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Chapter 1 Wordless Book

Outside Wangbei City, Chenjia Village.

Chen Ran sat on the stone in front of the house, looking up at the night sky with stagnant eyes. With this appearance, who can think that he is the first genius of Wangbei City?

Chen Ran studied hard for ten years and became the first genius of Wangbei City at the age of fifteen. At the age of ten, he cultivated spiritual energy and became a spiritual disciple, which was one year earlier than the young genius of the Gu family from Wang Beicheng. Spiritual power cultivation reaches Dzogchen, formally becomes a spiritualist, and enters the ranks of practitioners.

This year, Chen Ran is fifteen years old. He officially hit the pinnacle of the spiritual realm. In the cloud realm, any mortal can obtain a magic weapon of his life after successfully hitting the peak of the spiritual apprentice, and it means that this person will enter the world of the practitioner in the near future. In Wangbeicheng, a small and remote town in the cloud world, there has never been a person who can successfully reach the peak of a spiritualist at the age of fifteen. Even the first day Gu Tianqin was admitted to the Blue Cloud Sect, he was supported by the family’s massive resources when he was sixteen. , Only barely succeeded.

But Chen Ran, as an ordinary person, did it! Without the support of resources and the guidance of elders, Chen Ran relied on his talent and strength to successfully reach the peak of the spiritualist. In an instant it attracted the attention of the major forces in the city.

Almost every family, including the main city mansion, is unwilling to miss the opportunity to win Chen Ran. However, when Chen Ran reached the peak of the spiritual apprentice and the magic weapon appeared on the Tianling cover, everyone showed strange expressions. Because Chen Ran’s magic weapon was actually a book-a book with no words.

Chen Ran opened his palm, and the aura gathered in his palm, becoming a simple book. The pages of the book turned over with his thoughts, all blank.

It has been half a year since Chen Ran awakened his life magic weapon. He still didn’t realize the effect of this wordless book. Before, several families had won over Chen Ran because of Chen Ran’s talent. However, when they found that Chen Ran’s magic weapon was worthless, they decisively gave up Chen Ran.

The halo of the first genius disappeared within a few months. Now, Chen Ran has become a waste that no one cares about. Those so-called close friends at the beginning almost never came to see Chen Ran during this period. Even the confidante Situ Xuan has not come for about three or four days. I heard that she also awakened a magic weapon of life not long ago and talked to the Gu family. The second young master Gu Yuanhang walked very close.

Thinking of this, Chen Ran shook hands vigorously. The ancient book banged into aura and disappeared without a trace. Although Chen Ran was eager to tear the ancient book into pieces, the ancient book, as Chen Ran’s magic weapon, actually only returned to his spiritual consciousness.

“A Ran.” At this moment, a clear voice came not far away. Chen Ran heard this, a surprise, this is Situ Xuan’s voice!

Sure enough, a lovely girl wearing a white dress and an elf-looking girl slowly appeared in the night.

“Xiaoxuan, you are finally here.” Chen Ran’s lost eyes regained a glimmer, he jumped from the stone and quickly came to Situ Xuan.

But Chen Ran didn’t expect it, but Situ Xuan took two steps back abruptly, a feeling of alienation–even disgust on his face.

The expression on Situ Xuan’s face stopped Chen Ran’s movements. He never thought that Situ Xuan would put such an expression in front of him.

“Iโ€ฆI came to say goodbye to you.” Situ Xuan said softly, “Tomorrow, I will set off to Qingyun Academy in Qingyun City.”

“Qingyun Academy?” Chen Ran’s expression changed again and again.

Qingyun Academy is one of the few cultivation colleges closest to Wangbei City. If you successfully complete your studies from Qingyun Academy, it means you can join the Qingyun Sect.

Back then, Chen Ran agreed with Situ Xuan that after awakening the magic weapon of their fate, the two would participate in the assessment of Azure Cloud Sect together. Then go to Qingyunzong to practice together.

Chen Ran quickly calculated the time, and found that there was less than a month left before the Qingyun Academy entrance examination.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I will pack my luggage and go with you.”

Situ Xuan stopped Chen Ran: “No, Ah Ran. Someone will accompany me this time.”

With that said, Situ Xuan stuffed a small stone into Chen Ran’s hand.

This stone was given to Situ Xuan by Chen Ran a year ago. It was bought by Chen Ran from a foreign merchant. The small stone was square and square, and there was a small character on it. Although it was not useful, it was a gift from Chen Ran to Situ Xuan. The two agreed at that time, and when Chen Ran succeeded in reaching the peak of the spiritualist, the two were officially together.

Chen Ran was stunned, he had no idea that this would be the result.

Before Chen Ran could react, Situ Xuan turned and walked away. Chen Ran reacted and hurriedly chased up: “Xiaoxuan, wait!”

At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly rushed out from the person next to him. The visitor wore a purple brocade robe, a black gold belt around his waist, and long fluttering hair. He was the second young master of the Gu family in Wangbei City, Gu Yuanhang.

“Stay away from Xuan’er, you trash.” Gu Yuanhang aroused spiritual power to block Chen Ran who was rushing up.

Situ Xuan looked back at Gu Yuanhang and said, “Yuanhang, you promised me not to show up!”

Gu Yuanhang glanced at Situ Xuan tenderly: “How can I stand it when I see you being entangled by him?”

Chen Ran stared at Gu Yuanhang and gritted his teeth and said, “Gu Yuanhang, do you think you can stop me?”

Situ Xuan quickly said: “Aran, you can go back. Yuanhang has already awakened the Gu family’s magic weapon Jinghongjian, you can’t beat him.”

Gu Yuanhang sneered: “You can try it, I’m still worried that no one will try the sword for me!”

Chen Ran gritted his teeth and aroused the spiritual energy in his body, and a burst of golden light covered his whole body.

Spiritualists pay attention to aura forging body, the purpose is to cultivate human physique to the limit, only such a body can control the magic weapon born from it. As a genius among his peers, Chen Ran worked a hundred times harder than others, and his physical strength could be said to be the strongest in Wangbeicheng. The spiritual pressure radiated from this immediately caused Gu Yuanhang and Situ Xuan in front of them to step back slightly.

Gu Yuanhang was slightly lost, but immediately recovered his senses and sneered and said: “I will see if you, the first genius, can stop my Jinghong Sword!”

As soon as the voice fell, the spiritual energy in Gu Yuanhang’s hand gathered, and a dark red long sword appeared in his hand.

Chen Ran rushed forward without saying a word. Gu Yuanhang swung the long sword in his hand, and the blade made a rainbow of light in mid-air.

Hong Guang collided with Chen Ran and made an explosion. Chen Ran’s whole body was knocked out, and that sword Jinghong directly dispelled the aura covering Chen Ran’s body!

Chen Ran’s body rolled around in mid-air, and finally fell to the ground. At this time, he faintly felt that the small stone he was holding in his right fist was slightly hot.

“What shit is the first genius. This is the gap between the magic weapons of life!” Gu Yuanhang looked at Chen Ran condescendingly.

Chen Ran struggled to stand up. At this moment, he couldn’t hear Gu Yuanhang’s words clearly. He felt a stream of heat slowly aroused from the palm of his right hand and made an impact on his spiritual consciousness. Immediately after arriving at the divine consciousness, the heat flowed quickly to his limbs.

“Power!” Chen Ran blurted out for some reason.

Immediately afterwards, he felt his body was full of power, his physical strength skyrocketed, filling his whole body, and that powerful force was even stronger than when the aura covered his body just now.

He didn’t have time to figure out what was going on. He just stared at Gu Yuanhang, his legs pressed hard on the ground, and he rushed towards Gu Yuanhang.

Gu Yuanhang showed a smile and waved his sword again, drawing a red light.

Situ Xuan closed her eyes instinctively, as if she couldn’t bear to see this scene.

Chen Ran watched Hong Guang approaching him and threw a punch hard. boom! Hongguang drew a bloody trace on Chen Rang’s fist, and then the Hongguang was smashed into pieces by Chen Ran’s fist!

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