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Story 531 Current Holic

For nearly one year, Holic’s target and cycle have been rapidly shortening, and this time it is’the moment’.
I have been truly holic for the past few days. Here,’Holic’ literally represents me.
I left my breakfast in jeopardy to a glass of milk and cornflakes while going to work every morning, but I’m boiling the noodles. Of course, I got up a little earlier. Anyone who knows the taste of one minute sleep in the morning might look at me like this and shout,’Oh, why is that annoying thing that person’.
Let it go. How can I be holic this time?

As I said above, I often live in a state of being addicted to something. Anyone like me will live with that timely state of Holic, with the idea that each will make a slight difference.

I’ve already eaten it for about two weeks. In the meantime, even though I was eating, there were some tips.

On a day off, boil it in a pot, and when it cools, put it in a disposable plastic bag and
arrange it in a straight line as if laying clothes in a cold refrigerator . If I do this, I can fall back to sleep for about 5 minutes in the morning, and it is so good that I can eat what I like without missing out.
I finished preparing to go to work this morning after going through the same process. In a small bag, along with a bag of instant noodles that I boiled again in the morning.
Shift time with afternoon early 13:00

In the morning, I, the merchant, and my manager’s older sister eat in a warehouse in one of the restaurants, and I’ve already been eating with them for about a week. “I brought it back again. Shall I try one chopsticks this time?” To the merchant, I served a small bowl of sauce. “Take it. Salty is pretty bad.” Then, I started listing recipes I had discovered over the past few days. In the morning, you simply roll it up in lukewarm water and eat it with soy sauce, and when you go to work, you can dip it in sweet noodles and seasonings. Even Rabokki.

Even the smooth noodle itself was accompanied by a mysterious saying that each time it tasted different, the merchant laughed silently as he looked at me. Did you recognize my strong feelings to give her the taste of this instant noodles?
I thought about the way back home after work. Before I fell in love with these days, there were shopping holics, work before that, sleep before that, and even more men before that… countless numbers. Oh, it’s the first time in the eating part.
I started to look back on why. Was it at the dinner table you ate on New Year’s Day?

There were not many eggplants, but it was enough for our three families to eat. My mother served the freshly cooked new rice in a rice cake soup with Japchae and steamy rice cake soup. “I will eat well.” Even the last line was robbed.
It will. How can I forget the day when I ate so deliciously?

Lastly, I couldn’t get my mother’s table set and meals with my family so that I could have enough appetite to eat by putting off the mask anymore, but I remembered that silently.
I have to pour all of this week’s day off to see my mom and younger brother. I
have to go up to Seoul and go to a place where I have never found delicious japchae, rice cake soup, and barribari. Maybe on the way down from oxygen, my heart and my food are refreshingly emptied

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