heartbeat, and I agreed and wrote As a result, LG took out a notebook for me to read, and I was petrified on the spot. There are two fingerprints on the black shell, and the kind of cry with clear fingerprints. I knew I would not make a mud mask the day before yesterday.

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