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Chapter 26 News

She believes that a person’s ultimate aesthetic is reflected in his choice of spouse, and the most euphemistic and simplest way to imply that he is “expensive” is to tell the world: how different is it from a man who has had a relationship with him? Fan Xiang.

He Zhinan always thinks of all the things that made her sad every night of sleeplessness, all the men who sorry her, or the women who made her unhappy.

It’s just that her life is too plain, and there are not many wounds that really reach her heart. The last wound was given by Lao Zhang, as if it had put a shameful mark on her body. After Lao Zhang disappeared, she wrote on Douban late at night: “How many people told you that you can’t live without you, and where are they later.”

There is no acquaintance on Douban, and even Gao Peng does not know her account, so she can post 50 posts a day on Douban. But the circle of friends has been empty, only sharing a piece of music on birthday each year.

She used to like to talk to her male colleagues, saying that she didn’t understand the women who like to screen in the circle of friends, as if everything in life is worth speaking out before others. Blame them for “Just write in the circle of friends as a diary, and those who are the most annoyed by forwarding the lottery and swiping the screen when there is nothing wrong, I will black out one when I see one!” The

male colleague nodded in agreement and asked, what about you?

He Zhinan took out his mobile phone and showed her circle of friends: “I think adults should bear with it a little bit. There are not so many babbles and crooks.” I saw that her circle of friends did not set any “visible only in January” for five years. The Communist Party of China issued 5 statuses, which were frank and steady and old-fashioned. The male colleague’s eyes showed appreciation: “Fuck, you are too cool.”

He Zhinan shrugged.

And He Zhinan on Douban set up another person for himself, 50 dynamics a day, talking about feelings, talking about life, talking about shopping, talking about niche music and movies that he has heard, it is a city that art but never loves. Female white-collar workers.

The person who replied to her Douban status was a strange friend and asked: “What’s wrong?”

He Zhinan was too lazy to pay attention, but was boring that day, clicked on the portrait of the neighbor, and saw that it was an uncle, located in Beijing. After thinking for a while,

she replied in a light tone: “The story with a young artist is over.” She always knows that a person’s ultimate aesthetic is reflected in his mate choice, and the euphemistic and simplest hint that she is “expensive” The way to tell the world is to tell the world how extraordinary it is for a man who has had a love affair with him.

Sure enough, the neighbors were awe-inspiring when they saw him, and he replied: great. For a few days in a row, no matter how sick and moaning what she posted, the neighbor would seriously like it.

In the past few days, she clearly felt Qu Yipeng’s neglect of herself. When she opened Douban, she suddenly remembered the neighbor who often liked her. She paused and said, “Know? I’ve seen the most sadistic one. The novel is a record of my chat with you.”

Sure enough, the next day, the neighbor replied: “Who is bullying you again?”

He Zhinan affectionately said: “In a relationship, I feel I am going to be killed.”

The next second the system reminds you that you have a private message. The neighbor chose to chat privately, and even his title changed: “Silly, no one deserves you like this.”

After a while, the neighbor asked: “Do you want to add a WeChat?”

Sun Hanhan thinks He Zhinan is strong, because whenever , She can think of ways to please herself. Hidden in her WeChat account, the diligent men in groups who are “in a mess and don’t want to deal with” are like the fat on a woman’s waist. Usually it’s a bit embarrassing to be found out, but once you are hit hard, you are trapped in a bleak blind spot. When the sky is not working, those fats will burn and give you enough energy to survive the hardships for you one by one.

With the determination to bite a bite of fried chicken to store fat, He Zhinan also stuffed people into her group of “messy and unconcerned”.

After she got home that day, she sent a total of three messages to Qu Yipeng. The first one was: “Baby, I’m home.” There was no reply.

He Zhinan came out of the bathroom two hours later. He just took a shower, wrapped his hair wet, looked at the empty mobile phone, and sent a second message: “?”

He Zhinan did not receive a reply after half an hour to Qu Yipeng called. Was decisively pressed off. Qu Yipeng replied with a message: “Busy.”

The code of conduct between adult men and women: If you don’t reply to your message for no reason, you either die or don’t want to respond. He Zhinan made this call skillfully to eliminate the possibility of the former. For a woman, the sadness and shock caused by a lover not replying to her message are far greater than his death.

At that time, He Zhinan’s heart sank to the bottom, and the wood continued to fall like a pebble, but at this moment, the confusion was greater than the sadness-she did not understand, the good-looking Qu Yipeng, what happened?

Did she do something wrong? What happened? Who said something? She even started to wonder if he didn’t want to drag herself down because he had a terminal illness.

When He Zhinan was dumped for the first time when he was 16 years old, he posted these questions in a dialog with his ex-boyfriend, laughing and cursing, and thousands of messages were merged into a one-man show made of paper. no reply. Later, she commented on herself who was still chasing after being dumped, crying and crying, just like a desperate tree stump.

The experience of her youth has created herself today. Faced with the emotion of breaking up, she chose to remain silent, breaking the silver teeth and the blood swallow. At least the posture can be better.

Qu Yipeng was relieved that he did not receive any more information from He Zhinan. Men treat abandoned love mostly coldly. The next day, he posted a circle of friends, which was only visible to He Zhinan-“wonderful holiday!”, a deep blue seascape, located in Tahiti.

The hint is obvious. He Zhinan didn’t let him down and understood his meaning for the first time. At the same time, He Zhinan did not disappoint himself, clicked on the circle of friends, and replied:


After she was done, she slumped on the office chair. After thinking about it, she was a little embarrassed. She planned to delete it, but she didn’t know if he saw it. She struggled a bit and checked the time difference between Tahiti and Beijing on the Internet, but still distinguished. It is unclear whether Qu Yipeng saw it. Finally, my heart was crossed, forget it.

It’s not easy to say even if she is torn, she has a boyfriend who has not broken up and stepped on two boats, but he has always abandoned it, and it is not clear who is more scumbag. After struggling for a long time, the boss Zhang Zerui said that he would gather for a meeting. He Zhinan heard the intern sigh: “Sister J has asked for leave. I heard that I went to Tahiti to be chic. It’s great to have money!”

He Zhinan’s pen fell on the ground.

After get off work, He Zhinan went directly to the bar. He ordered a glass of Scotch whiskey without ice, and continued after drinking. Sanlitun was noisy after midnight, and at three o’clock, there was a vomiting person squatting under every tree. She told herself irresponsibly that she was going to get drunk this time and be picked up as a “corpse”.

“Pick up corpses” is a custom everywhere. Girls who are drunk in the middle of the night lie down in front of the bar, like the outdated discount products in the mall, with a dazzling sense of cheapness. The people who pick up the corpses look condescendingly. Thighs and arms, hair scattered in a mess, unconsciously paralyzed, stripped of appearance, dignity and identity, just like the meat on the cutting board being cut off by a butcher’s knife at a vegetable market. What attracts people’s attention is only the animal organs on the body.

Late at night, drunk, alone. The three factors synthesize a silent invitation, which means that anyone can take it away.

He Zhinan drank fiercely. The bartenders have already been surprised. There are men and women like this every day. They fill themselves and have a chic attitude. He will ask them to pay the bills in advance. Then a few hours later, he will watch them with cold eyes and watch them stumble. Go out, find a place to vomit, and finally fall down as he wished. The security guards will pay special attention at this time. The vomited gas will smell of alcohol when holding on to the guests who are going to go out. This will prevent them from falling on the steps in front of their homes and affecting other sober and clean guests. .

In the end, how come Nan got drunk and walked two intersections crookedly, and saw two women who fell down on the ground, a man patrolling by the roadside, lit a cigarette, and compared them like a pile of goods-which one to take back Home? He even stretched his legs and kicked, and one of them moved impatiently. The man thought: “Yes, I like to be a little reactive.” The one that moved, pulled his arm around his neck, half-squatting towards Walk on the car parked nearby.

The “corpse” is not fat, but drunk people are always extra sink, like a lump of pork soaked in water. He Zhinanmi looked at the “corpse picker” with a horse and arched his legs, moving the woman forward step by step, moving a few steps, unable to bear it, and finally loosened his arm, “corpse “It clicked like a doll scattered on the green belt of the sidewalk, making a loud noise.

He Zhinan suddenly became sober.

She told herself immediately, no! No matter what, you can’t let others pick up yourself as a dead body. While she still had a few traces of saneness, she hurriedly took out her mobile phone and scanned a shared bicycle on the side of the road. She stomped her legs and rode towards home. The cold winter wind blew on her face like a knife. After riding for hundreds of meters like this, she became more sober by the cold wind.

Suddenly she thought of what Qu Yipeng was doing right now? Riding on that old woman? Thoughts fly, heartache to the bone.

She never thought of the real reason why Qu Yipeng was with herself and separated from herself. In He Zhinan’s head, love and charm are turning over and over.

She really didn’t understand what was going on with Sister J. Even if I drink too much wine, I can’t let it go. She thinks she is young and smart, and she will choose the most tasteful music and movies. There is a kind of person in the world. As long as he drags him a little bit to his strengths, he feels that the whole world should fall under him.

He Zhinan is always at the extremes of inferiority and self-confidence for his own charm. When someone loves, he is extremely confident; when he is questioned, he is extremely inferior. But she didn’t know that the reason for such big fluctuations was, in the final analysis, because of low self-esteem. Because of low self-esteem, I regard “taste” as something to be proud of.

In the end, He Zhinan finally went crazy and rode back home. The moment the heating came, she stripped off her coat and threw it on the sofa. Then she touched her face, and was blown by the wind on the road to the land like a dry season. She checked the time. It was 3 o’clock in the middle of the night-she wanted to fall asleep on the bed.

Finally, she washed her face, put on a mask, and put on a thick layer of cream.

Before going to bed, she looked back on tonight, sighed in bed contentedly, opened Douban, and sent a message:

“Real urban white-collar workers, no matter what they encounter, please remember: You must always be refined and always be nice to yourself.”

One minute Later, your neighbor liked it. At the same time, a WeChat prompt message came:

“Not asleep yet?”

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