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Half Chapter 0.1

In the eyes of the public, the investment banker of “Lu Yu You Yu” is a very mysterious person with a very mysterious work. The impression that investment bankers give ordinary people is that they are sitting in first class, staying in five-star hotels, and living a decent life.

Today, the guests I invited are several young investment bankers. Let us understand their lives together.

First of all, welcome to Juno, Vice President of Asia Pacific of MHIBD. Ms. JIANG.

Commentary: Her name is Juno, with an MBA and a master’s degree in applied mathematics from Harvard University. She is the youngest female vice president in MH Asia Pacific. “Juno, I always thought that the banker is just a hand-made suit all year round, with a pair of gold glasses hidden underneath. The kind of person with cold eyes and expressionless face. Hehe maybe it’s because I watched too many movies, but you really don’t look like”

“Because I wear jeans?”

“No, it’s mainly because you are too beautiful and so fashionable. Do you need to pretend to be at work, such as wearing black-rimmed glasses?”

“Change into a very conservative pure black suit, put your hair in a bun at the back, shake your head when you are off work, and let your hair fall apart?”

“Yes, this is more in line with everyone’s imagination. What is your specific life like?”

“My life is actually like all office workers. I arrive at the office at 9 in the morning and work an average of 10-12 hours a day.”

“For so long, it’s not that the private life is gone? A beautiful girl like you should be waiting at the door holding flowers every day after get off work.”

“When I get off work, I guess the flowers will be thanked”

“Have you regretted it? How did you choose to go through it?”

“First, because this job requires a lot of people’s intelligence, the work is very challenging and stressful. Second, the people you meet are very smart and interesting, and the issues to consider when working with them are also very high. The level is very challenging, so you can continue to learn and absorb new things. Third, the income is also good. Maybe this should be the first. In fact, the first three years of graduate investment bank income are very low Yes, not earning more than other jobs, but these three years are the hardest and most tiring, and the people who can survive are few. So if you go to an investment bank just to make money, you will definitely not succeed. The main thing is to challenge yourself.”

“Then how do you relieve stress? Do you cry?”

“Crying is the lightest kind. It can swear and beat people… When dreaming, I hope my boss didn’t watch this show.”

“Many people envy you very much. The beginning of the movie also said that you are in first class, living in a five-star hotel, and living a decent life. Do you think it is accurate?”…

It was decent to sit on a plane and stay at a hotel for osteoporosis. Jiang Jun turned off the TV and turned off to sleep.

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