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CEO, my little wife is not good


He is known as the most cruel and domineering executive-Ye Suhe. She was ordinary but inadvertently provoke this domineering executive. Women chase men’s compartment yarn, men chase women?

“Hey, you can’t be gentle.” “No” “…”

She was spoiled by him, he was her patron, everyone said that Bai Musheng climbed onto Ye Suhe’s bed by himself.

However, President Ye Da said, “Yes, but I have to agree to it.”
She thought he gave her the whole world, but he chose him when she was so similar to her.
In the three years she left, she was not reborn from Nirvana, but stayed silently in the small town.
But “You… Ye Suhe, what are you doing here?”

CEO, my little wife is not good
Associated Names: 首席执行官,小妻子不乖
Ye Musheng
Genres: Romance, Novels
Year: 2018
Status: 740

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